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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHOICE

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Astrology, 19:primarily the point in evolution where choice definitely becomes possible, [20] where rejection ofAstrology, 101:of Uranus. This is entered through the free choice of the initiate who makes his choice in Libra,Astrology, 101:the free choice of the initiate who makes his choice in Libra, the point of balance where - usuallyAstrology, 126:band, and in that relationship is latent free choice and free determination. In connection with aAstrology, 148:on man, liberated and free, serves from free choice and as a soul, conscious of intent and purposeAstrology, 148:situations and crises which will involve free choice, discriminative pioneering, wise response andAstrology, 148:having offered opportunity and proffered us a choice to bring about the needed changes and toAstrology, 162:These present men with the responsibility of choice, evoking their free will, their trend towardsAstrology, 249:comes and a situation is staged which makes a choice and a determination inevitable. It is a choiceAstrology, 249:a choice and a determination inevitable. It is a choice which has to be made intelligently and uponAstrology, 249:and widespread intelligence which can make any choice a definite conscious act, entailingAstrology, 251:throughout the aeons: "And the Word said: Let choice be made." The response eventually comes backAstrology, 265:and form. It signifies the emergence of free choice. It is consciousness of duality and the effortAstrology, 284:that as both Mercury and the Sun are one, the choice is therefore redundant; he omits Saturn andAstrology, 339:The pull of matter is superseded by the free choice of the soul. Form life becomes a consciousAstrology, 369:sign upon the wheel of discipleship. Usually his choice is exoteric and not esoteric. Leo, in thisAstrology, 545:To bring about the full presentation of the choice and to indicate the mode whereby the spirit ofAstrology, 555:the man is stretched upon it by the directed choice and immovable intent of his soul. From thatAstrology, 653:deception rule. Libra - And the Word said: Let choice be made. Virgo - And the Word said: LetAtom, 22:is that of discrimination, or of intelligent choice. There are, in the textbooks of differentAtom, 41:and far-reaching faculty, the faculty of choice, and this rising from the utter bottom of biologyAtom, 108:unit demonstrates. I refer to that conscious choice which you and I evidence, and which we will beAutobiography, 20:a broken rocking-chair. It was the most curious choice of things to steal of which I have everAutobiography, 189:election took place, the membership named its choice (or rather the E.S. dictated its choice) andAutobiography, 189:its choice (or rather the E.S. dictated its choice) and the work of the Committee, therefore, cameAutobiography, 256:by intelligence and show little judgment in the choice of those whom the organizations claim areAutobiography, 271:and the discrimination which he shows in his choice of helpers will largely depend the success ofBethlehem, 62:Christianity, by Annie Besant, p. 160. The choice of this particular date is cosmic in itsBethlehem, 100:of the mind, the disciple is led to make right choice, and to balance (with wisdom) the endlessBethlehem, 100:comes a time in the life of every initiate when choice must be made, and Christ was faced withBethlehem, 189:was made subject to futility, not of its own choice, but by the will of Him who so subjected it;Bethlehem, 204:choose the lower, and do it, making a specific choice, then the evil which is in us is dominating.Bethlehem, 255:The modern world as a whole has made its choice. But there is a better choice; namely, the choiceBethlehem, 255:whole has made its choice. But there is a better choice; namely, the choice of both. For the lifeBethlehem, 255:But there is a better choice; namely, the choice of both. For the life of each is that it may loseBethlehem, 262:nature of man. The decision rests with us. The choice is ours. Therefore in the last analysis whatDestiny, 73:into the spiritual life, and here lies the choice for France. With the cooperation which Pluto canDiscipleship1spirit and their love of humanity warranted the choice; one or two were regarded by me as mostDiscipleship1, 18:and they are doing this work from their own free choice and because they have realized theDiscipleship1, 21:me has been entirely of your own free will and choice. You are subjected to no compulsion. OtherDiscipleship1, 131:will you not? But this must be of your own free choice and for the purposes of group integrity. Discipleship1, 144:learn discrimination and understanding and right choice - through experiment, through failure andDiscipleship1, 177:the second ray egoically... The reason for this choice of second ray souls to work in this group,Discipleship1, 184:whom he is related karmatically; or by his own choice which may not be karmic at all but a newlyDiscipleship1, 184:all but a newly instituted decision; or by the choice of others opening to him avenues of contactsDiscipleship1, 238:groups and (until such time as you make your choice) we will hold the work you do with me inDiscipleship1, 238:hold the work you do with me in abeyance. The choice is entirely yours; you are utterly free to actDiscipleship1, 280:[280] Your other meditation is left to your own choice and discretion. Attention to groupDiscipleship1, 289:that there is no freedom except in making free choice and in serving. The idea of freedom canDiscipleship1, 289:no free souls anywhere, except those who of free choice imprison themselves and find themselvesDiscipleship1, 290:the easier way out and the easier activity. The choice, however, rests with you and the thoughts ofDiscipleship1, 341:The small social amenities and the calculated choice of friends no longer entirely govern yourDiscipleship1, 361:of a drastic nature. Hence your soul's choice of your personality job - one that embodies service,Discipleship1, 375:give you confidence in the rightness of your choice of a field of service, and, secondly,Discipleship1, 386:(apart from karmic suitability) prompting my choice of you for work in this group. My answer mayDiscipleship1, 447:to those with whom destiny, karma and vocational choice has thrown the disciple. On the path ofDiscipleship1, 497:and this aspirant withdrew of his own free choice from participation in the Tibetan's work duringDiscipleship1, 500:adhering to the rule which usually governs the choice of the forces isolated in any particularDiscipleship1, 531:training. You have been puzzled over this choice, having no particular admiration for the qualityDiscipleship1, 538:this is the case, it may be your personality choice or your soul decision for a specific life, butDiscipleship1, 549:spiritualism, for one thing, and hence also your choice of a life profession, for another. HenceDiscipleship1, 590:faithful service. I am not dissatisfied. Your choice is clear and well defined. You can eitherDiscipleship1, 602:time. Remember that your decision, if based on a choice between two Tibetans, will be a false one.Discipleship1, 609:and your usefulness increased. Having made your choice and decision, my problem now is how to helpDiscipleship1, 639:your chosen and indicated service. What is the choice which you have to make? Formulate it clearlyDiscipleship1, 684:activity of the Hierarchy. By his wisdom in his choice of collaborators. His group of disciplesDiscipleship1, 685:or aided in his work for humanity by his choice of disciples. They should ponder on this factDiscipleship1, 686:Discipleship limit his freedom of opinion or choice, coerce his judgment and make him simply aDiscipleship1, 726:must subject themselves, voluntarily and by free choice. The disciple seeks to do certain things inDiscipleship2, 12:of the delicate sequence of ideas and the good choice of words; through this, she has made my booksDiscipleship2, 37:to A.A.B. the correctness, or otherwise, of your choice, by letting her know what I said. This isDiscipleship2, 91:W.D.B. All these factors necessarily governed my choice, for I too (even though I may be a Master)Discipleship2, 103:not devotion or predilection or any personality choice which governs the formation of a Master'sDiscipleship2, 275:become the seven paths of light which claim his choice, leading him on to the seven fold Path ofDiscipleship2, 286:into the form of this planet. This was from pure choice, motivated by his "fixed determination" toDiscipleship2, 287:"took over" this task, he, esoterically, had no choice, because the decision was inherent in hisDiscipleship2, 340:vision; then later, the vision of predetermined choice, of Plan and of cosmic opportunity. ThisDiscipleship2, 341:as it directs relationships; as it determines choice and fixes decision: activity, rhythm,Discipleship2, 353:entity - deprived of the right of free choice and forced through fear and penalty to relinquish hisDiscipleship2, 448:and an ability to make discriminating choice as to activity and technique. You cannot possibly doDiscipleship2, 451:to learn that this type of decision indicates no choice between right and wrong, or betweenDiscipleship2, 470:three years or for seven (according to your own choice) and then, if you decide to do no more alongDiscipleship2, 489:meditation is entirely dependent upon your own choice or temporary need; it is susceptible ofDiscipleship2, 501:You are at this time facing changes. The choice with which you are confronted is not so much whereDiscipleship2, 502:the life of the spirit. [502] Such is oft the choice with which the disciple is faced who reachesDiscipleship2, 502:either decision is right. Few, however, face the choice consciously or intelligently or, havingDiscipleship2, 502:the standpoint of the ordinary aspirant, the choice is relatively unimportant because the timeDiscipleship2, 502:- such as you are - there may be more to the choice than at first appears. It might be of serviceDiscipleship2, 516:and because - owing, to your own definite soul choice - you are shifting on to the second ray ofDiscipleship2, 537:at your stage of development, the lines of choice become clearer and better defined. The questionsDiscipleship2, 539:to whether they were good enough to warrant the choice you made. I would ask you to see whereDiscipleship2, 549:his sense of free action, free thought and free choice of relationships. The older the disciple,Discipleship2, 560:and each taking much time and lives of choice and of radiation. Today sees many disciples - such asDiscipleship2, 603:been much occupied with organizational work - a choice of vocation made by your soul which wasDiscipleship2, 638:that there is a definite and conscious choice to be made, and leaving you free to think the matterDiscipleship2, 644:every disciple is faced with some determining choice which leads eventually to the distinctiveDiscipleship2, 644:the age of thirty-five. I refer not here to the choice which every able bodied and sane man has toDiscipleship2, 644:and his life associates. I refer to a free choice made when these other lesser choices have beenDiscipleship2, 644:other lesser choices have been made. Such a choice came to you in your earlier years. This crisisDiscipleship2, 644:of karma or environing conditions. It is not a choice of the personality, based upon expedient or
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