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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHRIST

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Patanjali, 421:and of him it can be said as it was said of the Christ, "Who, being in the form of God, thought itPatanjali, 426:with the spirit. The Master must become the Christ and to do this the raincloud of spiritualPatanjali, 426:Testament, when the Father communicated with the Christ, the voice issued out of a cloud. (SeePatanjali, 426:on from the stage of adept to that of the Christ. All that hindered, veiled or prevented the fullPatanjali, xi:becomes apparent to us, as we study the life of Christ, what it means to develop the powers of thePatanjali, xi:to that exalted point in evolution at which the Christ now stands. John, the beloved disciple, hasPatanjali, xi:incarnation works ever the great transformation. Christ himself has said that "Greater works than IPatanjali, xiii:his life on earth, and he can say as did the Christ, "It is finished." The date of the birth ofPatanjali, xiii:to 300 B. C., though one or two place him after Christ. The Hindu authorities themselves, however,Problems, 7:Spiritual impression, whether conveyed by the Christ, by Krishna or by Buddha (and passed on to theProblems, 34:the old theologies which have failed to present Christ as He essentially is, which have worked forProblems, 35:which recognizes the presence of the living Christ, whilst rejecting man-made interpretations ofProblems, 50:Tze, Confucius, the Buddha, Shri Krishna and the Christ. They have set Their mark upon millions andProblems, 80:aspect of their work - there is little left for Christ's work, for simple spiritual living. TheProblems, 81:and the constantly unfolding principle of the Christ consciousness in the hearts of men. This mayProblems, 90:us in the possibility of being in the world as Christ was; this is the hope held out to us in theProblems, 100:cares that the Jews were instrumental in having Christ put to death (according to The NewProblems, 100:New Testament); he is more apt to remember that Christ was a Jew and to wonder why the Jew was notProblems, 117:than at present; we shall have no "return of Christ" or a downpouring of the Christ consciousnessProblems, 117:no "return of Christ" or a downpouring of the Christ consciousness until the Christ in every man isProblems, 117:of the Christ consciousness until the Christ in every man is more awake and alert than is atProblems, 120:they tread the "narrow way" of love of which Christ spoke, and they indicate they are treading itProblems, 121:five hundred who recognized the message of the Christ. The new era in which Christ will "see of theProblems, 121:the message of the Christ. The new era in which Christ will "see of the travail of His soul and beProblems, 122:Spirit, down countless ages, to the fact of God. Christ lives and guides the people of the worldProblems, 122:the Father's Home. The fact of God, the fact of Christ, the fact of men's spiritual approach toProblems, 123:are working and the churchmen are thinking in a Christ-like way, then the salvation of humanity isProblems, 124:organization. It is essential that we return to Christ and to His message and to the way of lifeProblems, 124:ecclesiastics have no part in that kingdom. Christ does not need prelates and executives. He needsProblems, 124:I. The Failure of the Churches Let us remember: Christ has not failed. It is the human elementProblems, 124:chance that a renewal of the faith as it was in Christ will return? Are there enough men of visionProblems, 125:to the simplicity of the faith as it is in Christ. It is they who need regeneration. Men areProblems, 127:fostered and inculcated by theology but not by Christ, or the Buddha or Shri Krishna. The littleProblems, 128:formulation of a body of doctrines about which Christ apparently knew nothing. Christ cared onlyProblems, 128:about which Christ apparently knew nothing. Christ cared only that men should recognize that God isProblems, 128:and that there is no death; He longed that the Christ within every man (the innate ChristProblems, 128:that the Christ within every man (the innate Christ consciousness which makes us one with eachProblems, 128:which makes us one with each other and with Christ) should flower forth in all its glory; He taughtProblems, 128:written. They have discussed ad nauseam how far Christ was divine and how far He was human, theProblems, 130:things which are all contrary to the spirit of Christ: An intensely materialistic attitude. TheProblems, 131:of God and the recognition and the knowledge of Christ would emerge in strength and with a freshProblems, 132:continue to grow. The question arises whether Christ would be at home in the churches if He walkedProblems, 133:been saved by theology but only by the living Christ and through the awakened consciousness of theProblems, 133:and through the awakened consciousness of the Christ within each human heart; they interiorlyProblems, 133:of the human being into conscious relation to Christ and that spiritual Hierarchy is to them theProblems, 133:men. They believe in the Kingdom of God of which Christ is the outstanding Executive but have noProblems, 134:the hope of humanity for they are in touch with Christ and are an integral part of the Kingdom ofProblems, 136:demand have reached the attentive ear of the Christ and His disciples in the place where They live,Problems, 136:the opportunity and respond to the appeal of Christ and to the spiritual demand of countlessProblems, 136:loving service? Will they tell the people that Christ forever lives and bid them turn their eyesProblems, 136:upon the Source of all life and upon the living Christ Who waits to pour out [137] upon them thatProblems, 137:now possible? Will they remind the people that Christ Himself said that it is not possible to putProblems, 137:palaces and "sell all that they have" and follow Christ on the path of service? Or will they - likeProblems, 137:spend the available money in alleviating pain as Christ did, teaching the children the things ofProblems, 137:the children the things of the kingdom of God as Christ did, and setting an example of simpleProblems, 137:confident joy and assured knowledge of God as Christ did? Can churchmen of all faiths in bothProblems, 138:hope and strength. Men want the conviction that Christ lives; that the Coming One - for Whom allProblems, 142:divine God-man walked the earth in the Person of Christ. Today we have a rapidly growing emphasisProblems, 143:until man has fulfiled the command of the Christ (and this refers to every man) "Be ye, therefore,Problems, 143:measure of the stature of the fullness of the Christ". The fact of this innate divinity explainsProblems, 144:- Chapter V - The Problem of the Churches 3. Christ and the Hierarchy The third great spiritual andProblems, 144:spiritual and essential truth is the fact of Christ, the living Christ, present among His people,Problems, 144:truth is the fact of Christ, the living Christ, present among His people, fulfiling His promise,Problems, 144:emphasis has been (and is today) upon the dead Christ. Men have forgotten that He lives, thoughProblems, 144:and hopeful generalities. Men have forgotten the Christ who lives with us on earth, surrounded byProblems, 144:those who have thus attained and who work with Christ for the helping and salvaging of humanityProblems, 145:of this Hierarchy and its supreme Head, the Christ, is consciously recognized by hundreds ofProblems, 145:under the direct authority which contact with Christ and His disciples, the Masters, ever confers.Problems, 145:and His disciples, the Masters, ever confers. Christ in every man, the guarantee of our eventualProblems, 145:guarantee of our eventual spiritual attainment; Christ as the living example of that attainment,Problems, 145:us an example that we should follow His steps; Christ Who ever lives and Who has stayed with us forProblems, 145:men, made perfect" (as the Bible calls them); Christ demonstrating for us the possibility of thisProblems, 145:has been given the somewhat vague name of the "Christ consciousness") bringing every man,Problems, 145:which is not only expectant of the return of Christ but is assured of His [146] coming andProblems, 146:phase of this worldwide experience of divinity. Christ will, therefore, surely come in three ways.Problems, 147:of men everywhere, manifesting as the indwelling Christ, struggling towards the light andProblems, 147:then pass through the Bethlehem experience, the Christ in them will come to the birth and they willProblems, 147:of the life of God on earth through a Christ-conscious humanity. When this has assumed largeProblems, 147:of life - manifest his essential divinity, as Christ did. Problems, 148:of their point in evolution some men know Christ, because the Christ in them is active while othersProblems, 148:in evolution some men know Christ, because the Christ in them is active while others are onlyProblems, 148:while others are only struggling to bring the Christ life into activity; still others are entirelyProblems, 149:need and by the driving urge of the immanent Christ consciousness. These great Approaches can beProblems, 151:aspects. Then came the next great Teacher, the Christ. He embodied in Himself a still greaterProblems, 151:within Himself all that the Buddha had of light. Christ was the expression of both light and love.Problems, 151:was the expression of both light and love. Christ also brought to human attention three deeplyProblems, 151:with each other - such is the message of the Christ. Thus we have had four great Approaches of theProblems, 153:silently and quietly endeavoring to live as Christ would have them live, setting an example of aProblems, 153:would have them live, setting an example of a Christ-like consciousness and demonstrating theirProblems, 154:- with deliberation and understanding - to the Christ they serve; let them gather closer to theProblems, 154:to the true spiritual values; let them know that Christ and the true inner church are on theirProblems, 154:growing knowledge of God. God, in the person of Christ and of His disciples, also draws nearer toProblems, 156:Hierarchy, upon the office and the work of the Christ and upon the techniques of meditation wherebyProblems, 156:of meditation whereby soul-awareness (or the Christ-consciousness) can be achieved. Prayer has beenProblems, 159:approaching spiritual energies, focused through Christ and His spiritual Hierarchy, and trainedProblems, 159:race, just as the Lord's Prayer was given by the Christ, and the New Invocation has been given outProblems, 160:waiting Hierarchy [160] and from its Head, the Christ. Through this response, the belief of theProblems, 160:beyond man's deepest hopes will be evoked from Christ and His group of workers. To these two greatProblems, 162:towards those spiritual Lives, working under the Christ, Who stand expectantly waiting to come toProblems, 163:This is the festival of the risen, living Christ, the Head of the spiritual Hierarchy, the
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