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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHRIST

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Astrology, 623:and as the guarantee of man's innate capacity. Christ, whilst able also to say "I am the light ofAstrology, 623:It is here that the wonder of the work of Christ, the Lord of Love emerges into our consciousness.Astrology, 624:will-to-initiate or to condition demonstrates in Christ's work as He inaugurates the era wherein itAstrology, 625:degree. Herein lies the distinction between the Christ and the Buddha. The latter revealed theAstrology, 625:Buddha. The latter revealed the process, but the Christ embodied in Himself both goal and process.Astrology, 626:transfigures. It was this transfiguration which Christ manifested when He emerged before theAstrology, 627:Here we have, as you know, the Mother of the Christ Child and the fostering process of interchangeAstrology, 627:Its highest aspect is the incarnated, manifested Christ. Then instinct is transmuted into wisdomAstrology, 627:bring into the light of day the hitherto Hidden Christ. This sign and this second ray Will have aAstrology, 627:nourishes and cares for the rapidly developing Christ Child. The Moon has also a peculiar functionAstrology, 627:and the Child because the moment comes when the Christ Child will emerge from the womb of time andAstrology, 627:will of the Mother, plus the dynamic will of the Christ Child. Here again is an aspect of theAstrology, 627:of the life of that second ray phenomenon, a Christ, the consummation of the task of matter and itsAstrology, 628:the matter aspect has made possible, and the Christ emerges as the world savior. All this has takenAstrology, 628:the second ray, producing the emergence of the Christ consciousness and the appearing, inAstrology, 628:and the appearing, in objectivity of the Christ principle. In time and space and from the angle ofAstrology, 631:One and says through the words of the Christ: "I, if I be lifted up, will draw all men unto Me."Astrology, 633:the "angel, born under Capricorn" which came to Christ in the garden of Gethsemane and fused HisAstrology, 633:Initiation. Ray III The Outer Court. Humanity. Christ in us, the hope of glory. Form. Appearance.Astrology, 678:fact that at the moment of the Incarnation (of Christ) all the planets were in conjunction in theAstrology, 687:The center of which the Bodhisattva or the Christ and His adherents are the focal point. The centerAtom, 44:he spoke about the Heavenly Man. By the "body of Christ" he surely means all those units of theAtom, 47:the human atom. The first was emphasized by the Christ when He said: "The kingdom of God is withinAtom, 66:of theology. The living impulse was given by the Christ. He enunciated these great and eternalAtom, 81:(Wisdom in the Old Testament representing the Christ aspect), and after pointing out that He wasAtom, 87:will be able to say with his elder Brother, the Christ, in reply to the demand "Lord, show us theAtom, 111:upon the life within the form, upon God, upon Christ, or upon that which embodies for him theAtom, 126:happened in Palestine in connection with the Christ, two thousand years ago. Why? Because, weAtom, 127:said, and I think it is very true, that if the Christ were to come down upon earth again, and walkAutobiography, XI:K.H. for yet more daring work with Him for the Christ. She asks us to keep the Arcane School brightAutobiography, 2:[2] I want to make the Disciples of the Christ who are the Masters of the Wisdom, real to people,Autobiography, 2:want to show Them as They are - Disciples of the Christ, living men, and ever present factors inAutobiography, 4:the Wisdom, Who work under the guidance of the Christ. I want to make clearer the nature of TheirAutobiography, 13:to their wickedness and to the saving power of Christ, giving the impression that God wasAutobiography, 13:the lady, "no, the battle is still on between Christ and me and it's quite debatable who [14] willAutobiography, 18:me because she knew that I had a deep love for Christ and that no matter what doctrine I mightAutobiography, 29:She asked my husband whether I still believed in Christ and seemed greatly reassured when he toldAutobiography, 35:were on a par with the statues and images of the Christ in the Christian churches with which I wasAutobiography, 37:Kut Humi, a Master Who is very close to the Christ, Who is on the teaching line and Who is anAutobiography, 37:exponent of the love-wisdom of which the Christ is the full expression. The real value of thisAutobiography, 39:the apex of the triangle seemed to me to be the Christ. The waiting crowd appeared to be inAutobiography, 40:I knew at the same time that in no way was our Christ belittled. I got a glimpse of the unity andAutobiography, 40:of the unity and of the Plan to which the Christ, the Buddha and all the Masters are eternallyAutobiography, 40:grasped - faintly - that human beings needed the Christ and the Buddha and all the Members of theAutobiography, 41:trend of my life was steadily deepening; Christ was an ever-present reality to me. I would go offAutobiography, 42:scenes, they nagged at me. Yet there was always Christ. I knew Him; He struggled and yearned overAutobiography, 43:inexpensive days. I had a firm belief in Christ, for was I not one of the elect; I believed in aAutobiography, 49:and dogmas. I am sure of the existence of Christ and of the Masters who are His disciples. I amAutobiography, 51:inspiration. If God had spoken in English, if Christ had preached His sermons in English thenAutobiography, 52:some decades ago, they came to the words of Christ where He says, "I am the water of life."Autobiography, 52:name for "brandy," and had to reprint, making Christ say, "I am living water" - "eau vivante,"Autobiography, 60:in conversion today. I believed in the power of Christ to save then and I believe in it aAutobiography, 60:that reality in themselves which St. Paul calls "Christ in you, the hope of glory." Upon thatAutobiography, 60:and the salvation of all mankind. I know that Christ lives and that we live in Him and I know thatAutobiography, 61:find their way back to [61] Him. I know that the Christ life in the human heart can lead all menAutobiography, 61:from death to immortality. I know that because Christ lives we shall live also and that we areAutobiography, 72:when the churches awaken to the fact of Christ - not to the fact of theological interpretations -Autobiography, 75:had yet to learn that love is the keynote of the Christ's teaching and that it is His love and lifeAutobiography, 83:the ages, throughout the entire world, before Christ came? Had they all died unsaved and gone toAutobiography, 83:and gone to hell? I knew the trite argument that Christ, during the three days whilst His body wasAutobiography, 83:in hell, because they happened to live before Christ came? You can see, therefore, how little byAutobiography, 86:at all sure what it was that I had committed to Christ; I was questioning all the facts about whichAutobiography, 86:and of which I am eternally sure is the fact of Christ Himself. I do know Whom I have believed.Autobiography, 86:longer on the basis of belief but of knowledge. Christ Is. He stands - "the Master of all theAutobiography, 123:was nothing left me except a vague belief in Christ, Who at this time seemed very far away. I feltAutobiography, 124:concerning non-important details, and preach a Christ, risen, living and loving, and not a Christ,Autobiography, 124:a Christ, risen, living and loving, and not a Christ, dead, suffering and a sacrifice to an angryAutobiography, 124:of coming generations - and rightly so. Christ lives, triumphant and ever present. We are saved byAutobiography, 124:Birth - they are interested in the fact of Christ. They know too much to accept the verbalAutobiography, 124:authority, not sweet platitudes - but the living Christ. After six months of this kind of life, ifAutobiography, 139:at that time of only two things; the fact of Christ and certain inner contacts which I could notAutobiography, 139:or whether it had emerged prior to the coming of Christ or afterwards. I found that the Head ofAutobiography, 139:of this Hierarchy of spiritual Leaders was the Christ and when this dawned on me, I felt that HeAutobiography, 139:that when I, in my orthodox days, talked about Christ [140] and His Church I was really speaking ofAutobiography, 140:[140] and His Church I was really speaking of Christ and the planetary Hierarchy. I found that theAutobiography, 140:presentation of truth in no way belittled Christ. He was, indeed, the Son of God, the First Born inAutobiography, 142:discover [142] that I could call in St. Paul and Christ, Himself, to substantiate these teachings.Autobiography, 142:that what I sowed was good and find my place in Christ's work. I could endeavor to approach aAutobiography, 155:Shrine Room I saw the customary pictures of the Christ and the Masters of the Wisdom, as theAutobiography, 169:or the Hierarchy either, working under the Christ, to do anything else but stand firmly on the sideAutobiography, 169:aggression and corruption. The words of the Christ have never been more true, "He that is not withAutobiography, 171:world service, more intelligent in serving the Christ, and more truly exponents of brotherhood thatAutobiography, 179:For me it has always been enough that Christ not only prayed but taught us the Lord's Prayer. ToAutobiography, 197:Kingdom of God and bring them face to face with Christ. So in 1923 we started a school that wasAutobiography, 201:communion - I, who have sought to serve the Christ since I was fifteen." There is somethingAutobiography, 226:and one of her last books, called The Cosmic Christ, has had a wide and most useful distribution.Autobiography, 231:of the Wisdom, under the direction of the Christ, are working out gigantic plans of world salvage.Autobiography, 233:Pisces the Fishes. Then we had the appearance of Christ and the fish symbology which ran soAutobiography, 233:water is a universal symbol. Prior to His death Christ sent His disciples out to find theAutobiography, 233:this was indicative of the recognition by the Christ of the coming new era which would succeed HisAutobiography, 234:sit down together under the loving direction of Christ when brotherhood will be established and menAutobiography, 238:the five great crises in the life [238] of the Christ, related in the New Testament, are also theAutobiography, 238:and in the West and with those who lived before Christ ever came and with those who are seekingAutobiography, 238:who lived and taught probably 9000 years before Christ. The Tibetan gave me the paraphrase of theAutobiography, 238:of the five major episodes in the life of the Christ - the birth, baptism, transfiguration,Autobiography, 238:of millions of orientals, and the work of the Christ, Who came as the teacher and savior recognizedAutobiography, 239:the Path of Discipleship, whilst the work of the Christ prepared people for Initiation. HeAutobiography, 239:stood for the illuminated Buddha and the risen Christ, whilst the full moon of June was theAutobiography, 239:annual approach to God under the guidance of Christ. The other full moons in each month constituteAutobiography, 239:the significance of the second advent of the Christ. He will come bringing His disciples with Him.
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