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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHRIST

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Problems, 164:which is the lowest aspect of love to which Christ called attention and of which He was the perfectProblems, 164:will be stressed. On this festival we are told Christ has for nearly two thousand years representedProblems, 164:of the work of the Buddha and of the Christ. It will be held at the time of the Full Moon ofProblems, 165:the human consciousness. God, in the person of Christ and His Hierarchy would draw nearer to HisProblems, 165:be expressed in love in response to the work of Christ; it would be intelligently presented onProblems, 165:came to earth, called by Christians, the Christ, and embodied that love so that we couldProblems, 166:love stream forth into the hearts of men. May Christ return to Earth. From the center where theProblems, 169:is pure charity and a selfless following of the Christ. The churches are themselves greatProblems, 169:and show little evidence of the mind that was in Christ. The churches have had their opportunity,Problems, 170:are being shouted from the housetops, as the Christ prophesied they would be. The reason for allProblems, 174:faiths who follow sincerely the footsteps of the Christ (though they are not the leaders) and whoPsychology1, 14:leads him into the consciousness of the cosmic Christ. 3. The higher realization of unity followsPsychology1, 16:says: "Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ," and adds [17] in another place thatPsychology1, 17:in Christ," and adds [17] in another place that Christ had made "in himself, of twain, one newPsychology1, 18:of the second aspect, the Son of God, the cosmic Christ incarnate in form - a form brought intoPsychology1, 18:that psychological Entity which we call the Christ. This cosmic Christ demonstrated to us HisPsychology1, 18:Entity which we call the Christ. This cosmic Christ demonstrated to us His perfection, as far asPsychology1, 18:concerned, through the medium of the historical Christ. This psychological Entity can bring intoPsychology1, 18:most clearly apparent to us in the story of the Christ of Galilee. He was constantly reminding thePsychology1, 19:or with the developing life of the Cosmic Christ. We shall confine our attention entirely to manPsychology1, 23:the beloved disciple close to the heart of the Christ of Galilee. This Life instills into all formsPsychology1, 39:This is true of the human being, of the Christ in incarnation; it is equally true of the cosmicPsychology1, 39:in incarnation; it is equally true of the cosmic Christ, of God incarnate in the solar system. InPsychology1, 40:God's love. The Plan was the great mystery. The Christ, cosmic and individual, was sensed andPsychology1, 44:the limits of the form of the incarnated cosmic Christ. Each of these seven streams or emanationsPsychology1, 66:Bringer The Son of God Incarnate The Cosmic Christ The legend tells us that the six BrothersPsychology1, 69:off the veiling sheaths. Let God be seen. Take Christ from off the cross. Quality - scientificPsychology1, 73:except in such rare cases as the Buddha, or Christ, and (in another field of expression) anPsychology1, 74:The work of what in the West is called "the Christ Principle" is to build the forms for thePsychology1, 95:we must endeavor to let the mind which was in Christ also be manifest in us. We are working towardsPsychology1, 95:working towards the perfecting of the rule of Christ on earth; we are aiming at the development ofPsychology1, 95:earth; we are aiming at the development of the Christ consciousness and at the bringing in of thePsychology1, 95:and at the bringing in of the rule or law of Christ, which is Love. This will come to fruition inPsychology1, 95:brotherhood established on earth. The rule of Christ is the dominance of the basic spiritual laws.Psychology1, 95:of the basic spiritual laws. The mind of Christ is a phrase conveying the concept of the rule ofPsychology1, 95:an integral part, is also part of the mind of Christ, the cosmic Christ, of Whom the historicalPsychology1, 95:is also part of the mind of Christ, the cosmic Christ, of Whom the historical Christ is - upon ourPsychology1, 95:the cosmic Christ, of Whom the historical Christ is - upon our planet - the ordainedPsychology1, 96:certain great beliefs substantiated. The work of Christ, and His main mission two thousand yearsPsychology1, 100:principle has its dwelling, and from which the Christ within can work. The study of thePsychology1, 119:Paul points out that victory is won through Christ, and I give a clue to the importance of thisPsychology1, 119:rays are the sevenfold expressions of the Cosmic Christ, the second Person of the Trinity.Psychology1, 133:of all nations" shall come, and the Cosmic Christ shall stand revealed, all men and all creaturesPsychology1, 155:led on and initiated by the influence of the Christ, and under His direction he has submitted toPsychology1, 156:Consciousness, and towards that privilege the Christ Himself, and His great Brother, the Buddha,Psychology1, 174:source of Life, and saved by the same divine Christ principle. Therefore the superman has been andPsychology1, 193:second manifesting aspect of divinity. It is the Christ or Vishnu aspect; it is the sentientPsychology1, 206:is spoken of as the "Birth of Horus," of the Christ, born from the throes of constant pain andPsychology1, 240:humanity, not only is the first Initiator, the Christ, officiating, not only is the Ancient ofPsychology1, 279:a new sign of the zodiac, and the "coming of Christ" is imminent. These three great happenings arePsychology1, 281:purified and sanctified. This it was to which Christ referred when He prophesied that, at the endPsychology1, 281:factor under consideration, the coming of the Christ as it is called, must also be noted.Psychology1, 281:which is usually referred to as the advent of Christ. This, as you know, may be an actual physicalPsychology1, 281:may take the form of a tremendous inflow of the Christ principle, the Christ life and love, workingPsychology1, 281:a tremendous inflow of the Christ principle, the Christ life and love, working out through thePsychology1, 282:to make, however, is that this inflow of the Christ spirit of love (whether it comes through aPsychology1, 282:about through the medium of humanity and the Christ spirit. Steadily the love of Christ will bePsychology1, 282:and the Christ spirit. Steadily the love of Christ will be shed abroad in the earth, and itsPsychology1, 283:forms will be brought under the influence of the Christ spirit, and the consummation of love willPsychology1, 285:new age, apart therefore from the inflow of the Christ spirit, with its transforming power andPsychology1, 285:- produce the manifested son of God, the cosmic Christ, the conscious sentient universe. Of thisPsychology1, 285:story is a dramatic symbol, and the historical Christ is the guarantee of its truth and reality.Psychology1, 285:is the guarantee of its truth and reality. Christ guarantees for us the reality of the innerPsychology1, 286:into visibility, and we can see and know. Christ, as the light of the world, revealed that reality.Psychology1, 288:came together under the same great Law, and the Christ was born, - the guarantee of the divinity ofPsychology1, 288:together, and when that event is consummated the Christ is born in the cave of the heart, andPsychology1, 288:the Christ is born in the cave of the heart, and Christ is seen in the daily life with increasingPsychology1, 288:power. Man therefore dies daily in order that Christ may be seen in all His glory. Of all thesePsychology1, 291:and mother-matter unite and are at-one and the Christ is born. "Except a man be born again, hePsychology1, 291:he cannot see the kingdom of God," said the Christ. This is the second birth, and from that momentPsychology1, 291:those of the soul, resulting in the birth of the Christ. Great is the glory of man and wonderfulPsychology1, 292:them into terms of the heavenly world. The Christ is being born today in many a human being, andPsychology1, 293:pointed out, the light will shine forth and Christ will be born within them. During the thirdPsychology1, 296:their mates from amongst those in whom the Christ has been born again, and [297] who are givingPsychology1, 297:and [297] who are giving expression to the Christ life. But the time is not yet, except for thePsychology1, 301:second basic postulate was enunciated for us by Christ when he told us to "love our neighbor asPsychology1, 301:world would today be if man had listened to the Christ and had sought to obey His command? WePsychology1, 301:the above practical paraphrase of the words of Christ were universally promulgated and practicallyPsychology1, 304:women. Secondly, in the West, from the time of Christ, there has been a tendency towards thePsychology1, 312:teacher) to possess in ourselves "the mind of Christ." This mind must dwell in us and reveal itselfPsychology1, 313:is being better understood. The Church of Christ, hitherto invisible and militant, can now be seenPsychology1, 313:what is called symbolically "the birth of the Christ," or the [314] second birth, taking place inPsychology1, 314:on the physical plane of "the body of the Christ," and the appearance of the manifested Hierarchy.Psychology1, 314:spirit-matter, and having nurtured the Christ child through a period of gestation - is now givingPsychology1, 314:period of gestation - is now giving birth to the Christ, within the animal stable and in the mangerPsychology1, 314:will the entire group achieve and the Christ again appear on earth, incarnated this time in thePsychology1, 314:personality. Yet each member of the group is a Christ in manifestation, and all together presentPsychology1, 314:in manifestation, and all together present the Christ to the world, and constitute a channel forPsychology1, 314:to the world, and constitute a channel for the Christ force and life. It is indeed and in truthPsychology1, 315:of the human family (who respond not yet to the Christ impulse) having their progress facilitatedPsychology1, 328:regard as the Master of all the Masters, the Christ. What shall I say about this culminating eventPsychology1, 351:knowledge into wisdom, feeding likewise the Christ life in each disciple. Ray one governs the PathPsychology1, 362:to men the ability to recognize the historical Christ, and to evolve the structure of the ChristianPsychology1, 362:convey to man the power to recognize the cosmic Christ, and to produce that future scientificPsychology1, 362:man to fulfil the command of the historical Christ to permit his light to shine forth. The sixthPsychology1, 406:the personality. The second Initiator - the Christ. Releasing the love nature. The final InitiatorPsychology2, 14:to manifest forth as "a full-grown man in Christ", and present at that time the opportunity to thePsychology2, 30:significance by such great Existences as the Christ, the Buddha and Those of analogous rank in thePsychology2, 60:particularly in the West. The divinity of Christ, for instance, is frequently illustrated byPsychology2, 60:Son of God, functioning as a World Savior or Christ, and by those Beings who are on the path of
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