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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHOOSES

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Astrology, 339:of the soul. Capricorn-Cancer The initiate now chooses to incarnate and passes freely and at willAstrology, 348:of Aquarius; he can function, if he so chooses, as a fully self-identified individual, yetAstrology, 626:the three constellations through which this ray chooses by an "act of its sufficient will to act inAtom, 23:as the tendency to sacrifice, for a man then chooses a particular line of action in order toAutobiography, 259:at times, as the English of the Tibetan, when he chooses to use his own, and not allow Mrs. BaileyAutobiography, 283:the school curriculum. Each student can, if he chooses, become a worker in the Arcane School. [284]Autobiography, 285:spiritually. The student can work or not, as he chooses; he is free to leave, when he so desires.Discipleship1, X:decisions and proceed with rapidity, if he so chooses. Discipleship1, 63:(mental, psychical and physical) when he chooses so to know. He can thus discover whether they areDiscipleship1, 434:which does not separate, and yet which wisely chooses where the available strength, effort andDiscipleship1, 518:years. There may be a responsibility which one chooses to shoulder (again rightly or wrongly), butDiscipleship1, 526:I ask you not to work as does A. A. B. who chooses with deliberation to work in our "suicide band"Discipleship2, 353:inclusive, as rapidly or as slowly as he chooses. He determines the time and the event himselfDiscipleship2, 758:and physical time as and when the disciple chooses. These are not evoked by habit or by the demandExternalisation, 147:motivated by group consciousness, the Hierarchy chooses to produce the desired unfoldments andExternalisation, 271:(personality freedom to do as the lower nature chooses) and liberty of soul and conscience. YetExternalisation, 354:or three. No one is futile or useless, unless he chooses so to be. And in the meantime, parallelingExternalisation, 532:and this simultaneously, so the Master, when He chooses this Path, forms a constituent part of theFire, 252:title of Divine Manasaputras) which comprehends, chooses and discards, thus attaining knowledge andFire, 656:the peculiar type of deva [656] essence He chooses, or (to word it perhaps more occultly) it hasFire, 722:for He is a "freed soul" and therefore only chooses to incarnate for specific purpose, but we [723]Fire, 740:differ and a man - according to the path he chooses after the fifth initiation - stays and worksFire, 812:a long life of usefulness) the Ego deliberately chooses to "die-out" of physical existence. It willFire, 999:of petals in the egoic lotus which the Ego chooses to use, or is in a position to use. This isFire, 1247:phenomena of every kind. The adept who chooses this cosmic stream of energy upon which to makeFire, 1253:of the seven cosmic paths. The adept who chooses this path preserves in a peculiar way the facultyGlamour, 188:divine Ideas. He knows His mission clearly; He chooses His sphere of activity with deliberation andGlamour, 195:the vast threefold [195] environment in which it chooses to imprison itself for purposes ofGlamour, 245:into the etheric body from whatever level he chooses to work - mental, emotional, or from the vitalHealing, 260:to think as one determines and to live as one chooses. This is as it should be, provided that one'sHealing, 290:the individual, and of those with whom the man chooses through unity of spiritualHealing, 311:In this latter case, the incarnating soul chooses a family in which to be born, which will endow itHealing, 316:To bring this about, the soul deliberately chooses for a physical vehicle that form which will haveHealing, 518:environing conditions wherein the creating soul chooses to work. Think this statement out andHealing, 600:be obvious that anyone can be a healer if he so chooses and is willing to conform to theHealing, 603:the will, to focus energy in whichever center he chooses. This does not mean that all the centersHercules, 172:or physical body. He can use these if he chooses; and he does, to help all humanity, but that isInitiation, 35:duality of all existence. Having thus learnt, he chooses that which concerns the fully consciousInitiation, 178:planetary Scheme as his body of manifestation, chooses to work in this particular way during thisIntellect, 140:world of daily experience; he can look, if he so chooses, in either direction. The problem is toIntellect, 230:by his inability to think when and as he chooses: "Imagine you have to give a lecture upon theseMagic, 81:truth in all that he contacts, and automatically chooses truth or the real, then he learns next theMagic, 244:of the outgoing energy in any direction he chooses, or to withdraw to his center at will. He seeksMagic, 358:truths sensed is quite imperfect. That he often chooses unwisely, that the ideas governing groupMagic, 423:a man to: Use the mind in any direction he chooses, turning it externally towards the world ofPatanjali, 26:which they are useful to the yogi when and as he chooses and in so far as he chooses; they arePatanjali, 26:yogi when and as he chooses and in so far as he chooses; they are utilized by him in increasing hisPatanjali, 33:state of development he aspires. As the aspirant chooses with care the "objects" upon which he willPatanjali, 234:and unwaveringly upon that which the aspirant chooses. This first step is one of the most difficultPatanjali, 246:so that the aspirant can make it adjust what he chooses. The four types of objects mentioned abovePatanjali, 250:process he can focus that light on any object he chooses and come "en rapport" with the light whichPsychology1, 405:and can begin to discriminate, he definitely chooses which of them shall dominate, until hePsychology2, 740:They are the only agents which the Hierarchy chooses to employ at this time and to them isRays, 262:effect in the world of forms wherein he now chooses to work and serve, according to his ray andRays, 327:which opens on to this higher Way. Then - if he chooses the Path that the Christ chose (and thereRays, 361:the Initiation of Decision. The Master then chooses which of the seven Ways or Paths He willRays, 544:of which he can avail himself at any time he so chooses, who can begin to register impressionsRays, 600:Privation, by means of which the planetary Logos chooses to circumscribe His freedom and to limitRays, 698:of life on the physical plane, if the initiate chooses to incarnate for service ends. The solarRays, 699:these initiations know nothing. If He chooses to take a physical vehicle (as many will when theRays, 724:The Master, as He makes His decision and chooses one of the seven Paths which unitedly form theRays, 724:of all past experience. Unless He deliberately chooses the Path of Earth Service and decides toTelepathy, 143:of his daily life and his heredity) chooses to govern his daily activities. The etheric body has
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