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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHRIST

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Externalisation, 205:of all who seek to express the spirit of Christ and who are free from the spirit of hatred andExternalisation, 210:an acknowledgement of the fundamental values of Christ's teaching, and with a joyful determinationExternalisation, 217:and to see the consummation of the mission of Christ. This will lead eventually to theExternalisation, 217:far as they could) as the Hierarchy of Light, as Christ and His disciples seek to do. This has beenExternalisation, 217:the Hierarchy of Light, under the leadership of Christ, is on the side of cruelty, aggression andExternalisation, 219:significance of those oft misunderstood words of Christ, "He that is not with me, is against me."Externalisation, 222:mental or emotional bias. The advent of Christ, or His "second coming," is anxiously anticipated byExternalisation, 222:and as preparatory to the appearance of the Christ, to bring peace on earth. Others, moreExternalisation, 225:has suffered [225] from hallucinations; either Christ and His group of Masters, initiates andExternalisation, 225:Does the story of Easter and of the living Christ carry no truth, and is it not possible for thatExternalisation, 225:no truth, and is it not possible for that Risen Christ to express His power on Earth through HisExternalisation, 225:fantasy that at the time of the June Full Moon, Christ - in the closest cooperation with the BuddhaExternalisation, 225:the doors held open by the Buddha and the Christ, some stupendous appearing may be imminent andExternalisation, 227:temporarily embodying will-wisdom, and the Christ, embodying love-wisdom, and also betweenExternalisation, 227:humanity, focused in consciousness through the Christ, and the Hierarchy, focused in consciousnessExternalisation, 228:out anent the relation of the Buddha and the Christ, and of the Hierarchy, Humanity and Shamballa,Externalisation, 251:the Christian teaching anent the return of the Christ. Men's theological, analytical minds haveExternalisation, 255:and differing misinterpretations of truth or of Christ's teaching are hindering many people today.Externalisation, 257:their special interpretations of what they think Christ meant, at the same time excluding that realExternalisation, 257:and love; it is not to be found on the side of Christ and His disciples or of the Masters ofExternalisation, 262:Planned collaboration with the work of the Christ at this time is useful and needed; it will serveExternalisation, 264:deep seated conviction that the return of Christ is imminent; there is widespread acceptance of theExternalisation, 264:from the hearts of men induce the return of the Christ of Galilee? Will it bring about theExternalisation, 264:as the Buddha expressed the Wisdom of God and Christ revealed to us the Love of God - is it notExternalisation, 269:informed by some cosmic and divine Principle, as Christ was informed with the Love of God andExternalisation, 274:of civilization, just as the work of the Christ, the Master of all the Masters, is concerned withExternalisation, 286:the belief in the Western world in the return of Christ and His Advent or second Coming, and in theExternalisation, 287:the planetary Logos, Melchizedek, He to Whom Christ referred when He said, "I and My Father areExternalisation, 287:our planetary Life, a Messenger of the Gods. The Christ, the Son of the Father, the World Savior,Externalisation, 292:recognized and known are the Buddha and the Christ, because Their messages are familiar to all andExternalisation, 297:humanity, stands the Hierarchy of Love, stands Christ and His disciples, stand the Masters of theExternalisation, 298:ray line of energy, in the department of the Christ and are expressions of hierarchical force. WhenExternalisation, 298:force. When I say the department of the Christ, I would remind you that the name "Christ" is thatExternalisation, 298:of the Christ, I would remind you that the name "Christ" is that of an office - an office that hasExternalisation, 298:has always had its Head. I do not mention the Christ or the Buddha as among these Avatars becauseExternalisation, 299:as a whole. Of these Avatars the Buddha and the Christ are outstanding examples. They were not onlyExternalisation, 299:and in all forms. He served the soul of man. The Christ, because of His stupendous achievement -Externalisation, 300:behind the Evolutionary Process However, until Christ came and lived a life of love and service andExternalisation, 300:a plan motivated by love. This divine quality Christ revealed, and thus altered all human livingExternalisation, 303:One may be is not yet revealed. It may be the Christ, if His other work permits; it may be OneExternalisation, 303:Synthesis and directed in His activities by the Christ, the Lord of Love. In this way, the energiesExternalisation, 304:A Messenger or Avatar of equal rank to the Christ in the Hierarchy (or possibly Christ Himself) mayExternalisation, 304:rank to the Christ in the Hierarchy (or possibly Christ Himself) may come forth as theExternalisation, 304:Great White Lodge and is in close touch with the Christ, with the Manu and with the Lord ofExternalisation, 306:responding disciple) and the Avatar. The Christ is today in very close rapport with the Avatar ofExternalisation, 307:and initiates Who are specially related to the Christ's department, as well as a group workingExternalisation, 307:- even to Them - when transmitted to Them by the Christ. (I talk here of mysteries.) It willExternalisation, 307:The cooperation of the Master Jesus with the Christ is a case in point. In connection with theExternalisation, 307:Avatar, it may involve the cooperation of the Christ or of a "kindred, equal soul" with a cosmicExternalisation, 308:as was the vehicle of the Master Jesus by the Christ? There are those who say that it is waitingExternalisation, 311:His appearance. This appeal must be made via the Christ. Disciples must endeavor to understand whatExternalisation, 317:truly, but their numbers are not large, and the Christ spoke a true word to His bewildered discipleExternalisation, 328:witness, because - again quoting my Master, the Christ - you cannot put new wine in old bottles. ToExternalisation, 343:of divinity which is so different that even Christ Himself was unable to express it with facilityExternalisation, 343:years have gone since Gethsemane and since Christ made His initial contact with the ShamballaExternalisation, 344:has never yet been expressed - except by the Christ. You might ask why, if this is so, do youExternalisation, 347:the Buddha and the other focused through the Christ - are to be fused and blended and it is theExternalisation, 347:the fact of the two Avatars, the Buddha and the Christ, both upon the second Ray of Love-Wisdom,Externalisation, 347:illumination, humanity was enabled to recognize Christ, Who embodied the still greater PrincipleExternalisation, 348:Light, hence His title of the "Illumined One." Christ embodied the underlying energy ofExternalisation, 348:is a third which, in collaboration with the Christ, He has made possible; this is the establishmentExternalisation, 349:love already in the world, released by the Christ, to make possible the working out of theExternalisation, 349:time. Whilst He is attempting to do this, the Christ will join in the effort by focusing in HimselfExternalisation, 350:massed intent be vital enough to enable the Christ to become Himself, in a mysterious way, the veryExternalisation, 350:June Full Moon. It is at that Full Moon that the Christ can and will use this Invocation, providedExternalisation, 350:can give the impetus which will enable the Christ (as the Rider from the Secret Place) to comeExternalisation, 350:a great appeal, and by this appeal enable the Christ to invoke for them the needed aid. One thing IExternalisation, 351:May 1942. The second half will be started by the Christ in June 1942, but only if the invocation ofExternalisation, 351:strengthening and focusing of the will which the Christ is endeavoring to foster with a specialExternalisation, 352:the point of focus for all servers must be the Christ and every effort must be directed to aidingExternalisation, 352:but the word for action must come from the Christ, and He will give that word when the people giveExternalisation, 352:the conditioners of our own destiny. Neither the Christ nor the Hierarchy may, at this stage inExternalisation, 352:of Their Agents, the Lords of Liberation and the Christ is dependent upon many factors beside thatExternalisation, 353:aid in the great act of invocation for which the Christ is at this time preparing Himself; it isExternalisation, 353:invoking the Lords of Liberation. "This work," Christ said, "goeth not forth save by prayer andExternalisation, 354:in the two great Avatars, the Buddha and the Christ. It is difficult to write clearly about thisExternalisation, 358:taught by the Buddha, the Lord of Light, and the Christ, the Lord of Love. In this connection itExternalisation, 358:the Law of Love as enunciated in the life of Christ and to express the truth that "no man livethExternalisation, 359:centered in the two Avatars, the Buddha and the Christ. Within the world of glamor - the world ofExternalisation, 359:- the world of the mental plane - appeared the Christ, the Lord of Love Himself, Who embodied inExternalisation, 360:planetary effort to dissipate world glamor; the Christ made the first planetary effort towards theExternalisation, 360:by the combined efforts of the Buddha and the Christ. All that we can foresee or foretell anentExternalisation, 361:of these two will take place. This is what the Christ proved and demonstrated. When the work of theExternalisation, 361:then the full expression of the work of the Christ (the embodied principle of love) can also beExternalisation, 361:those who are polarized in the "awareness of the Christ." Externalisation, 361:by the Buddha, and on the mental plane when Christ manifested on Earth. It indicated theExternalisation, 361:of the test will be the united effort of the Christ, of the Buddha and of those who respond toExternalisation, 362:in the Hierarchy and focused through the Christ, and the intelligent desire of humanity, focusedExternalisation, 389:the Western hemisphere of the existence of the Christ and in the Eastern, of the Buddha. It is,Externalisation, 391:of extreme urgency or crisis, the story of the Christ brings to our attention the fact that He thenExternalisation, 391:so are we in this world" and the assurance of Christ Himself that God is also our Father. Then theExternalisation, 391:spiritual receptivity (as was ever the case with Christ) then there can likewise come a divineExternalisation, 394:to awaken to the light within, to unfold the Christ consciousness and to find the Path of LightExternalisation, 394:civilization and that which focused through the Christ, coming to the West. Another Great ApproachExternalisation, 395:the Buddha is preparing Himself and for this the Christ stands ready, focusing in Himself theExternalisation, 395:- the dynamic energy of the divine will. The Christ, at the same time, will embody the outpouringExternalisation, 396:At the time of the June Full Moon, the Christ will focus in Himself the spiritual energies of theExternalisation, 397:as the Great Lord of Love and Son of God, the Christ, used as His vehicle of expression on earth,Externalisation, 397:as His vehicle of expression, the form of the Christ, the Prince of Peace; thus His stupendousExternalisation, 398:of life and of "life more abundantly" as Christ promised when on earth. This revelation will give
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