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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHOSE

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Astrology, 342:- with open eyes and clear vision - the soul chose the path of earth life with all its consequentAstrology, 560:in the lower aspect of this Cross that the Nazis chose this symbol as theirs; they were expressing,Autobiographycapacity regardless of fatigue or pain. She chose to go out actively working and still on the job.Autobiography, 12:I never thought about money; I did and went as I chose. But from that time on I knew the depths ofAutobiography, 43:first cleavage between us appeared. My sister chose to take a medical degree and after some monthsAutobiography, 43:in the peculiar and unusual work which I chose to do in my next life cycle, from twenty-one toAutobiography, 160:of the many things which he sacrificed when he chose to throw in his lot with mine. The childrenAutobiography, 205:a car and could drive to New York or anywhere we chose. Every Sunday, practically, we were at homeAutobiography, 212:given the privilege of contacting K.H. when I chose, for I could now be trusted to keep myAutobiography, 220:besides paying all travelling expenses. We chose one of the smaller boats which went direct fromAutobiography, 252:were left entirely free to do so or not as they chose and a very large percentage ignored theAutobiography, 303:action which became impossible when humanity chose to precipitate the second phase of the greatBethlehem, ix:followed on, A tethered ass the charger which I chose To ride upon. Gone was the glory, then, ofBethlehem, 131:on with the preaching of repentance. Next, He chose with care those who were to work with Him, andBethlehem, 135:twelve apostles, the seventy disciples whom He chose and trained, and the groups of men and womenDestiny, 46:see clearly if you consider the one to which I chose to refer - the spiritualistic movement - whichDiscipleship1, 111:have been your psychic tendencies that your soul chose in this life to balance and round out yourDiscipleship1, 349:it was towards these ends I was working when I chose the seed thoughts given to you earlier thisDiscipleship1, 466:balancing and offsetting the danger, your soul chose a seventh ray physical body. This is of realDiscipleship1, 585:service of others and wondered why and how they chose to serve in the various ways they did; youDiscipleship1, 653:grade and sphere of service, if you so chose. Everything in you is however short circuited and yourDiscipleship1, 784:were left entirely free to do so or not as they chose; a very large percentage ignored the effortDiscipleship2, 335:the New Age, you may well wonder why on earth I chose such a group of people or why I chose to makeDiscipleship2, 335:on earth I chose such a group of people or why I chose to make myself aware of their thinking,Discipleship2, 529:me near when you need me. NOTE: This disciple chose to withdraw from the Tibetan's group and, untilDiscipleship2, 675:only an accepted disciple such as yourself. You chose and have faithfully followed the secondExternalisation, 118:God who responded to no such inspiration but who chose to stay in their original and high state ofExternalisation, 425:have been ended by him immediately if he so chose. [426] There is another aspect of this matter toExternalisation, 478:Therefore, when the war broke out and humanity chose to fight and the forces of evil were let looseExternalisation, 521:I inaugurated a new activity in May 1941 and chose so many of my disciples resident in New York. IExternalisation, 542:with the Hierarchy at this time, if He so chose, owing to the direct contact now establishedFire, 1113:form, and refused to leave their Mother. They chose to pass into dissolution with her, but aGlamour, 98:freedom from it was one of the reasons why I chose them. These two are D. L. R. and D. P. R. LetHealing, 300:"The Great One gathered here and there. He chose and He rejected. This power He refused and thisHealing, 300:a form and liked it not; threw it away and chose another. He had no settled point or plan but livedHealing, 439:Pilgrim, of his own free will and accord, chose "occultly" to die and took a body or series ofHercules, 219:the Gospel story upon the fish symbology. Christ chose fishermen to be among His disciples; HeMagic, 382:and of intent) in the heart center, and chose to work entirely through that center, subordinatingProblems, 92:purification, if they so choose. Others chose an easy way during the war and abstained from takingPsychology1, 399:of the mysteries was started by them. They chose death and slew that which "had lived and whichPsychology2, 91:conditioned activity of a Great Life, Which chose to make a major sacrifice and to be crucifiedPsychology2, 92:persevering Devotion" (who are ourselves) chose to die in order that lesser lives might live, andPsychology2, 93:occultly considered to be death. But the angels "chose to die, and in dying, lived." Through theirPsychology2, 96:son sacrificed the Father's home when he chose to wander forth into the far country. He wasted andPsychology2, 172:Pilgrim, of his own free will and accord, chose "occultly" to die and took a body or series ofPsychology2, 485:a great spiritual fact. They could, if they so chose, respond to the reality. [486] Apart from theRays, 327:Then - if he chooses the Path that the Christ chose (and there is no reason that he should) - heRays, 341:into the minds of the people, the Hierarchy chose the mode (now obsolete) of holding out theRays, 396:which He was in reality ordained to follow; He chose instead the Path of Earth Service - which wasRays, 706:- in the performance of His greatest work - He chose a Jewish body, but their materialism and theirRays, 753:Empire (which was one reason why the Christ chose to manifest in those days), was opened widerTelepathy, 126:in time and space the divine Purpose. Why HE chose that this should be so, we know not; but it is a
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