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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHRISTIAN

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Externalisation, 489:usual connotation and its well-known mystical, Christian sense. Christ has never left the earth.Externalisation, 506:Jesus works especially with the masses of the Christian people who inhabit the occidentalExternalisation, 506:for His destiny is closely interwoven with the Christian Church and it marks the culmination of HisExternalisation, 510:do I set, but the time will not be long. The Christian church in its many branches can serve as aExternalisation, 512:it and by its means seeks to contact the vast Christian public. It is the leaven in His hands toExternalisation, 542:The Eastern Festival of Wesak (Vaisakha) and the Christian day of remembrance, Good Friday, willExternalisation, 542:the fulfilment of His true mission on Earth. The Christian Church has so distorted that mission andExternalisation, 543:the threats of the Old Testament Jehovah in the Christian teaching of hell fire. Externalisation, 544:for this also that (in a weak and feeble manner) Christian people, those of the other world faiths,Externalisation, 545:realize that there is no desire to make them Christian (in the ordinary sense of the term), butExternalisation, 545:equally urgent, and this statement includes the Christian faiths as well. That the Vatican ceaseExternalisation, 558:of their faith; He does not belong to the Christian world any more than to the Buddhist, theExternalisation, 558:faith. There is no need for any man to join the Christian Church in order to be affiliated withExternalisation, 575:how ready humanity is for this attempt. The Christian concept of the return of a triumphant Christ,Externalisation, 576:the most distant spot on earth. To the orthodox Christian, the above will sound like the rankestExternalisation, 589:the future. It can be expected that the orthodox Christian will at first reject the theories aboutExternalisation, 589:presents; at the same time, this same orthodox Christian [590] will find it increasingly difficultExternalisation, 599:come indeed "in the clouds of the air" as the Christian Scriptures say (Matt., XXIV, 64), but ofExternalisation, 602:world faiths and particularly by teachers of the Christian faith. But all of them have made HisExternalisation, 612:He recognizes and loves those who are not Christian but who retain their allegiance to theirExternalisation, 613:can convey meaning to all sincere thinkers and Christian believers. The complexities andExternalisation, 629:asked: Why do the Unity School of thought, the Christian Science Church, and many New ThoughtExternalisation, 631:of goodwill, of spiritual instinct, and of truly Christian training must do it. They mustExternalisation, 663:outward on the physical plane among men. The Christian Church has laid so much emphasis on Christ'sExternalisation, 680:aspirational preoccupation of the earnest Christian follower with the thought of Christ. It isExternalisation, 681:thing to understand when divorced from the usual Christian concept of the relation of Christ to theFire, 4:described in terms of three aspects, or (as the Christian theology puts it) in terms of threeFire, 63:combinations of the three primary entities." In Christian terminology these are the three PersonsFire, 97:and the circle by the second..." - The Christian Creed, by C. W. Leadbeater, pp. 39, 40. 43a See S.Fire, 124:the action of the fire till all "dross" (as the Christian expresses it) is burnt away, and naughtFire, 139:first Initiation. When the Christ-child (as the Christian so beautifully expresses it) has beenFire, 149:the Logos and "the spirits in prison," as the Christian puts it. His mode of action is a drivingFire, 151:10:30) is the most occult statement in the Christian Bible, for it not only refers to the union ofFire, 184:form and cleanses it from "dross," as the Christian expresses it. Eventually, after the two firesFire, 230:"of a full grown man," as it is expressed in the Christian Bible (Ep., 4:13). Expanding HisFire, 239:in no sense the same as the personal God of the Christian, who is no more nor less than manFire, 439:can be seen in the dying down of what is called Christian enthusiasm. This Ray, on which the ChohanFire, 476:matter. The religious man, especially the Christian, recognizes the psychic quality of thisFire, 589:and the circle by the second..." - The Christian Creed, by C. W. Leadbeater, pp. 39, 40. Fire, 611:within is revealed. This can be studied from the Christian angle, and Paul was but voicing anFire, 617:through His physical vehicle. From the Christian standpoint, the greater Builders are the HolyFire, 677:order - form the Heaven of the average orthodox Christian or believer of any faith. Another group -Fire, 706:Biblical words "the sheep and the goats." 36 The Christian hints at this when he speaks of theFire, 759:whilst another Master is working with the Christian Science endeavor in an effort to swing it on toFire, 878:Lords return to their own place" or - as the Christian expresses it - "Satan is bound for aFire, 894:The same thought is frequently conveyed in the Christian Bible, in the Hebrew and ChristianFire, 894:in the Christian Bible, in the Hebrew and Christian recognition of the all-seeing eye of God. TheFire, 895:the bird kingdom. This truth is hinted at in the Christian Bible and Christian religiousFire, 895:truth is hinted at in the Christian Bible and Christian religious representations by angels orFire, 900:words "There shall be no more sea" found in the Christian Bible. When meditating upon theseFire, 957:"The eye of the Lord" is much referred to in the Christian Bible, and occultly understood, the eyeFire, 980:sound or speech or the Word. We have it in the Christian Bible, "In the beginning was the Word, andFire, 980:made." (Bible. John I.) Thus, according to the Christian teaching, the worlds were made by the WordFire, 980:the universe of solar systems. Just as the Christian speaks about the great Word, the Word of God,Fire, 991:number, who are spoken of, for instance, in the Christian Bible as having the number 666. (Rev.Glamour, 20:same nature as the concept promulgated by the Christian Scientist that there is no such thing asGlamour, 24:It has many meanings and the trite and usual Christian significance is not for you. Ponder on thisGlamour, 147:for centuries. A small group of Germans are anti-Christian; so are an equally small number of Jews.Glamour, 186:were built up which we call, for instance, the Christian Church and the Buddhist system. TheirGlamour, 186:Churches are split up into warring factions; the Christian Science Church is known for its abilityGlamour, 230:The Cross is not, as you well know, simply a Christian symbol. It is the great symbol of light andHealing, 64:them have a mental origin, in spite of all that Christian Science or Mental Science may say to theHealing, 181:- is translated "into Heaven," there (as the Christian phraseology puts it) "to be seated besideHealing, 191:which we give the name Unity, Mental Science and Christian Science. These systems present asHealing, 193:violent autosuggestion of the systems allied to Christian Science and Unity are only temporary inHealing, 211:science movements, in the Unity movement, and in Christian Science. Instead of focusing theirHealing, 212:when far from the heavenly realm" - as an old Christian mystic, long forgotten, used to say. HisHealing, 220:The various mental schools of thought, Unity and Christian Science, have been fantastic andHealing, 253:agencies, Mental Science, New Thought, Unity and Christian Science offer their aid, and seek quiteHealing, 254:and New Thought workers, plus Unity thinkers and Christian Scientists. Trained disciples and thoseHealing, 256:such as Mental Science, New Thought, Unity, Christian Science, Chiropractic enterprise, the effortsHealing, 272:by the naturopaths, and by the [272] premises of Christian Science and the Unity Schools. All thatHealing, 282:or centers - much will then be discovered. Christian Science had a sound conception in its originalHealing, 283:Man might have been permanently deluded. Had Christian Science fulfiled the original intention ofHealing, 283:and too low, and a great opportunity was lost. Christian Science has failed from the angle of theHealing, 362:world religions as a virgin mother and in the Christian religion as the Virgin Mary. It is thatHealing, 393:turn which was given to the thinking of the Christian Church in the Middle Ages and to theHealing, 397:or of belief. This belief can be founded on Christian premises, upon religious affirmation based onHealing, 401:blind belief in theological pronouncements. The Christian interpretation as given by the orthodoxHealing, 403:and can be seen on their knees before the Christian altars bearing statues of the Christ, of theHealing, 425:that, until the cycle or era which we call the Christian, it might be stated that death reignedHealing, 481:to no affirmative or speculative science such as Christian Science or those schools of thoughtHealing, 512:kingdom or this aggregate of souls is what the Christian calls the Kingdom of God and the occultistHealing, 525:by the so-called healers in such movements as Christian Science, Unity and others. Healing does notHealing, 528:by the various systems such as Unity and Christian Science are basically sound and state theHealing, 537:new. They are not based on affirmations, as in Christian Science and other mental healing cults;Healing, 558:New Age modes of healing, in the methods of the Christian Scientist, of Mental Science, and of allHealing, 576:very modern, being formulated early in the Christian [577] era. It is a clear and concise rule andHealing, 615:(though erroneously interpreted) in the Christian teaching anent the Christ; Christianity hasHealing, 615:(and this is closely allied with the Christian doctrines) that the soul is the intermediary betweenHealing, 663:removed, then the effects will also disappear. Christian Science and Unity are therefore right inHercules, 5:It is a word in constant use among aspirants in Christian lands, as in the oriental religions.Hercules, 44:called in ancient Egypt, can be paraphrased into Christian terminology and called "the Word madeHercules, 106:the same truth can be expressed in the words of Christian Bible, "As a man soweth, so shall he alsoHercules, 108:of the Labor Two thoughts, taken out of the Christian Bible, summarize the lesson of this labor. InHercules, 121:of the Holy Spirit, of the third person of the Christian trinity, as it organizes substance andHercules, 215:of benefit to ascertain whether, in our western Christian tradition, there are indications of theHercules, 219:was born in Palestine, the date from which our Christian dispensation starts, the sun passed in toHercules, 220:factors have set their mark upon our Christian tradition and upon our Church usage. It isHercules, 221:of the effect of the constellations upon our Christian faith might be given. Two festivals are kept
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