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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHRIST

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Bethlehem, 71:awaits response. When the consciousness which is Christ's has been awakened in all men, then weBethlehem, 71:fusion; that Plan is unity and at-one-ment. Then Christ will be all in all, and God the Father willBethlehem, 71:brought about by a living union with God through Christ - through the historical Christ WhoBethlehem, 71:with God through Christ - through the historical Christ Who revealed God, and through theBethlehem, 71:Who revealed God, and through the individual Christ, hidden in every human heart, Who must beBethlehem, 71:through by that idea of a living union with Christ, and indwelling in Him. It is expressed in manyBethlehem, 71:71, 72. The realization of this is needed today. Christ in God. God in Christ. Christ in you andBethlehem, 71:of this is needed today. Christ in God. God in Christ. Christ in you and Christ in me. This is [72]Bethlehem, 71:is needed today. Christ in God. God in Christ. Christ in you and Christ in me. This is [72] whatBethlehem, 71:Christ in God. God in Christ. Christ in you and Christ in me. This is [72] what will bring intoBethlehem, 72:understandings will characterize humanity. When Christ came, we read that those of vision who wereBethlehem, 72:wisdom, and to offer all that they have to the Christ within. [73] The gifts they brought teach usBethlehem, 73:must be undergone in order to present to the Christ, at the time of the new birth, gifts which willBethlehem, 73:in sacrifice, worship and as a free gift to the "Christ within" before that Christ can demonstrateBethlehem, 73:a free gift to the "Christ within" before that Christ can demonstrate through the disciple andBethlehem, 74:of the people, must be consecrated to the Christ. Frankincense, the dreams and visions andBethlehem, 74:- these too must be dedicated and offered to the Christ, that He may be all in all. And the painBethlehem, 74:acute as now, must surely be laid at the feet of Christ. We have learnt much. Let the meaning of itBethlehem, 74:drive us to offer it up as our ultimate gift to Christ. Pain is ever the accompaniment of birth.Bethlehem, 74:birth pangs which precede the revelation of the Christ? When it is realized, then we can say withBethlehem, 74:it all as mere refuse, in order that I may win Christ, and be found in Him, not having aBethlehem, 74:the Law, but that which arises from faith in Christ - the righteousness which comes from GodBethlehem, 74:of that for which I was also laid hold of by Christ Jesus... But this one thing I do - forgettingBethlehem, 74:to secure the prize of God's heavenward call in Christ Jesus. Therefore let all of us who areBethlehem, 75:- The Birth at Bethlehem V. The account of Christ's childhood as given us in the Gospels isBethlehem, 75:when an initiation was undergone by the Christ-soul. This took place in the inner mind (the temple)Bethlehem, 76:the preparatory work, by His twelfth year Christ again underwent an intuitive experience, going upBethlehem, 77:Gospel story, we find the word "down" occurring. Christ went with His mother "down into Egypt"; HeBethlehem, 77:the acceptance of the task to be accomplished, Christ returns to the place of duty. In this case,Bethlehem, 77:This constituted the uniqueness of His mission. Christ lived quietly in His home with His parents,Bethlehem, 79:confidence in the power of the indwelling Christ to demonstrate (through the outer form of ourBethlehem, 79:our personalities) the life of love. The life of Christ is a life to be lived today, eventually byBethlehem, 79:which He initiated. As we have traveled with Christ from Bethlehem towards the time when the secondBethlehem, 79:study of these five developments in the life of Christ are of no profit to us, and if they concernBethlehem, 80:an appeal to the developed intelligence of man. Christ Himself is ever powerful to attract humanBethlehem, 80:on elaborating this ancient story of the living Christ if it contains for us no specific message,Bethlehem, 80:attitude has been held too long. Looking on at Christ from too great a distance, we have been soBethlehem, 80:The thought of sin is very little dwelt upon by Christ. It was emphasized by St. Paul, and theBethlehem, 80:of the average Christian - an inferiority which Christ in no way taught. He calls us to holiness ofBethlehem, 81:man becomes clear, and the possibilities which Christ dramatized for us become something permittingBethlehem, 82:halves of our essential duality - soul and body, Christ and Mary, over-shadowed by the Holy Ghost,Bethlehem, 82:nearer until complete union is achieved and the Christ is born through the instrumentality of theBethlehem, 82:a fact are the first and immediate steps. This, Christ taught, and for this He prayed the Father.Bethlehem, 82:God, immanent in the universe - the cosmic Christ. God, immanent in humanity, revealed through theBethlehem, 82:in humanity, revealed through the historical Christ. God, immanent in the individual, theBethlehem, 82:God, immanent in the individual, the indwelling Christ, the soul. How can this truth of the soulBethlehem, 83:[83] the Son of God made flesh. This is "Christ in us, the hope of Glory," but as yet only a hopeBethlehem, 83:but as yet only a hope for the mass of men. Christ is not yet made manifest. He is hidden andBethlehem, 83:and veiled by the form. Mary is seen, not the Christ. As the wheel of life (the Galilee experience)Bethlehem, 83:indwelling reality and the hidden deity. But the Christ Child is still hidden in the womb of theBethlehem, 83:long journey draws to a close, and the hidden Christ Child is born at the first initiation. ThisBethlehem, 83:in whom He is well-pleased. In each of them a Christ is born. Thus besides the ideas of Ransom andBethlehem, 83:besides the ideas of Ransom and Sacrifice of Christ for us, these theologians placed the ideas ofBethlehem, 83:of sanctification and inner transformation of Christ in us, and they considered the latter as realBethlehem, 83:The human soul must hear the challenge of the Christ soul, and realize that "Mary is blessed, notBethlehem, 83:that "Mary is blessed, not because she bore Christ bodily, but because she bore Him spiritually,Bethlehem, 87:p. 130. The first initiation has taken place. Christ has been born in Bethlehem. The soul has comeBethlehem, 87:come into outer expression, and now this soul - Christ (as the historical representative of all aBethlehem, 87:of John was the symbol of this purification. Christ submitted Himself to the baptism, setting asideBethlehem, 87:fulfil all righteousness." (St. Matt., III, 15.) Christ had reached maturity. Tradition tells usBethlehem, 88:who can say? It is of no real importance. Christ was, is, and ever shall be. Speaking symbolically,Bethlehem, 89:(Gen., I, 26.) [89] At the second initiation Christ stood before God, the Initiator, with all theseBethlehem, 89:the Promethean Will, by W. H. Sheldon, p. 135. Christ stood thus equipped. It may be of value if weBethlehem, 89:have we learnt to understand that for which Christ stood, and so little have we gained from theBethlehem, 89:when we study anew the message of love which Christ gave. [90] It is probably true that Christ cameBethlehem, 90:which Christ gave. [90] It is probably true that Christ came to us with a wider and deeper messageBethlehem, 90:those of us who live after the revelation which Christ gave. Buddha embodied in Himself theBethlehem, 90:of the universe - had not been revealed before Christ came. God is love, and in the fullness ofBethlehem, 90:manner that man could grasp it. It is thus that Christ embodied in Himself the greatest of theBethlehem, 90:God towards humanity, as revealed to us through Christ. This unique function of Christ as theBethlehem, 90:to us through Christ. This unique function of Christ as the custodian and the revealer of a cosmicBethlehem, 91:past had for its goal that which happened when Christ appeared; it prepared humanity for theBethlehem, 91:is of supreme importance. Not only did Christ bridge the gap between the East and the West, summingBethlehem, 91:to make that idea an ideal of dynamic force, Christ stands alone. Through His life, He gave to usBethlehem, 92:[92] divinely inspired and summarized for us by Christ in His life and teaching. Christ gave theBethlehem, 92:for us by Christ in His life and teaching. Christ gave the greatest of all ideas - that God isBethlehem, 92:previously seen. The soul, which is the hidden Christ in all, mediates between the spirit (theBethlehem, 92:the spirit (the Father) and the human being. Christ emphasized this when He called attention toBethlehem, 92:of God as "our Father," as He was the Father of Christ. It was the light which He came to show andBethlehem, 92:to express it. In this uniqueness of revelation Christ stands alone, because He was the greatest,Bethlehem, 92:of the nature of divinity it appears that Christ climaxed the past and indicated the future. Is itBethlehem, 93:believe that [93] it can recognize, even through Christ, the ultimate objectives of the divineBethlehem, 93:as time elapsed, an ever larger number. Christ has given us the highest and the most inclusiveBethlehem, 93:receive it? For this we are fast preparing. Even Christ Himself told His disciples that "he thatBethlehem, 93:to transcend. This we cannot accept. The cosmic Christ, the mystic Christ, the historical Christ,Bethlehem, 93:we cannot accept. The cosmic Christ, the mystic Christ, the historical Christ, and the individualBethlehem, 93:cosmic Christ, the mystic Christ, the historical Christ, and the individual Christ, are to allBethlehem, 93:the historical Christ, and the individual Christ, are to all eternity, and the revelation canBethlehem, 93:we became citizens of the kingdom of God which Christ came to establish as a fact in theBethlehem, 94:in Jordan We speak much of the at-one-ment which Christ made within Himself and for man. WeBethlehem, 95:citizenship involves the expression of the Christ consciousness, which is the consciousness of theBethlehem, 95:of the part to the whole (something which Christ continuously emphasized) and of the human to theBethlehem, 95:in nature. This constitutes the great task of Christ. Through the power of His realized divinity HeBethlehem, 95:the birth another kingdom in nature, the fifth. Christ, having produced in Himself one unificationBethlehem, 96:testified to the fact of the at-one-ment which Christ made between soul and body. Integration wasBethlehem, 97:ever emphasized, as has also the Hindu faith. Christ held this ideal before His disciples and allBethlehem, 98:the world must have been like prior to this use. Christ, in this great initiation, entered into theBethlehem, 98:is the baptism by water. The baptism of Jesus Christ, which is that of the Holy Ghost and of fire.Bethlehem, 99:purification of the conscience in man, just as Christ and His baptism symbolized for us the divineBethlehem, 99:of the birth unto life, leads to Jordan, and so Christ went there to "fulfil all righteousness."
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