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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHRIST

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Glamour, 170:in the Hierarchy and focused through the Christ, and the intelligent desire of humanity, focusedGlamour, 177:drama of the blind leading the blind, to which Christ referred as He faced the theologians of HisGlamour, 186:thrown over the simple pronouncements of the Christ and of the Buddha. The vast cathedrals and theGlamour, 186:removed from the humble way of the life of the Christ, the Master of all the Masters and theGlamour, 187:fellowmen, and this they do because they love Christ and all for which He stands. They are notGlamour, 187:which engulfs them, and find their way back to Christ and His simple message which has in it theGlamour, 187:Much of the true revelation since the time of Christ has come to the world along the line ofGlamour, 187:was as great a revelation as any given by the Christ or the Buddha. It completely revolutionizedGlamour, 189:last great spiritual revelation, given by the Christ, was given two thousand years ago, and theGlamour, 194:the key to fusion and to the at-one-ment which Christ expressed so fully for us in His life onGlamour, 230:eyes, thus forming the long limbed Cross of the Christ or of divine humanity. The Cross is not, asGlamour, 230:Cross which the group will make is the Cross of Christ and of the Christ consciousness. GraduallyGlamour, 230:will make is the Cross of Christ and of the Christ consciousness. Gradually the Cross of ChristGlamour, 230:the Christ consciousness. Gradually the Cross of Christ (the Cross of the Risen Christ) willGlamour, 230:the Cross of Christ (the Cross of the Risen Christ) will supersede the Cross of matter and of theGlamour, 240:initial Reality. That is the reason that Christ stood mute before Pilate who symbolized the humanHealing, 117:follower of the [117] vision, a disciple of the Christ, and this conditions his thinking and hisHealing, 119:the divine Reality within the form, and the Christ consciousness. This could well be called theHealing, 143:appears that "life more abundantly" of which Christ spoke and of which we, as yet, know nothing.Healing, 165:the love-wisdom of the soul, the buddhi or Christ principle. [166] The lungs, the analogy for theHealing, 210:divine aspect, from the soul or the indwelling Christ. It might therefore be stated anent the twoHealing, 211:and also of the words "saved by the blood of Christ." It is not by the blood of a Christ dying twoHealing, 211:blood of Christ." It is not by the blood of a Christ dying two thousand years ago upon the cross inHealing, 211:the livingness of the blood of those in whom the Christ life and consciousness, and the quality ofHealing, 211:life and consciousness, and the quality of the Christ, is perfectly demonstrating and expressed.Healing, 211:Then, when the nature of the indwelling Christ is fully, spontaneously and automatically expressingHealing, 211:spiritual life of an incarnated Son of God, a Christ. It is on this point of understanding that soHealing, 212:their effort on achieving the pure life [212] of Christ in every day life, and acting asHealing, 212:conditions which will make the divine manifested Christ present. They need to bear in mind thatHealing, 236:recognized as yet; it was referred to by the Christ when He spoke of the time when nothing secretHealing, 260:- and not simply of liberty. The life of Christ Himself. He, for the first time, presented the ideaHealing, 260:Service is the keynote of liberation. Christ was the ideal Server. The signing of the Magna Charta.Healing, 262:of human evolution, and for this reason the Christ can now lead His forces and aid human beings toHealing, 263:par with present-day German accomplishment; yet Christ was a Jew and it was the Hebrew race whichHealing, 264:and these two groups were in constant conflict. Christ came as a member of the Jewish race and theyHealing, 264:purpose of all material phenomena, rejecting the Christ within (as they did centuries ago theHealing, 264:the Christ within (as they did centuries ago the Christ within their borders), grasping forHealing, 329:of pure soul energy. It was in this way that Christ worked, and there are few today to work thisHealing, 347:interpret it in ordinary terms. The suffering of Christ or of the planetary Logos or of GodHealing, 360:through the medium of the expansion of the Christ consciousness in one's own life, and by arrivingHealing, 361:potent mantram than the oft spoken word: "For Christ's sake and for the glory of His Name"? ButHealing, 361:- Chapter IV - Some Questions Answered On the Christ Some aspirants and disciples may experience anHealing, 361:an almost constant recollection of the Christ; that is due to their increasing sensitivity to theHealing, 362:up to their opportunity; if the work of the Christ and of His helpers is brought more definitely toHealing, 362:and their response to the near approach to the Christ which many consecrated servers areHealing, 362:these deva forces and their activities, via the Christ and through their responsiveness to His workHealing, 363:the history of the "glorious resurrection of the Christ" and His after death [364] appearance, andHealing, 370:integrated human being? If you say to me that Christ healed all types, I would here suggest that IHealing, 385:which lie between him and complete healing. When Christ so frequently emphasized faith (or ratherHealing, 391:which must be altered and deliberately changed. Christ demonstrated to His disciples the correctHealing, 393:entire universe; there is the Presence of the Christ, indicating to humanity the fact of the soulHealing, 393:light, and incited thereto by the example of the Christ and the inner urge of our own souls. ThisHealing, 393:planetary Logos, the Eternal Heart of Love Whom Christ revealed. As these erroneous ideas die out,Healing, 402:as much distorted as have the teachings of the Christ or the Buddha or Shri Krishna by theirHealing, 403:the Christian altars bearing statues of the Christ, of the Virgin Mary and of the Apostles. Healing, 411:off the veiling sheaths. Let God be seen. Take Christ from off the Cross." - Page 69. The firstHealing, 425:will eventually understand the significance of Christ's words when He said, "Render unto Caesar theHealing, 427:son (the soul) is finally broken. The son, the Christ-child, released from the guardianship andHealing, 448:is strong enough to bring about the change...Christ referred to this work of abstraction as regardsHealing, 449:Lord of the World, then the Buddha, and then the Christ. They remain identified through free choiceHealing, 452:too, with the teaching that the body of the Christ principle (the Buddhic vehicle) only begins toHealing, 458:deliberately and mentally by himself. The Christ demonstrated their use when He cried aloud,Healing, 507:he referred (in the Epistle to the Ephesians) to Christ making "out of two, one new man." It isHealing, 510:they believe in following [510] the steps of the Christ Who went about doing good, or because of aHealing, 519:of value to study the three "appearances of the Christ" as recorded in the Gospel story: HisHealing, 524:himself upon the life and the nature of the Christ. Let us now look at the indicated qualities andHealing, 537:at soul expression and at realization of the Christ consciousness. What is wrong is the claim thatHealing, 587:life aspect can flow, and it is to this that the Christ referred when He states that He had come soHealing, 587:Always there has been life, but when the Christ consciousness is radiantly present (as is the caseHealing, 595:The [595] mother is lost to sight because the Christ-Child assumed the place of interest. The soulHealing, 610:is saved by the birth of her Son (the Christ within, the spiritual consciousness)." This is true ofHealing, 615:interpreted) in the Christian teaching anent the Christ; Christianity has presented Him as actingHealing, 615:of Humanity, Chapter VI; The Reappearance of the Christ, Chapter V.) It has been taught also in theHealing, 616:manner, and in relation to cosmic energy, by the Christ Who, for the first time in planetaryHealing, 616:energy is the second aspect of divinity, the Christ embodied and transmitted four qualities of thisHealing, 616:New Testament, this quality was called by the Christ "virtue" (a somewhat inaccurate translation ofHealing, 616:translation of the word originally used); Christ employed it when healing force had been taken fromHealing, 621:the seven centers in the etheric vehicle of the Christ were rightly adjusted, correctly aligned,Healing, 621:order and rhythm, was the appearance in the Christ of a perfect endocrine system. All His glandsHealing, 621:terms, the "pattern of the behavior" of the Christ - due to the perfection of His glandular system,Healing, 621:Paul expresses it. The current pictures of the Christ testify to their own complete inaccuracy, forHealing, 637:makes the appearance of the Buddha or of the Christ possible. The Lord of the Earth, the planetaryHealing, 637:or make an appearance, as can the Buddha or the Christ. Few of Those Who form the Council ChamberHealing, 654:produced a Christianity built around a living Christ and not around a dead Christ. In radiatoryHealing, 654:around a living Christ and not around a dead Christ. In radiatory healing, we are told that "theHealing, 661:and that was ever the method used [661] by the Christ, the Perfect One. It is not the harmlessnessHealing, 665:God Immanent, to testify to the existence of the Christ whilst travestying His teaching, and toHealing, 670:under the direction of the Perfect One, the Christ. The harmlessness with which I have earlierHealing, 671:esoteric study of the three temptations of the Christ will reveal three major occasions when theHealing, 671:the worldwide effect down the centuries if the Christ had not reacted as He did; speculation is ofHealing, 671:a most important crisis in the life of the Christ. The Gospel story (with its resume of the fiveHealing, 671:of a still higher initiation, the sixth, by the Christ; this conferred on Him complete mastery overHealing, 672:thrown on the life, nature and character of the Christ. Under the Law of Perfection we are givenHealing, 672:and space are totally negated, for the vision of Christ ranged from the past, through the presentHealing, 676:the initial rapport is thus broken. Only a Christ can heal by the use of the will, and He seldom inHealing, 678:those of us who are initiated disciples of the Christ or of Sanat Kumara. Law X Hearken, OHealing, 696:ray vehicle, are usually great healers. The Christ, being the truest exponent of the second rayHercules, 5:aspiring man. In the life and work of Jesus the Christ, that radiant and perfected Son of God, whoHercules, 8:study therefore of Hercules the disciple, and of Christ, the World Savior, we have an entireHercules, 8:as portrayed for us in the history of Jesus the Christ are not dealt with here, but form the
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