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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHRIST

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Externalisation, 476:On account of this decision of the Hierarchy, Christ became automatically the Leader of theseExternalisation, 477:and the simple-minded are apt to forget that the Christ said, "He that is not with me is againstExternalisation, 477:wielded by Those who work under and with the Christ. Thought is pure divine energy, impersonal andExternalisation, 477:behind the Evolutionary Process The work of Christ in relation to the war has also been handicappedExternalisation, 478:past five years, therefore, the efforts of the Christ and of His followers, the Masters of theExternalisation, 479:to believe, as some do, that the main trend of Christ's work is through the medium of the churchesExternalisation, 480:referred to the coming Full Moon of June as "Christ's Unique Occasion." (The Reappearance of theExternalisation, 480:Unique Occasion." (The Reappearance of the Christ, Chapter II.) Just what is entailed in thatExternalisation, 480:is not a fact?) that at each Full Moon of June, Christ repeats and preaches again to the assembledExternalisation, 480:distribution of the energy of love, for which Christ is responsible. This year the message of theExternalisation, 480:by the Hierarchy under the direction of the Christ), the World Teacher will, in His Own [481]Externalisation, 481:which the coming pronouncement will affect. Christ will bring this into proper form for theExternalisation, 481:religious, social, economic and political group. Christ's pronouncement will be embodied in certainExternalisation, 481:from the throngs and the impact of humanity, Christ will bless the world at the exact moment of theExternalisation, 481:direct dictation. To these two messages, the Christ will add a new one, imbued with Power for theExternalisation, 482:have been used for nine years. [482] Behind the Christ, focusing with intensity today and preparingExternalisation, 482:of Forces which will be set in motion by the Christ at the June Full Moon; the focus of Their [483]Externalisation, 483:The unique opportunity which confronts the Christ as His great hour draws near is that of unifying,Externalisation, 483:and move and have our being, and that which the Christ Himself will set in motion in response toExternalisation, 484:Masters of the Wisdom and the supervision of the Christ. They will concern themselves with theExternalisation, 485:working through the Buddha, and finally the Christ Himself. These Three will work through theExternalisation, 486:and for a world religion which will restore Christ to His rightful place in the hearts of men,Externalisation, 487:carried out under the direct guidance of Christ and His disciples. Long patience will be needed.Externalisation, 487:of that great divine yet human Leader, the Christ. The Christ has passed through all humanExternalisation, 487:great divine yet human Leader, the Christ. The Christ has passed through all human experiences, andExternalisation, 488:mankind is not alone. May the blessing of the Christ and of the Hierarchy rest upon all trueExternalisation, 488:love stream forth into the hearts of men. May Christ return to Earth. From the center where theExternalisation, 489:phrases, the very ancient word-forms which the Christ will employ. These word-forms are only sevenExternalisation, 489:to use the phrases) are two in number: 1. May Christ return to earth. This return must not beExternalisation, 489:and its well-known mystical, Christian sense. Christ has never left the earth. What is referred toExternalisation, 489:Hierarchy will eventually, under its Head, the Christ, function openly and visibly on earth. ThisExternalisation, 491:of Conferences and other with The Work of the Christ. (The Reappearance of the Christ, Chapter IV.)Externalisation, 491:The Work of the Christ. (The Reappearance of the Christ, Chapter IV.) Master their contents and letExternalisation, 502:The wise Guides of the race, working under the Christ and having in view the need of the public forExternalisation, 503:the hour has struck, and that the forces of the Christ are being marshalled for a supreme endeavor.Externalisation, 503:event is already in process of manifesting. The Christ and His disciples, the Masters of Wisdom andExternalisation, 504:pouring out the principle of love (which is the Christ principle) and of lifting the masses inExternalisation, 504:and mould humanity into the likeness of the Christ. That the oriental peoples may call this greatExternalisation, 504:great Official by another name than that of "The Christ" has no bearing on reality and alters notExternalisation, 504:at this time in closest cooperation with the Christ. With them work the Master Hilarion, He WhomExternalisation, 504:consecrated Workers form a nucleus around the Christ and direct much of the preparatory work. It isExternalisation, 505:world the vision of the Great Helper, the Christ. He works with the rose devas and with the blueExternalisation, 506:He Himself carries out the behests of the Christ, saving Him much and working as His intermediary.Externalisation, 508:out of the plans of the executive council of the Christ. Externalisation, 508:knowledge unite their forces with those of the Christ and His disciples for the helping of theExternalisation, 508:a band of servers, pledged to the service of the Christ, and their work is to contact men and toExternalisation, 509:power of color and sound will the work of the Christ and of the Great Ones be contacted andExternalisation, 510:Church will be nurtured into activity by the Christ and His disciples when the outpouring of theExternalisation, 510:and His disciples when the outpouring of the Christ principle, the true second Coming, has beenExternalisation, 512:great love ray, the second Ray of Love-Wisdom. Christ Himself works through it and by its meansExternalisation, 512:and the elementals of nature, then will the Christ and His church have a real esoteric group on theExternalisation, 513:have, down the ages, been associated with the Christ in His work. Remember always the fact of theExternalisation, 514:organizations, who feels a close link with the Christ and who loves Him, can be practically sureExternalisation, 514:into their source when the Body of the Christ - one of the seven Heavenly Men on the second orExternalisation, 514:initiation. Why can this be so? Because the Christ, [515] as you know, is the Hierophant of theExternalisation, 515:sex. Is this the atmosphere in which the Christ and His disciples can breathe? Is this a conditionExternalisation, 516:the hands of those who consistently follow the Christ. Those who use this power only for the sakeExternalisation, 517:and sanely follow in the footsteps of the [517] Christ, the greatest Psychic of all time. HospitalsExternalisation, 518:for the helping of the Brotherhood, of which the Christ is the divine Leader, and of which theExternalisation, 523:itself. This involves: The Return of the Christ. The Ashrams concerned at the Coming. TheExternalisation, 525:Chohans and its senior Directors, such as the Christ, the Manu and the Lord of Civilization. TheseExternalisation, 537:is now over; the appeal of humanity to the Christ and His Hierarchy has again refocused the energyExternalisation, 538:in the Hierarchy, under the guidance of the Christ and by the Chohans of the seven major Ashrams.Externalisation, 541:specifically under the close supervision of the Christ, and also of the Lord of Civilization - atExternalisation, 542:of the Hierarchy when closely connected with the Christ than it is in those related to the Buddha.Externalisation, 542:a few decades longer He will cooperate with the Christ in widening the channel of contact betweenExternalisation, 542:consider with you primarily the Festival of the Christ, held at the time of the Full Moon of June,Externalisation, 542:of the Full Moon of June, and the work of the Christ as He prepares Himself for the fulfilment ofExternalisation, 543:Externalization This situation is one which the Christ is seeking to alter; it has been inExternalisation, 543:changed in preparation for the revelation which Christ will bring. The first things which theExternalisation, 543:Christ will bring. The first things which the Christ will do, beginning with this Full Moon ofExternalisation, 544:[544] in a negative and not a positive form. The Christ endeavored to offset and bring to an endExternalisation, 544:all the others. There was the revelation which Christ Himself gave, summing it up for us in HisExternalisation, 544:to the Jews alone. For this new revelation the Christ is preparing as are all the members of theExternalisation, 544:use such a word) three activities to which the Christ is at this time dedicated: The reorganizationExternalisation, 544:of the Gentiles and its failure to recognize the Christ. In saying this I do not fail to recognizeExternalisation, 545:efforts of the Hierarchy, superintended by the Christ, another two must be added, of perhaps evenExternalisation, 545:that they should know and recognize the Christ as the Messiah, and therefore find for themselvesExternalisation, 546:or so deep as those fostered by religion. The Christ, therefore, has to add to all the manyExternalisation, 546:falls into two categories, and for these the Christ is responsible. These are: The esotericExternalisation, 549:today, even among those who see the Mind of Christ and the Plans of the Hierarchy as existing inExternalisation, 549:quality which is today closest to the heart of Christ; "goodwill to men," or rather among men, wasExternalisation, 550:which are forgetful of the words of the Christ, "My kingdom is not of this world"; as it permeatesExternalisation, 551:which militate against the return of [551] the Christ and the emergence of the Hierarchy as a fullyExternalisation, 551:time and involving the personal attention of the Christ; they all have a potent and beneficentExternalisation, 551:To return humanity to the simplicity which is in Christ. To rid the world of theology andExternalisation, 553:next two great Festivals: the Wesak Festival and Christ's Unique Occasion. One point I must makeExternalisation, 553:It is the intention of the Buddha and the Christ that in each country there should eventually beExternalisation, 553:from the Buddha (and later Shamballa) to the Christ, and then from the Christ to those disciples inExternalisation, 553:Shamballa) to the Christ, and then from the Christ to those disciples in every country who can beExternalisation, 553:a second ray disciple will represent the Christ in every land. This can mean either the soul or theExternalisation, 554:of God, He will bring to the Hierarchy, via the Christ, that deep unending inflow of Love whichExternalisation, 555:The Festival of June which is so uniquely Christ's, and which emphasizes His relationship toExternalisation, 555:the new note of livingness, of the living Christ and of that "life more abundantly" which the warExternalisation, 555:keynote of Contact, of a closer relation between Christ and His people, between the Hierarchy andExternalisation, 555:on each of the three days. At each ceremony the Christ will say the new Invocation alone, and thenExternalisation, 556:the Hierarchy will unitedly, and led by the Christ, pronounce the entire Invocation, prefacing eachExternalisation, 557:know. I have here told you the things which the Christ has planned for the immediate future. I haveExternalisation, 557:followed for nearly three thousand years, the Christ. (I am referring here to His appearance asExternalisation, 558:normal channels and needs money, and even the Christ has need of financial resources in order to
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