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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHOOSE

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Astrology, 233:or custom and those who climb freely where they choose and are self-directed in conduct andAstrology, 251:the evolutionary process and from the soul: "I choose the way which leads between the two greatAstrology, 283:to suffer and, through suffering, to learn to choose rightly, to analyze correctly and to decideAstrology, 285:The time has now come when you can, if you so choose, proclaim your identity with both divineAstrology, 308:and planetary forces, but this is the only one I choose, at this time, to indicate, because it isAstrology, 439:Leo. The will of sacrifice - Pisces. The will to choose - Capricorn. because the Shamballa forceAstrology, 477:consider our next approach to this subject and choose the theme by means of which we can throw moreAstrology, 479:Hierarchy and Humanity. My problem has been to choose which of the myriad interlocking: triangularAstrology, 523:is the privilege of the States if its people so choose and permit worldwide humanitarian,Astrology, 654:and the Child, I God. I matter am. Libra - I choose the way that leads between the two great linesAtom, 12:and the knowledge of "things as they are" (and I choose these words very deliberately) has madeAtom, 18:aspects of deity will be emphasized, should you choose to use the term "deity," or one of theAtom, 23:all kinds; we can call it adaptation, if we so choose, or the power to grow and to adapt the unitAtom, 23:itself in man as free will, or the power to choose, and in the spiritual man it can be seen as theAtom, 41:which he dealt with the ability of the atom to choose its own path, to reject and to select, andAtom, 58:two Latin words: inter, between, and legere to choose. Intelligence, therefore, is the capacity toAtom, 58:therefore, is the capacity to think or choose, to select, and to discriminate. It is, in reality,Atom, 79:intelligence, and can discriminate, select, and choose. We then proceeded to weave what appeared toAutobiography, 41:an effective executive and creative writer and I choose to add my certain knowledge and convictionAutobiography, 186:starving girls and these underfed girls would choose to go with our American soldiers when it meantAutobiography, 255:the mediocre leaders of many groups, nor do They choose, for Their pledged disciples and prominentAutobiography, 282:through their disciples; that is the way They choose to work. They are seeking, therefore,Bethlehem, 8:Remarks on Initiation We are free to choose and to reject; but let us see to it that we choose withBethlehem, 8:and to reject; but let us see to it that we choose with eyes opened by that sagacity and wisdomBethlehem, 13:Yet it is legitimate to feel that if one had to choose, at this time, one faith, one might chooseBethlehem, 13:to choose, at this time, one faith, one might choose Christianity, and for this specific reason:Bethlehem, 109:unmoral creatures... It is with the capacity to choose between ends, and the actions leading toBethlehem, 128:clearly, to formulate definite purpose and to choose, was under test. Such temptations do not comeBethlehem, 186:had at last reached its final phase - if we so choose, and if we are ready to do as He did - payBethlehem, 204:to do, or to reject, certain things, and when we choose the lower, and do it, making a specificBethlehem, 255:KEY THOUGHT "Any given moment of life must choose between two gods, psychologically incompatible.Destiny, 23:have studied as you have can relate if they so choose, these three centers to the three solarDestiny, 83:the hope of the world have in reality little to choose between them and are all equally indicativeDestiny, 98:is the privilege of the States if its people so choose and permit worldwide humanitarian,Discipleship1, 5:if advice and suggestion are accepted and you choose - of your own free will - to follow myDiscipleship1, 8:to you reasonable and right but - when you do choose to follow them - you will attempt to fulfilDiscipleship1, 16:in willingness to work and learn, in freedom to choose or reject, in observation and in techniques.Discipleship1, 47:you are well aware and can handle them if you choose. These faults are interesting only in so farDiscipleship1, 55:to speak and teach with greater clarity and to choose with wiser exactitude the right wordsDiscipleship1, 113:your work at as high a point as possible. Choose for yourself a seed thought each month, keeping aDiscipleship1, 113:your thoughts forward and onward and upward (choose whichever word conveys to you the deepestDiscipleship1, 115:Two results I can myself indicate to you and I choose these two with deliberation because they areDiscipleship1, 119:ahead of you upon the Path who can - if they so choose - call forth from you or evince in you aDiscipleship1, 129:direction instinctively even if at times you choose the longer way around towards your objective.Discipleship1, 134:focused in your etheric body, can - if you so choose - galvanize your physical body into almost anyDiscipleship1, 140:phrases to be repeated by you whenever you choose: "I am a messenger of Light. I am a pilgrim onDiscipleship1, 143:second ray disciple. Between these two you must choose, unless, my brother, you prefer to leaveDiscipleship1, 163:carry any type of energy which the Hierarchy may choose to project into an organism through theirDiscipleship1, 163:You and your associates have - if you so choose and because we have offered you the opportunity -Discipleship1, 178:gives to you, if you can but understand it and choose to use it rightly, the power to take theDiscipleship1, 185:through directed thought, joy and outgoing love. Choose any two you like and seek to establishDiscipleship1, 204:the ray of your physical body. Hence, if you so choose, comes the facility and ease with which yourDiscipleship1, 204:at all psychic. It gives you - again if you so choose - organizing power, and the use of a dynamic,Discipleship1, 212:not interfere with any meditation which you may choose to do, provided that you see to it that youDiscipleship1, 216:which renders you easily impersonal - if you so choose. But for you the lesson of all disciplesDiscipleship1, 230:and having in mind their general tenor, choose six short passages which should constitute your seedDiscipleship1, 230:your seed thoughts for the next six months. Choose them from any source you prefer but choose themDiscipleship1, 230:Choose them from any source you prefer but choose them all at once within a few days of receivingDiscipleship1, 233:contact your soul with relative ease, if you so choose. Nevertheless, it also emphasizes all theDiscipleship1, 236:suggestions which you can follow or not as you choose. Lose sight of yourself in loving otherDiscipleship1, 245:and new contacts and hence you can, if you so choose, expand your field of service. Forget not,Discipleship1, 253:which can set their lives ablaze with divinity. Choose not the subjects of your service but serveDiscipleship1, 267:and form-activity. In this connection (for I choose my words with care) I would remind you inDiscipleship1, 298:and the group work outlined by me earlier, then choose the elucidation of these two words -Discipleship1, 301:some aid in the treading of the Path if you choose to avail yourself of what I may have to offer,Discipleship1, 306:with your meditation as you yourself shall choose but do not give more than ten minutes to thisDiscipleship1, 323:words, as oft as you feel the urge and when you choose: "The strength I touch and am, that strengthDiscipleship1, 332:is concerned for it enables you, if you so choose, to [333] send forth at will light and strengthDiscipleship1, 333:this time - can be practically applied if you so choose. You asked how one can definitely know myDiscipleship1, 376:six seed thoughts out of any book you care to choose and write down these six seed thoughts - oneDiscipleship1, 377:AND MY FRIEND: You are entering - if you so choose - upon an extended period of service. TheDiscipleship1, 392:can be answered or not in writing exactly as you choose; you may find them too personal andDiscipleship1, 403:living will steadily simplify for you, if you so choose and if you mould the future by the impressDiscipleship1, 408:to the student to apply himself or not as he may choose and as his earnestness may dictate. But IDiscipleship1, 427:of the astral body by the mind, if you so choose - and you do. The ray of your physical body is theDiscipleship1, 435:group meditation and any work that you yourself choose to do. Only one thing I ask: At eachDiscipleship1, 446:the remainder of your life, you can - if you so choose - produce a definite effect upon those whoseDiscipleship1, 472:to go your own way and handle situations as you choose, e'en when others suffer through your soDiscipleship1, 485:upon a period of fruitful service - if you so choose. Let us now consider the rays of yourDiscipleship1, 496:laziness - a thing you can offset at once if you choose. You have a loving and understanding heart,Discipleship1, 496:They could be easily overcome, if you so choose. When he heard my brief reply, he made no commentDiscipleship1, 500:do three things: Respond with facility - if you choose - to the impulses of your second ray soul.Discipleship1, 503:You are in a position of trust and - if you so choose - your responsibilities can increase and youDiscipleship1, 517:throughout the world. You can now - if you so choose - capitalize upon the garnered fruits of aDiscipleship1, 537:and a pure radiance are yours to give, if you so choose. Therefore, give. Discipleship1, 553:the thoughts of healing. You could, if you so choose, pick out certain key thoughts from my wordsDiscipleship1, 561:to gather together those who can thus be served. Choose quality and not quantity, and teach fromDiscipleship1, 582:guide and one-pointed love your major objective. Choose a field of service which has its definedDiscipleship1, 585:at this time. It matters not what group you choose but it does matter that in some second ray groupDiscipleship1, 586:of activity which lie open before you, will you choose two and adhere to them even when the noveltyDiscipleship1, 586:your time to two fields of service in which you choose to cooperate. Let one of them be a secondDiscipleship1, 587:them be a second ray group [587] with which you choose to cast your lot and let the other be in theDiscipleship1, 616:enable you to show a changed attitude. If you so choose, and if you will take a suggestion from me,Discipleship1, 621:as a deep rose in color with a heart of gold. I choose the color rose, for it will vitalize theDiscipleship1, 626:of stress and of possible misunderstanding, you choose the heart way. Were it not so, I would notDiscipleship1, 689:to spiritual impression; they do this, if they choose, at will. They are integrated people from theDiscipleship1, 726:a part of the forcing process to which those who choose the more difficult way of initiation mustDiscipleship1, 737:of men; he leaves them free to work as they may choose but he most certainly looks for the effortDiscipleship1, 740:of hierarchical progression which prompted me to choose the six stages of discipleship as our studyDiscipleship1, 788:the mediocre leaders of many groups, nor do they choose (for their pledged disciples and prominent
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