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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHRIST

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Patanjali, 19:of Buddhi (in the Christian phraseology, the Christ principle) to be found at the heart of everyPatanjali, 19:through the medium of a solar system. Christ "knew what was in man" and therefore could be aPatanjali, 28:The fish is the symbol of the Vishnu aspect, the Christ principle, the second aspect of divinity,Patanjali, 28:principle, the second aspect of divinity, the Christ in incarnation, whether it is the cosmicPatanjali, 28:Christ in incarnation, whether it is the cosmic Christ (expressing Himself through a solar system)Patanjali, 28:through a solar system) or the individual Christ the potential savior within each human being. ThisPatanjali, 28:savior within each human being. This is the "Christ in you, the hope of glory!" (Col., I, 27.) IfPatanjali, 31:himself from the three worlds, c. Organized his Christ body. Strictly speaking those adepts whoPatanjali, 40:to the belief of the aspirant in the soul or Christ aspect, only in this case the objective is thePatanjali, 40:objective is the realization of that which the Christ or soul is seeking to reveal, the spirit orPatanjali, 42:There is yet another line: Monad, The Son or Christ aspect, The love aspect, or wisdom aspect,Patanjali, 44:revealed through the medium of buddhi (or the Christ consciousness), having for its vehicle, manasPatanjali, 44:the four planes are dominated and buddhi (or the Christ) stands revealed. Students shouldPatanjali, 44:his foot upon the way of devotion and found the Christ, the Buddhi within. In this life he willPatanjali, 46:aspect. Ishvara is the son of God, the cosmic Christ, resplendent in the heart of each of us. ThePatanjali, 47:intense devotion to, and love of Ishvara, the Christ in manifestation, that Christ or soul may bePatanjali, 47:of Ishvara, the Christ in manifestation, that Christ or soul may be contacted or known. Ishvara isPatanjali, 47:will reveal to him the secret of the jewel. When Christ is known as king upon the throne of thePatanjali, 49:disciple, the adept, Master or Mahatma, in the Christ, the Buddha, and in the Lord of the World,Patanjali, 51:of God The revealer of the Father. The cosmic Christ God in incarnation. Vishnu Second person ofPatanjali, 51:son of the Father The revealer of the Monad. The Christ Christ in you, the hope of glory. The SoulPatanjali, 51:the Father The revealer of the Monad. The Christ Christ in you, the hope of glory. The SoulPatanjali, 53:These in turn are the disciples of the Christ or of that official who is at the head of thePatanjali, 55:care: The AUM is the Word of glory, and is the Christ in us, the hope of glory. The Word whenPatanjali, 55:when rightly apprehended causes the second, or Christ aspect of divinity to shine forthPatanjali, 55:soul (macrocosmic or microcosmic), the ego, the Christ, and causes the "radiant Augoeides" to bePatanjali, 65:is that "asking of questions" spoken of by the Christ in the words "Ask and ye shall receive." ThisPatanjali, 85:great identities as Krishna, the Buddha and the Christ, who have freed Themselves from all sensePatanjali, 106:a man knows himself as a Son of God, until the Christ in each man is manifesting and thePatanjali, 106:the Christ in each man is manifesting and the Christ-life has full expression, and until the man isPatanjali, 109:himself and functions as the soul, the Christ, He has the chitta or mind stuff in a state ofPatanjali, 110:in its true nature, and the seer can say with Christ: "Neither pray I for these alone, but for themPatanjali, 123:personal self to the higher self, the Ishvara or Christ principle in the heart. It covers also thePatanjali, 131:much unknown even to the adept, and that the Christ Himself, the great World Teacher, knows not allPatanjali, 135:painting, or the adoration of the devotee for Christ or his guru. It is all attachment in somePatanjali, 138:line too with the teaching that the body of the Christ principle, [139] (the buddhic vehicle) onlyPatanjali, 156:out of which the body of Vishnu or of the cosmic Christ is to be built in order that Shiva, thePatanjali, 159:whose nature is love-wisdom. This is the Christ-life or principle, which in the process of takingPatanjali, 159:of God through the medium of the cosmic Christ of which each little Son of God is a [160] part. OfPatanjali, 174:indication of the awakening of the ego or the Christ principle. Sorrow. The greater the refinementPatanjali, 176:says "I count all things but loss that I may win Christ." The seven stages of illumination havePatanjali, 176:or soul. This brings in the consciousness of the Christ nature which is love, peace and truth. HePatanjali, 180:of righteousness." Such were the Buddha, the Christ, and all the great Ones who have attained. Patanjali, 190:service of the ego, the inner ruler, the God or Christ within. This will be triple in itsPatanjali, 190:union (yoga or at-one-ment) with the soul, the Christ aspect. [192] 3. When it is found that thePatanjali, 193:phraseology [193] becomes apparent, "only Christ is seen and heard," only the real or spiritual manPatanjali, 193:expressing himself through a physical medium, as Christ did through His instrument and disciple,Patanjali, 206:vehicle so that it can adequately reflect the Christ principle, or the buddhic nature. The relationPatanjali, 207:and finds out the truth of the words of the Christ that "the pure in heart shall see God." HePatanjali, 227:spiritual man is that of the second aspect, the Christ force, or buddhi. The object of evolution inPatanjali, 227:evolution in the human family is to bring this Christ force, the principle of buddhi, into fullPatanjali, 270:evil). The second aspect (consciousness) or the Christ or Vishnu aspect relates to the present,Patanjali, 271:the consciousness aspect, which concern the Christ or buddhic principle and which are the directPatanjali, 272:Brahma. 4. The Monad. The One. 4. The cosmic Christ. 4. The vehicle of life and of incarnation. 5.Patanjali, 273:lower is but the shadow, he is in touch with the Christ consciousness, with the soul of his beingPatanjali, 290:energy, that of Vishnu, the second aspect, the Christ force. This produces the perfect at-one-ment,Patanjali, 296:whereby the disciple fulfils the command of the Christ, "Let your light shine!" It is the "path ofPatanjali, 298:third aspect. 4. Buddhic Plane Mahar Prajapatya Christ world. Intuitional or Christ consciousness.Patanjali, 298:Mahar Prajapatya Christ world. Intuitional or Christ consciousness. Group consciousness. 3. MentalPatanjali, 302:man - body - intelligent form. The Ego or Christ - soul - love. The Monad - spirit - life or power.Patanjali, 307:pour in from the monad; through the second, the Christ principle, the light of the world, the soulPatanjali, 307:and in their totality and perfection express the Christ life. 3. It is the center wherein isPatanjali, 308:soul becomes merged in the soul of man, and the Christ consciousness is seen in germ. Taking thePatanjali, 308:the antenatal state and the germinating of the Christ in each human being, students who have theirPatanjali, 308:physiological process and the birth of the Christ in the cave of the heart. Herein lies the deepPatanjali, 320:working out of His will and purpose. Of this the Christ was the outstanding example to thePatanjali, 321:on the intelligent soul, the middle aspect, the Christ principle which links the Father (spirit)Patanjali, 322:soul, the self, the spiritual conscious man, the Christ within. When through this experience he hasPatanjali, 322:the Father or spirit and so fulfils the words of Christ, when He said (in reply to Philip'sPatanjali, 328:enables the adept to raise a dead body, as Christ did in Palestine, or occupy the vehicle of aPatanjali, 328:of a disciple for purposes of service, as Christ occupied the body of the disciple Jesus. ThisPatanjali, 328:law of karma, of cause and effect, and even the Christ Himself may not set the law aside in anyPatanjali, 331:nowhere more beautifully referred to than by the Christ in His parable of the Sowers, where some ofPatanjali, 332:and he can ascend into heaven at will. The Christ or spiritual man can stand upon the mountain ofPatanjali, 334:whereon God and man are made one. This is the Christ plane in Christian phraseology, the buddhicPatanjali, 334:Plane of Union or At-one-ment Plane IV. Christ or buddhic Air Union Harmony, At-one-ment Planes ofPatanjali, 336:superseded by the Voice of the Silence or of the Christ within, then the word or sound is known andPatanjali, 337:the mind - mental, The still small voice of the Christ within - buddhic, The sounds of the Gods,Patanjali, 337:it. This is the voice of his own inner God, the Christ, [338] The AUM, the Word of the Father,Patanjali, 340:up the light (the "bushel" referred to by the Christ in the New Testament) is the changing,Patanjali, 341:referred to it in these words: "I knew a man in Christ above fourteen years ago (whether in thePatanjali, 348:third or form aspect through which the second or Christ aspect is manifesting. This third aspect isPatanjali, 354:and plans and purposes of the one Master, the Christ within; the five senses will be transmittersPatanjali, 356:three worlds plus the buddhic realm, whilst the Christ and those of similar initiation have thisPatanjali, 358:of the Master and the unfoldment of the Christ into that higher state of being which is for HimPatanjali, 358:upon, discrimination between the soul, the Christ within and the spirit or Father aspect.Patanjali, 358:and power delivered into the hands of the Christ. Three terms serve to throw light on this processPatanjali, 358:render up to him their secrets. He becomes a Christ, a knower of all things, knowing what is in thePatanjali, 360:and the powers developed, the Son of God, the Christ in manifestation, again presses forwardPatanjali, 365:this entity is one and the same as the cosmic Christ, the "body of Christ," referred to by St. PaulPatanjali, 365:and the same as the cosmic Christ, the "body of Christ," referred to by St. Paul in I. Cor., XII.Patanjali, 367:am," says the freed soul, the liberated man, the Christ. Neither time nor space exist for him, andPatanjali, 369:My life (the lower physical life) is hid with Christ (the soul life) in God (the spirit.) (Col.,Patanjali, 381:or the Mother aspect, is so perfected that the Christ Child can be formed within the preparedPatanjali, 385:the divine origin of the man, the fact that the Christ or the soul consciousness is found latentPatanjali, 385:swings outward into the light both the cosmic Christ, [386] functioning on the material planePatanjali, 386:medium of the solar system, and the individual Christ, functioning through the medium of the humanPatanjali, 416:Entity. The second Person. The Thinker. The Christ. God in incarnation. The Observer, Perceiver.Patanjali, 416:of the soul, whether macrocosmic (the cosmic Christ), or microcosmic (the individual Christ), soPatanjali, 416:cosmic Christ), or microcosmic (the individual Christ), so wonderfully portrayed as in the Bhagavad
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