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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHRIST

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Hercules, 10:to accomplish. This is the story of the cosmic Christ, crucified upon the Fixed Cross of theHercules, 10:the heavens; this is the story of the historical Christ, given us in the gospel story and enactedHercules, 10:Palestine; this is the story of the individual Christ, crucified upon the cross of matter, andHercules, 10:process and the objective of both the Cosmic Christ and of the individual aspirant. They give usHercules, 12:who have achieved knowledge, the program of the Christ and of his Church, the plans of the hiddenHercules, 19:is in my members. "I thank God through Jesus Christ our Lord. So then with the mind I myself serveHercules, 21:told by some numerologists, is the number of the Christ force. It is the Christ force, in the newHercules, 21:is the number of the Christ force. It is the Christ force, in the new cycle of discipleship,Hercules, 24:the story of that greater Son of God, Jesus the Christ, we are told not only what he did but alsoHercules, 24:of the disciple. In the story of Jesus the Christ, through the demonstration of his powers and byHercules, 24:of Elijah descended upon Elisha, and the robe of Christ was divided up and quarrelled over by theHercules, 24:had passed on to Elisha; the vocation of the Christ, the World Savior, came to an end at theHercules, 29:under the influence of the soul, the indwelling Christ, carries out the purposes of the Spirit, theHercules, 33:activity, which later leads to the birth of the Christ child, in Virgo, to that of the worldHercules, 34:person of the Hindu Trimurti, or the cosmic Christ in incarnation, as he initiates the process ofHercules, 34:final episode of resurrection. Thus Vishnu or Christ embodies the two urges, the urge to create andHercules, 35:and so we find in the Book of Revelations that Christ comes forth riding upon a white horse. BlackHercules, 35:see, mother-matter is the nurturer of the infant Christ, the Virgin Mary gives birth to Jesus. InHercules, 35:dominant, then the woman caring for the infant, Christ, and then the woman, representing matterHercules, 44:been connected with light and, therefore, with Christ, who proclaimed himself as the Light of theHercules, 48:and a field of endeavor for the indwelling Christ or soul. The aspirant, therefore, is tested inHercules, 52:has been expressed for us in the words of Christ, when he said, "If thine eye be single, thy wholeHercules, 64:in matter, and the crucifixion of the cosmic Christ upon the cross of matter, is tied up with theHercules, 64:which that spiritual entity is functioning: Christ incarnate in matter, God working through form.Hercules, 64:of John the Baptist, spoken as he looked at the Christ, "He must increase, but i must decrease".Hercules, 74:as the symbol or the element related to the Christ plane, called in the Theosophical terminologyHercules, 74:we carry glamor up into the clear light of the Christ soul that we shall see truth as it is, andHercules, 82:to be the individual in Leo, the potential Christ in Virgo, the aspirant endeavoring to balance theHercules, 85:and the other consummation. We are told that Christ gave to Saint Peter the keys of heaven andHercules, 89:Capricorn is, as we know, the birth month of the Christ, and on the twenty-fifth of December downHercules, 89:ass. (There is also the third time, when Christ rode into Jerusalem during his brief moment ofHercules, 90:birth not the consummation of the world savior. "Christ was born in Capricorn, fulfiled the lawHercules, 90:closely associated in the minds of people with Christ. Connected with the sign Cancer are threeHercules, 92:and intuition, and driven by the urge of the Christ life, he again merges himself with the mass andHercules, 103:in the heavens, the cross on which the Cosmic Christ and the individual Christ are ever crucified.Hercules, 103:on which the Cosmic Christ and the individual Christ are ever crucified. Perhaps the wordHercules, 103:word "sacrificed", for in the unfoldment of the Christ consciousness in the form, stage by stage,Hercules, 104:sum total. It was these characteristics that the Christ so marvellously demonstrated. He showedHercules, 106:back", as Judas Iscariot did, upon the soul or Christ aspect. This cup forms really part of theHercules, 107:cup which is offered to the initiate, to which Christ referred in the Garden of Gethsemane, when heHercules, 110:in [110] the cave or on the mountain. The Christ is born in the cave; the personality is overcomeHercules, 110:the voice of the Lord is heard in the cave, the Christ consciousness is nurtured in the cave of theHercules, 115:in her arms. And it is in this sign that the Christ consciousness is conceived and nurtured throughHercules, 116:signs are "connected with the [116] growth of Christ consciousness. They mark critical points inHercules, 117:on the woman taken in adultery, of whom the Christ said, "Neither do I condemn thee. Go in peaceHercules, 118:purpose of the sign, for it is said that "the Christ is to her the purpose of existence." The rootHercules, 119:matter and also is the custodian of the Christ life. It is meaningful that this sixth sign, theHercules, 119:the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ. I would remind you that Christ laid theHercules, 119:the fullness of Christ. I would remind you that Christ laid the emphasis again and again on the newHercules, 120:the idea of [120] at-one-ment by the blood of Christ. That was born of the medieval guilt complexHercules, 120:outlining it, the cup of communion, of which the Christ said "Drink ye all of it"; in its highestHercules, 120:star is Spica, which means "the ear of corn". Christ was born in Bethlehem, which means "the houseHercules, 121:the world, who nourishes the form and also the Christ-consciousness latent in the form. The MutableHercules, 121:of the form life to the will of the indwelling Christ". [122] The three rulers of the sign VirgoHercules, 123:are absolved, all transitions are resolved into Christ births," which is the climax of the birth ofHercules, 123:which is the climax of the birth of the latent Christ-consciousness in Virgo. [124] Keynotes TheHercules, 124:pp. 284-5). The first synthesizing keynote is: "Christ in you, the hope of glory." Hercules, 128:the Libra test from the sign of Virgo, with the Christ consciousness stirring in his heart andHercules, 139:it is all energy in different categories. Christ was the perfect expression of divinity in form. HeHercules, 152:this means that in Virgo I discovered the Christ in myself, that down the ages my form nature hasHercules, 152:that down the ages my form nature has nurtured a Christ; in Libra. I fluctuate between the pairs ofHercules, 152:between the pairs of opposites, form and the Christ [153] nature, until I achieve balance and theHercules, 153:[153] nature, until I achieve balance and the Christ and matter are in a stage of equilibrium. InHercules, 153:tested as to which will triumph, the form or the Christ, the higher Self or the lower self, theHercules, 157:aspirant of the lowest degree is a disciple. The Christ himself is also a disciple. It does awayHercules, 159:fact that latent within himself was the infinite Christ; that the personality, the form side, wasHercules, 159:A white horse is always the symbol of divinity. Christ came forth riding on a white horse. ThereHercules, 160:We talk about spiritual love, devotion to the Christ, devotion to the elder brothers of the race,Hercules, 161:what a lot of people do. Stay with humanity as Christ does, or like that great Life whom we areHercules, 162:of the prenatal period before the birth of the Christ in Capricorn in December. It is amazing howHercules, 163:symbolized and working to a pattern, the Christ pattern. Consider what goes on in the life of theHercules, 164:period immediately preceding the birth of the Christ. The Spirit of Truth Sagittarius, we are told,Hercules, 172:"lost souls", since we are told that the Christ broods over humanity until the last "little one"Hercules, 173:major initiations. In Matthew 17 we read that Christ took three disciples, Peter, James and John,Hercules, 173:personality, on their faces before the glorified Christ, in Capricorn at his transfiguration.Hercules, 175:piercing the heart of the son of God, called the Christ, the nearest to us of the great worldHercules, 179:savior. One remembers that the last act of the Christ on his way to Gethsemane and Calvary was toHercules, 179:This is the work that makes it possible for the Christ to reappear and also which prepares humanityHercules, 182:really meant was that the sign Pisces, in which Christ, the Great World Savior, came, would end atHercules, 184:the human being, i.e. that he is soul and body. Christ came in Pisces to demonstrate to usHercules, 187:and those who let go in order to acquire what Christ calls "treasures in heaven". In almost anyHercules, 190:and children's children, can see it all happen. Christ sounded the note "for the time of the end"Hercules, 190:we are discovering what a marvellous astrologer Christ was. He knew that the cycle he inauguratedHercules, 199:done. They all did what, to a greater extent, Christ did. We hear about the failure ofHercules, 201:kingdoms of nature. The Second Coming of the Christ How can the World Savior come? He might come asHercules, 201:one thing, and if such a potent thinker as the Christ, whatever we may mean by that word, is enHercules, 202:not permit more than an over-shadowing by the Christ. When The Reappearance of the Christ, dictatedHercules, 202:by the Christ. When The Reappearance of the Christ, dictated by the Tibetan, appeared in 1948, theHercules, 202:it resulted in the decision arrived at by the Christ to reappear or return to visible presence onHercules, 202:the time and manner of the reappearance of the Christ by a change in its receptivity. We haveHercules, 203:their fellow men, and theirs is the message of Christ, "A new commandment I give you that you loveHercules, 203:That is just decent behavior; but the love the Christ enunciated is an intelligent understandingHercules, 208:the ages: those of Hercules, the Buddha and the Christ, each of them portraying one of the stagesHercules, 209:Hercules knew nothing. Then came the historic Christ, embodying in Himself something so ineffableHercules, 210:to us. This is also the story of the cosmic Christ, crucified from the beginning of creation uponHercules, 210:the heavens. This is the story of the historical Christ, given us in the gospel story and enactedHercules, 212:awareness after struggle; birthplace of the Christ). Rulers: Exoteric, the Moon; Esoteric, Neptune.Hercules, 212:the form and the spirit are nurtured, shielding "Christ in you the hope of glory". Polar Opposite:Hercules, 212:of glory". Polar Opposite: Pisces. A water sign (Christ consciousness revealed as a World Savior).Hercules, 214:personality. Release of the soul from captivity. Christ, the World Savior. Polar Opposite: Virgo.
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