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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHRIST

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Bethlehem, that i:VII, 18-25.) Only through the revelation of the Christ within each human being can this at-one-mentBethlehem, 28:then there will come the indications that the Christ, latent in each son of God, is beginning toBethlehem, 29:love of man and a sharing in the "fellowship of Christ's sufferings." (Phil., III, 10.) Self mustBethlehem, 29:what is happening today. The birth pangs of the Christ within the race have begun, and the ChristBethlehem, 29:the Christ within the race have begun, and the Christ will be born in the "House of Bread" (whichBethlehem, 30:forth before the world through the Person of Christ, and Whose voice was heard at each of the fiveBethlehem, 30:heard at each of the five crises through which Christ passed. Then will mankind enter into theBethlehem, 30:be regulated from the realm of reality where Christ and His Disciples of all time (the ChurchBethlehem, 33:family, and also upon the unique mission of Christ Himself. Christ came to teach the supreme valueBethlehem, 33:also upon the unique mission of Christ Himself. Christ came to teach the supreme value of theBethlehem, 34:the very verge of the birth hour of the racial Christ, and out from the darkness of the womb ofBethlehem, 34:out from the darkness of the womb of matter the Christ child can enter into the light of theBethlehem, 34:of God. Another crisis is upon us, and for this Christ has prepared the race, for when He was bornBethlehem, 34:for humanity to achieve. The appearance of Christ in the cave at Bethlehem was the inauguration ofBethlehem, 35:nature he must learn to understand the words of Christ, "Ye must be born again," (St. John, III,Bethlehem, 35:transcendent. God in the individual, and God in Christ. God in all forms, and God the informingBethlehem, 37:the race to see and recognize its next step. The Christ enabled man to hear this in the past; HeBethlehem, The it:(even through the limitations of the flesh), Christ made clear to us. [39] The partial in us isBethlehem, 39:One is that each age provides its way out. This, Christ meant when He said, "I am the way, theBethlehem, 40:that has been undergone, the life of the infant Christ will increase, and the momentum set up willBethlehem, 40:difficult one, but it is trodden with joy by the Christ and by those whose consciousness has beenBethlehem, 41:fifth or spiritual kingdom, the kingdom of God. Christ came to reveal the way into that kingdom.Bethlehem, 41:Where the Christian disciple speaks of "Christ in you, the hope of glory," (Col., I, 27.) theBethlehem, 42:soul which manifests upon earth as the "infant Christ" and appears in man. This is the new birth.Bethlehem, 42:gestating in man comes at last to birth, and the Christ, or soul, is born consciously. Always theBethlehem, 42:born consciously. Always the germ of the living Christ has been present, though hidden, in everyBethlehem, 42:is made possible. The work proceeds, and the Christ-life unfolds and develops in the man until theBethlehem, 42:are initiated through the instrumentality of the Christ, and in full waking consciousness theBethlehem, 42:open the gates of new life to thee! See the Christ stand!" After the third initiation, theBethlehem, 42:been subordinated to the soul, or the indwelling Christ, and the glory of the Lord can shine forthBethlehem, 43:initiators: first, a man's own soul, then the Christ of history, and finally the Ancient of Days,Bethlehem, 43:so, to be of supreme importance. In the life of Christ there are episodes which represent greatBethlehem, 43:gestation until, in "the fullness of time," the Christ Child is born; the soul begins to manifestBethlehem, 44:leads to Bethlehem, there to find and meet with Christ. Within ourselves we find God. In the caveBethlehem, 45:the process of initiation he gives birth to the Christ. The "infant life," newborn into the kingdomBethlehem, 45:Not all initiates can reach the altitude which Christ reached. His was a unique and cosmic mission.Bethlehem, 45:in mind that: "At the first great Initiation the Christ is born in the disciple. It is then that heBethlehem, 46:of all the world Saviors and the example of the Christ indicate to humanity the Way that must beBethlehem, 46:depths, and through pain and suffering, the Christ child will emerge, and humanity as a whole willBethlehem, 47:of God, we can all participate in what the Christ went through. One of the interesting things whichBethlehem, 47:things which appear as we study the life of Christ and note how the divine Plan for that life wasBethlehem, 47:that of the Baptism, then took place. Christ had achieved manhood, and this attainment was followedBethlehem, 48:that purification and freedom from evil. This, Christ gave in the victory of the three temptations.Bethlehem, 48:to the Will of the Father, and to become - as Christ became - the servant of that Will. TheBethlehem, 49:of the Hindu faith, and as the Buddha. Then the Christ came to the West. God Himself was seenBethlehem, 49:of the Presence of God in the human heart, of Christ born in man, and of each human beingBethlehem, 51:in his own personal experience; he must know Christ; he must also follow Christ stage by stageBethlehem, 51:he must know Christ; he must also follow Christ stage by stage through the great experiences of theBethlehem, 51:journey towards the mystic Bethlehem where the Christ child will be born, and the first initiationBethlehem, 52:it, though the rest of the world may not. When Christ passed through these crises, in every case aBethlehem, 53:was seen which was indicative of the revelation. Christ Himself tells us that at the end of the ageBethlehem, 53:of God comes through the revelation of Christ. "Philip saith unto him, Lord, shew us the Father,Bethlehem, 53:me hath seen the Father." (St. John, XIV, 8, 9.) Christ revealed in Himself the will of God andBethlehem, 54:For that we are not as yet prepared. Christ Himself did not proclaim the final revelation. He sawBethlehem, 55:thousand years after the event, is the lesson of Christ's life taking formative effect in theBethlehem, 55:is the steady application of the message of Christ to current affairs, modifying them, changingBethlehem, 55:than we can realize - the way that we should go. Christ came in the fullness of time, just asBethlehem, 55:the words of the Beloved Apostle as he portrayed Christ as the Son of God Who speaks divinely, weBethlehem, 55:by St. Mark. We have fought over the divinity of Christ. Had there been no Gospel but the Gospel ofBethlehem, 56:only His divinity would have been known to us. Christ as man, and what He did and was as man, isBethlehem, 56:writer, when responsible for a biography of the Christ, would come under most serious criticismBethlehem, 56:of paramount importance. It was the Spirit of Christ that was vital and necessary. The other threeBethlehem, 56:connected with the phenomenal appearing of Christ, and have overlooked the emphasis laid in threeBethlehem, 57:has led into the Christian experience. Faith in Christ! Faith in humanity! Faith in man'sBethlehem, 57:has brought together God and man, blended in the Christ, and so presented the truth that each humanBethlehem, 58:and bear fruit. In the fullness of time Christ came and, if evolution means anything at all and ifBethlehem, 59:explicitly say He was born in a cave." - Pagan Christ, by J. M. Robertson, p. 338. In studyingBethlehem, 60:hill, whilst the second initiation, after which Christ entered upon His public ministry, took placeBethlehem, 60:the plains around Jordan - symbolic perhaps of Christ's mission to live and work down amongst men.Bethlehem, 60:After each mountain experience, the Christ came down again on to the level of daily life and thereBethlehem, 60:was born in a cave, and so were many others. Christ was born in a cave and entered, as did all theBethlehem, 61:the god through Virgo; there is the conflict of Christ and his disciples with the autumnalBethlehem, 62:this day (i.e. 25th December) also the birth of Christ was lately fixed at Rome, in order thatBethlehem, 63:pp. 236, 237. At the time of the birth of Christ, Sirius, the Star in the East, was on the meridianBethlehem, 64:the age of Christianity is the Piscean Age, and Christ came to the Holy Land when our sun transitedBethlehem, 64:and had its being in Virgo (the birth of the Christ Child) is consummated in Pisces when thatBethlehem, 64:Christ Child) is consummated in Pisces when that Christ Child, having attained maturity, comesBethlehem, 65:[65] of that world event which took place when Christ was born in Bethlehem, the "house of bread,"Bethlehem, 65:whilst the Star in the East shone forth. Christ came, then, to His Own flesh and blood because theBethlehem, 65:husband Joseph and bearing within herself the Christ Child, went up from Nazareth in Galilee toBethlehem, 66:The long journey of existence lies behind the Christ, and He, with His Mother, journeys the lastBethlehem, 66:the ordinary processes of birth and childhood. Christ came forth from Nazareth, the place ofBethlehem, 66:corn is bruised," (Isaiah, XXVIII, 28) and Christ Himself told us that "Except a corn of wheat fallBethlehem, 67:and nourishes and hides within itself the Christ child, the Christ consciousness. In the lastBethlehem, 67:and hides within itself the Christ child, the Christ consciousness. In the last analysis, it isBethlehem, 67:second Aspect of the Trinity, in the Person of Christ - cosmic, mythical and individual. AssociatedBethlehem, 67:symbolically emerging - the Woman bearing the Christ Child is seen. Here matter begins to revealBethlehem, 67:function, which is to bring to the birth the Christ in every form. When the turning of the greatBethlehem, 67:into subservience to the soul. The Soul or the Christ now rules. First, matter dominant, enthronedBethlehem, 67:as the servant of that which has been born, the Christ. However, none of this is brought aboutBethlehem, 67:is true, whether one is speaking of the cosmic Christ, hidden by the form of a solar system; of theBethlehem, 67:by the form of a solar system; of the mythic Christ, hidden in humanity down the ages; of theBethlehem, 67:in humanity down the ages; of the historical Christ, concealed within the form of Jesus; or of theBethlehem, 67:within the form of Jesus; or of the individual Christ, hidden within the ordinary man. For alwaysBethlehem, 68:But in the dark, and through difficulty, Christ is to be found, the Christ life can flower forth,Bethlehem, 68:through difficulty, Christ is to be found, the Christ life can flower forth, and we can stand faceBethlehem, 69:night. In the thick darkness, at its very heart, Christ meets, transfigured, souls He calls apart."Bethlehem, 69:have been passing off the earth at the time Christ came. There were still many to be found whoBethlehem, 70:First Initiation - The Birth at Bethlehem When Christ was born in Bethlehem, a threefold WordBethlehem, 70:significance of the Word spoken at the birth of Christ. Let us paraphrase the message of the
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