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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHOOSING

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Astrology, 249:intelligent people could be regarded as freely choosing at the "point of balance" the way that theyAstrology, 286:person the group conscious individual. I am choosing these words with care and forethought. UponAutobiography, 272:textbooks from those already written, frequently choosing the spectacular and the unimportantDiscipleship1, 277:been relatively free up to this time, but the choosing of a comrade must and does in every caseDiscipleship1, 311:These themes I leave you to find for yourself, choosing them out of this personal word which I haveDiscipleship1, 531:of your personality. Is this not so? I am choosing my words with care. You are prone to beDiscipleship1, 602:will be a false one. Your problem is that of choosing between the teacher which we call theDiscipleship2, 73:am also going to change the words spoken and am choosing phrases which will convey a pictorialDiscipleship2, 90:of the reasons presented to you: 1. A Master, in choosing the personnel of his Ashram, is himselfDiscipleship2, 115:and emotionally propelled. I am here choosing my words with care for their symbolic import. StageDiscipleship2, 143:an expression of the free will of the subject, choosing and recognizing its relationships andDiscipleship2, 145:relation to the whole problem of the day. Then, choosing one of the ideas which your theme-word hasDiscipleship2, 181:into the field of energies and from there - choosing the needed energy - direct a particular typeDiscipleship2, 334:which governs the Masters when they are choosing and training a group for initiation. The Master isDiscipleship2, 474:to you the path which, as an initiate, you are choosing to tread. In this connection, forget not,Discipleship2, 603:you, and which call for your conditioning. I am choosing my words with care. Above all else giveDiscipleship2, 669:within humanity as a whole - is the cause of the choosing of this special group through whom theEducation, 48:living and of inner subjective existence. I am choosing my words with care. [49] Our colleges andEducation, 62:and which will accept penetration. I am choosing my words with care in an effort to evoke yourExternalisation, 21:of mutual interplay of the two intents (I am choosing my words with care) - the intent of theExternalisation, 239:at the same time have chosen and are still choosing the negative and weak way; and through fear, aExternalisation, 667:for so long distracted the world of men. I am choosing my words with care. You will note,Fire, 805:to discriminate between the pairs of opposites, choosing ever in the early stages that whichFire, 829:and take aeons of time to effect what some are choosing to do in a briefer period, through aGlamour, 82:and the dissipation of all glamor. I am choosing my words with care in an effort to arrest yourGlamour, 206:of the soul, of ideas and of divinity. I am choosing but a few of the words which embody theHealing, 13:towards dissolution are found everywhere. I am choosing my words with care. Disease is not,Healing, 311:be remembered that the question of the soul's choosing of a body and the type of vehicle whereinHercules, 87:arm of the cross is Libra, the balance, the choosing between, the beginning of the treading of theInitiation, 53:teaching. Upon him rests the responsibility for choosing the right co-workers, for handing on theIntellect, 108:the ring-pass-not of the region chosen. The choosing of a word or a phrase as the subject of theIntellect, 226:we jumped over such commonplace instructions as choosing the subject, and holding the mind closelyMagic, 229:Just as the eye is the instrument of choice in choosing the way of travel on the physical plane andMagic, 390:more rarefied and more etherealized. I am choosing my words with care. "Our God is a consumingPsychology2, 43:people progress along their chosen lines; The choosing of the middle way; Peace and not war; ThePsychology2, 469:of his mental life as he is living it. Then, choosing one of the many possible methods of work andPsychology2, 749:touch with the Units of Service and use care in choosing those who represent the work you have allRays, 162:initiates. Some stay as hierarchical workers, choosing to work with the planetary forces ofRays, 442:capacity and much power to visualize. I am choosing my words with care. This visualization is notReappearance, 118:it is the soul in all forms which reincarnates, choosing and building suitable physical, emotional
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