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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHRIST

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Rays, 73:towards the prize of your high calling in Christ." I would ask your attention to the wordRays, 75:It is the consummation of the activity of the Christ-consciousness, and is the state referred toRays, 75:is the state referred to when it is said of the Christ: "He shall see of the travail of his soulRays, 80:a relative perfection. It is the number of the Christ-consciousness; just as 7 is the number ofRays, 83:center to which (as the Gospel story intimates) Christ Himself was attentive. Frequently we read inRays, 83:with the realizations of the over-shadowing Christ as He registered the Voice which is heard at theRays, 83:fifth. But it also gives the initiations of the Christ, starting from the second and ending withRays, 83:affirmative sound. That will be heard when the Christ completes His work at the time of the SecondRays, 83:will be consummated, and the Buddha and the Christ will together pass before the Lord of the [84]Rays, 86:are faintly symbolized for us in the life of Christ when over-shadowing the Master Jesus, twoRays, 86:and the relation of the spiritual will of the Christ to the purpose and the will of the FatherRays, 86:related to the consciously expressed will of the Christ Child when He realized in the Temple thatRays, 88:highest also. Such is the Law. When an embodied Christ in time and space reaches [89] His goal ofRays, 89:and celebrated. The love of God, focused in the Christ, seeks to express itself in some act ofRays, 89:episodes: One of them, the first, reveals the Christ in His capacity of the God-Savior, sacrificingRays, 89:the Hierarchy to Humanity. The task of the Christ (as the expression in time and space of theRays, 90:must be invoked and accepted. The work of the Christ as God-Savior can be carried forward by HimRays, 90:by Him alone and unaided. The work of the Christ as God the Preserver needs the united work, asRays, 90:as is the case today of both the Buddha and the Christ. This is the first cycle in the history ofRays, 90:the Buddha at the May Full Moon and that of the Christ at the following June Full Moon. TheirRays, 90:via His four Representatives: the Buddha, the Christ, the Manu, and the Mahachohan - the fiveRays, 90:urge which prompts the present activity of the Christ. He has accomplished His task as God theRays, 90:terms than those which emphasize the part the Christ plays in the salvaging of man. [91] It is nowRays, 91:Only as they grasp the nature of the work of Christ, after His final act of service as God-Savior,Rays, 91:are not static. All are moving forward. The Christ Who came two thousand years ago embodied inRays, 91:point at which it could produce the perfect Man, Christ, the "eldest in a great family ofRays, 91:because of the attainment and activity of the Christ, and because He remains with us as God theRays, 91:the meaning of the words "life more abundantly." Christ's evocation of the fire of the will wasRays, 92:lesser lives." This refers to the task of the Christ which proceeds day by day, in His capacity ofRays, 92:This entire process is under the control of the Christ, assisted by the Manu and the Lord ofRays, 93:does, however, give us a clue as to why the Christ made no specific reference to the work ofRays, 93:events and episodes in the career of Jesus the Christ. The underlying true events give us greatRays, 93:great steps and developments in the work of the Christ as He "enveloped humanity in the mantle ofRays, 93:time, and at the immediate point of tension, Christ has added to His two immediate and constantRays, 93:perfected work of the Hierarchy, focused in the Christ, and the powerful work of Shamballa, focusedRays, 93:the Buddha, representing Shamballa, and of the Christ, representing the Hierarchy, plus the sincereRays, 94:certainty. That His forerunner will be the Christ is equally sure. When Christ comes it will be forRays, 94:will be the Christ is equally sure. When Christ comes it will be for the advanced units of theRays, 94:of this Group will, through the medium of the Christ, pour light and healing energy upon the EarthRays, 94:in clearer terms. We are told in the Bible that Christ will come in the air, and that He will bringRays, 95:His heart in unison with His." The keynote of Christ's mission will be to evoke from humanity aRays, 95:is still very deep seated; the coming of the Christ will throw much light upon this problem. ARays, 115:of the Wisdom. The use of this esoteric term by Christ in The New Testament story gives us a hintRays, 115:by the rich young man who possessed so much, Christ indicated that he needed to prepare himself forRays, 116:and evolutionary development. He is told by the Christ that he must now prepare himself for what isRays, 117:on the Path of Initiation...the birth of the Christ. Producing intelligent activity. Initiation.Rays, 130:of the Hierarchy to the three Great Lords - the Christ, the Manu and the Mahachohan. Through theseRays, 139:door of the reason, of pure perception of truth. Christ gave the clue to this teaching when He saidRays, 141:the Spiritual Triad and its expression, the Christ in incarnation - all these dualities have playedRays, 141:higher turn of the spiral) of the degree of the Christ, are focusing all Their efforts. Up to theRays, 143:understand somewhat the meaning of the words of Christ "I am the Light of the world." These wordsRays, 151:the seven major types. The perfect type is the Christ, the Heavenly Man, Who expresses all theRays, 163:Law is the one wielded by the living or risen Christ, in perfect harmony with the will ofRays, 163:In this latter initiation the living risen Christ withdraws or abstracts Himself and entersRays, 165:process in all forms and in all groups of forms. Christ referred to this work of abstraction, asRays, 166:Lord of the World, then the Buddha, and then the Christ. They remain identified through the freeRays, 170:all these groups of Ashrams, stands the living Christ, the Head of all Ashrams and the Master ofRays, 172:of that "life more abundantly" to which the Christ referred when dealing with the true nature ofRays, 173:of men. This manifesto or declaration of the Christ constitutes the first attempt to conveyRays, 173:towards which the Masters strive, and which the Christ Himself is only now attaining. It is forRays, 175:(ever an initiate of the second degree) by the Christ Who has initiated him in the first twoRays, 176:initiations, the Angel of the Presence is the Christ Himself, one with the soul of the candidateRays, 176:Angel of the Presence). Through the heart of Christ passes the dynamic power of the One Initiator,Rays, 176:of light, stepped down or toned down by the Christ in order that the candidate can appropriate itsRays, 176:him and the eternal source of all-power. The Christ is present, supporting and attentive. He standsRays, 180:These are the three qualities of the Christ evolution. This latter evolution is carried on withinRays, 184:correspondence to the light-body through which Christ and all the Sons of God Who have reachedRays, 192:made by the power of the second aspect when the Christ subjected the Master Jesus to the fourthRays, 193:event took place at the Transfiguration of the Christ, over-shadowing or rather working through theRays, 196:in the "curtain of impediment." The glory of the Christ and the uniqueness of His accomplishmentRays, 198:It was into the blackness and darkness that Christ penetrated as He over-shadowed one of HisRays, 198:also to the still higher identification of the Christ with those initiates who are taking theRays, 198:Jesus in the experience referred to above. Christ is no longer the Initiator, but stands to theRays, 199:Master or the [199] Master of the Masters, the Christ, except in so far as it enables the divineRays, 199:hast Thou forsaken me." The words uttered by the Christ at that time, and as the Participator, haveRays, 201:"moved" by the OM, then the initiate becomes a Christ in expression and makes His appearance,Rays, 203:sets the initiate (such as the Buddha or the Christ) free for still higher and more importantRays, 205:(and later in full expression in Palestine) the Christ demonstrated - for the teaching of humanityRays, 205:the goal of such advanced individuals as the Christ, are a group of Lives or focused integratedRays, 205:can be seen in the radiatory influence of the Christ as it permeates, energizes and holds inRays, 205:of will and love, united in manifestation (the Christ and a disciple), is the work of a worldRays, 205:not as potent or comprehensive as that of the Christ. Rays, 221:died, according to theological injunction, the Christ upon the Cross. Yet He died not, and stillRays, 223:will; this corresponds to the great cry of the Christ upon the Cross when He exclaimed "It isRays, 223:from the top to the bottom, and the life of the Christ ascended to the Father. Ponder upon theRays, 224:between Jesus as He took this initiation and the Christ Who had taken it in an earlier state ofRays, 228:of that "life more abundantly" of which the Christ spoke and which He can draw upon at this time inRays, 231:affects every member of His Ashram, from the Christ down to the most newly accepted disciple. It isRays, 232:is one of the factors which will enable the Christ to complete His task as World Savior and WorldRays, 232:produce results within the consciousness of a Christ or within the consciousness of Antichrist. ItRays, 233:projected by the Hierarchy, specifically by the Christ. What that symbol will be it is not for meRays, 238:a normal development) feel the effect. From the Christ down to the newest and latest acceptedRays, 240:to humanity. This "shift" was initiated by the Christ Himself; he worked with men very frequentlyRays, 240:to Him and not so much to the world of men. Christ sent His Apostles out into the world to feed theRays, 240:of men." The relation of the disciples of the Christ was only secondarily to their Master, andRays, 240:Hierarchy, yet with no less of devotion to the Christ. What the Buddha had instituted symbolicallyRays, 254:being established between the work of the Christ and of the Buddha in the minds of spirituallyRays, 254:an earlier incarnation of the Lord of Love, the Christ. Thereby three major world religions - theRays, 257:felt, and the work of the Buddha and of the Christ, and the work of the coming Avatar, will beRays, 260:it is being dimly sensed. The Buddha and the Christ are expressing the qualities which - when more
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