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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHRIST

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Externalisation, 558:me to make clear that when he is speaking of the Christ he is referring to His official name asExternalisation, 558:His official name as Head of the Hierarchy. The Christ works for all men, irrespective of theirExternalisation, 558:Christian Church in order to be affiliated with Christ. The requirements are to love yourExternalisation, 559:be possible, beginning with the return of the Christ. But in the meantime, great and momentousExternalisation, 559:overlook the fact that They too - from the Christ down to the humblest initiate - are in process ofExternalisation, 559:eventually expand into solar contacts; the Christ-consciousness eventually unfolds into somethingExternalisation, 564:(the department of the Manu, that of the Christ, and that of the Lord of Civilization) - in whichExternalisation, 570:into recognized physical expression of the Christ, leading to the definite restoration of theExternalisation, 572:a more unified preparation for the return of the Christ. The first group prepare humanity for theExternalisation, 573:of religions and of education, over which the Christ rules, and He will move to restore the ancientExternalisation, 573:in the Externalization Third. The stage wherein Christ and the Masters of [574] the Wisdom can makeExternalisation, 574:training and the desired reorientation, the Christ and the Masters are occupied with the task ofExternalisation, 575:are active, when the Lord is with His people and Christ has returned to earth. Religion is thenExternalisation, 575:Christian concept of the return of a triumphant Christ, coming in the clouds of heaven toExternalisation, 575:utterly false as to design, location and method. Christ will return; the Jerusalem referred toExternalisation, 576:But it is not the event or the stage of Christ's appearing with which we are now dealing, but withExternalisation, 588:achieved mastery, and up to and inclusive of the Christ. Thus gradually the idea or concept of theExternalisation, 589:steadily [589] accepted; a new attitude to the Christ will be developed which will be inclusive ofExternalisation, 589:when the fact of the presence on earth of the Christ as Head of the Hierarchy and the Director ofExternalisation, 589:will at first reject the theories about the Christ which occultism presents; at the same time, thisExternalisation, 590:to accept the impossible Deity and the feeble Christ which historical Christianity has endorsed. AExternalisation, 590:which historical Christianity has endorsed. A Christ Who is present and living, Who is known toExternalisation, 590:and work for conditions in the world in which Christ can move freely among men, in bodily Presence;Externalisation, 590:when the relationship of the Buddha and the Christ is correctly presented; then the picture of aExternalisation, 590:is correctly presented; then the picture of a Christ demanding a unique position, to the exclusionExternalisation, 590:making itself felt in perfection through the Christ and other divine Representatives will for aExternalisation, 591:Immanent. Later on, when the [591] truth of the Christ indwelling every man and revealed inExternalisation, 591:revealed in perfection through the historical Christ and His great Brothers down the ages has beenExternalisation, 591:Stages in the Externalization The Return of the Christ May 1947 (Part of this message and the oneExternalisation, 591:chapters III and VII of The Reappearance of the Christ. Chronologically they belong in theExternalisation, 591:of the East and the West, of the Buddha and the Christ, and which has consistently laid emphasisExternalisation, 592:of that divine Immanence in the Person of the Christ. Today, as an outcome of this unfolding divineExternalisation, 592:minds of men everywhere a new concept: that of Christ in us, the hope of Glory. There is a growingExternalisation, 592:There is a growing and developing belief that Christ is in us, as He was in the Master Jesus, andExternalisation, 592:and left us - or apparently left us. Yet - today Christ is nearer to humanity than at any otherExternalisation, 593:brought to the attention of men everywhere. For Christ belongs to humanity, to the world of men,Externalisation, 593:alone. God Transcendent is working through the Christ and the Spiritual Hierarchy to bring relief;Externalisation, 593:Own lives the divine characteristics of the Christ life and (because They lived on earth as He didExternalisation, 593:I am writing to you anent His great Brother, the Christ. I am doing it with deliberation becauseExternalisation, 594:(gathered with others at the feet of the Christ) is today focused on the task of helping humanity.Externalisation, 594:come." From the kingdom of God where reigns the Christ, the answer has been flung back:, "Father,Externalisation, 594:of men, the cry is ceaselessly rising: "May Christ return to Earth." Thus in the three greatExternalisation, 595:world faiths, and - above all else - in the Christ Himself Who embodied the perfection of GodExternalisation, 595:recognition everywhere of the imminent return of Christ (if such a phrase can be true of One WhoExternalisation, 595:forth and under many different names. Then the Christ came and apparently left us, with His workExternalisation, 597:planet; it impels the Head of the Hierarchy, the Christ, to take action, and the action which He isExternalisation, 597:what I have just said? The idea of the return of Christ is a most familiar one, and the concept ofExternalisation, 598:and of controversy. The general staff of the Christ is already active in the form of the New GroupExternalisation, 598:from Earth to that High Place where dwells the Christ. From there, it has been transmitted on toExternalisation, 599:it) in order: To substantiate the fact of Christ's physical existence among us ever since HisExternalisation, 599:Eastern and Western approaches to God. Both the Christ and the Buddha are then present. To form aExternalisation, 599:To demonstrate the nature of the work of Christ as the great and chosen Intermediary, standing asExternalisation, 599:physical Presence on Earth at this time of the Christ, of His group of Disciples and Executives, ofExternalisation, 600:Festival in June, peculiarly the Festival of the Christ, when He - as Leader of the new group ofExternalisation, 600:the spiritual leader of the East, and the Christ, the spiritual leader of the West, which I bringExternalisation, 600:Many years ago I indicated that the Christ would come in three ways, or rather, that the fact ofExternalisation, 601:the nurturing - on a worldwide scale - of the Christ consciousness in the human heart. This hasExternalisation, 601:In spite of appearances, this uprising of the Christ-consciousness has been successful, and whatExternalisation, 601:and the new group of world servers by the Christ Himself. You will recall how, in the Bible story,Externalisation, 601:You will recall how, in the Bible story, Christ symbolically evoked the recognition of John theExternalisation, 602:books and speeches. Thirdly, I told you that Christ might come in person and walk among men as HeExternalisation, 602:nor will someone appear and say: This is the Christ. He is here or He is there. I would point outExternalisation, 603:the love of God was embodied in a man, and Christ inaugurated the era of love. That expression ofExternalisation, 603:Those are the things which the love of God in Christ expressed, and those are the things which weExternalisation, 603:is aiding and will continue to aid. 2. Christ taught also that the Kingdom of God is on Earth andExternalisation, 604:that the Kingdom they seek is already here. Christ and His disciples are known by many to beExternalisation, 604:to many, and have been throughout the centuries. Christ is the World Healer and Savior. He worksExternalisation, 604:always proclaimed the physical Presence of the Christ, but have so distorted the teaching byExternalisation, 604:the Externalization 3. At the Transfiguration, Christ revealed the glory which is innate in allExternalisation, 604:which was revealed. In that moment, wherein Christ Immanent was in the physical form, whereinExternalisation, 604:divinity and the Sonship of the Transfigured Christ. On this innate divinity, upon this recognizedExternalisation, 605:Here then are the "greater things" of which Christ spoke, and here again is the triumph of theExternalisation, 605:spoke, and here again is the triumph of the Christ within the human heart. Why this triumph of theExternalisation, 605:within the human heart. Why this triumph of the Christ consciousness must always be spoken of inExternalisation, 605:of some one of the orthodox churches. The divine Christ in the human heart can express itself inExternalisation, 605:remember that the only time it is recorded that Christ (as an adult) visited the Temple of theExternalisation, 605:called in the East) the Great Renunciation, Christ, for the first time, anchored on earth a tenuousExternalisation, 605:Kingdom of God, and through the medium of the Christ was brought to the attention of mankind.Externalisation, 606:forget that the crisis in the final hours of the Christ was not in those spent upon the Cross, butExternalisation, 606:of time, happened then in that quiet garden; Christ, representing mankind, anchored or establishedExternalisation, 606:by the Spiritual Hierarchy, working under the Christ, and thus took shape as the divine Plan.Externalisation, 606:shape as the divine Plan. Today, because of what Christ did in His moment of crisis hundreds ofExternalisation, 606:which are the conscious possession of many. The Christ of history and the Christ in the human heartExternalisation, 606:of many. The Christ of history and the Christ in the human heart are planetary facts. There is oneExternalisation, 606:facts. There is one aspect of this return of the Christ which is never touched upon and to which noExternalisation, 606:is ever made. I, a humble disciple of the Christ, would like here to speak of it. It is the factorExternalisation, 606:to outer everyday activity, will mean to the Christ as He faces it. How will He feel when the hourExternalisation, 607:top, of attendant watchers, and of the words of Christ, assuring them that He was not leaving them.Externalisation, 607:God of man's ignorant creation, but as the Christ, the Founder of the Kingdom of God on Earth, toExternalisation, 607:in far more difficult circumstances. The Christ suffers, however, far more from those in [608] HisExternalisation, 608:of men which caused the depths of sorrow to the Christ; it was His Own disciples, plus the massedExternalisation, 610:the term, with the senior disciples of the Christ - are working day and night in order to establishExternalisation, 610:of the realities stand unitdely behind the Christ and can thus enable Him to accomplish HisExternalisation, 610:men and said, as did Hermes, the Buddha and the Christ: "I am the Light of the World." This lightExternalisation, 610:- above all else - "life more abundantly" which Christ will bring, and until He brings it we knowExternalisation, 610:spiritual Hierarchy is preparing. This time the Christ will not come alone, for His co-workers willExternalisation, 611:freely aid in the reconstruction work which the Christ proposes, if you will familiarize yourselvesExternalisation, 611:with the following facts: That the return of Christ is imminent. That the Christ, immanent in everyExternalisation, 611:That the return of Christ is imminent. That the Christ, immanent in every heart, can be evoked inExternalisation, 612:to the new expansions of consciousness. The Christ Who will return will not be like the Christ Who
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