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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHRISTIAN

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Hercules, 221:ancient of the world's symbols, antedating the Christian era by thousands of years. The cross isHercules, 222:Cross. These four signs are regarded in our Christian belief as the Sacred Four and we find themInitiation, 3:Logoi. The students of occultism of non-Christian origin may call these Beings the One Ray,Initiation, 18:and the personality lies hid the mystery of the Christian doctrine of the At-one-ment. OneInitiation, 26:they are true. The religions of all nations, the Christian included, give indications that seem toInitiation, 36:a great number of beings called angels by the Christian, and devas by the oriental. Many of themInitiation, 40:"keeping of the book," as it is called in the Christian Bible; they are known in the ChristianInitiation, 40:in the Christian Bible; they are known in the Christian world as the recording angels. [41] TheInitiation, 43:presiding Head. He is that Great Being whom the Christian calls the Christ; he is known also in theInitiation, 46:Master Jesus, the inspirer and director of the Christian Churches everywere, [47] though an adeptInitiation, 56:of the East, with the later development of the Christian faith in all its many branches, mayInitiation, 56:of the energy that flows through the various Christian churches, is at present living in a SyrianInitiation, 56:and devotion which manifested in earlier Christian times amongst the martyrs. He himself is ratherInitiation, 57:that time on he has stayed and worked with the Christian Church, fostering the germ of trueInitiation, 57:the people who stand for all that is best in Christian teachings, and no one is so well aware ofInitiation, 60:with the various mental sciences, such as Christian Science, and New Thought, both of which areInitiation, 82:of attainment. "The sins of the flesh," as the Christian phraseology has it, must be dominated;Initiation, 104:a correspondence to the personal God of the Christian. He works through his representative on theInitiation, 196:finds its home within the sun. Two verses in the Christian Bible hide something of this idea withinInitiation, 208:see, apply, know. These words concern what the Christian might aptly call the consecration of theInitiation, 222:corresponding to the seven archangels of the Christian. They have all passed through the humanIntellect, 52:the conscious realization of union - called, in Christian terminology, the at-one-ment. These threeIntellect, 65:and in what way meditation differs from what the Christian calls prayer. Clear thinking on bothIntellect, 93:This same idea of fire runs through all books on Christian mysticism, and many passages in theIntellect, 98:the higher impulses. Dr. Maréchal expresses the Christian intention along these lines as follows:Intellect, 98:as one of the most characteristic notes of Christian asceticism and mysticism." - Maréchal, Joseph,Intellect, 152:that freedom has always been understood by the Christian Church and is called the "Way ofIntellect, 172:written by a Hindu mystic and some by a modern Christian mystic, typical examples of the two pointsIntellect, 173:but takes nothing that the world can give." The Christian writes: "I saw a life ablaze with God! MyIntellect, 184:for instance, in the three great religions, the Christian, the Buddhist and the Hindu faiths. InIntellect, 184:the Buddhist and the Hindu faiths. In the Christian church, we speak of the Path of Probation, theIntellect, 191:any other religious esoteric system, except the Christian mystical writings. But there emerges evenIntellect, 193:to find many passages which link the way of the Christian Knower with that of his brother in theIntellect, 225:- linked by the "silver cord" mentioned in the Christian Bible, the sutratma or thread soul of theIntellect, 248:up with the writings of the mystics or with the Christian teaching; they may contain prophecies asIntellect, 258:to the world, the flesh and the devil, as our Christian Scriptures put it? May not the trueMagic, 4:differing as widely as the Catholic Church, Christian Science, those who believe in the verbalMagic, 23:and has his being, is touched upon from the Christian standpoint, and all the great religions dealMagic, 30:him a living being, so the life of God - as the Christian calls it, - performs the same purpose inMagic, 134:advanced religious men, the Spiritualists, the Christian Scientists, the New Thought workers, theMagic, 175:we have the beautiful platitudes, couched in Christian phraseology, and tinctured by the mysticalMagic, 246:a focusing. Later when the words of the great Christian teacher have significance, he will be ableMagic, 259:the effort has been successful, for the Christian spirit stands for reorientation to heavenlyMagic, 354:regeneration and of church leadership, either Christian or Oriental. The higher devas guide them,Magic, 395:influence of the sixth ray, and the work of the Christian Church - all most necessary and allMagic, 451:him a living being, so the life of God - as the Christian calls it - performs the same purpose inMagic, 479:and the time will come, as we are assured in the Christian Bible, when there "will be no more sea".Magic, 479:truth which really underlies the misunderstood Christian teaching anent hell-fire and the lake ofMagic, 485:to deal with the thought-forms which we call the Christian Church, and has much to do. The ChristMeditation, 117:the world, such as the Theosophical Society, the Christian Science movement, the New ThoughtMeditation, 164:before the Throne" as They are called in the Christian Bible. One of these mantrams, which causesMeditation, 191:are apt to be overlooked. Every religion - Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Mohammedan, down to theMeditation, 191:feeling that rests upon the participant in the Christian mysteries, to the frenzy and gyrations ofMeditation, 193:together for certain ends. You have in the Christian Bible the remnant of a tale which hasMeditation, 286:synthetic, on either the Raja Yoga line or the Christian Gnostic line, owing to its syntheticMeditation, 357:corresponding to the seven archangels of the Christian. They have all passed through the humanPatanjali, 8:This is consummated at the third initiation (in Christian terminology, the Transfiguration). APatanjali, 12:strong for. the soul (the Christ within, as the Christian puts it) and the soul-powers have beenPatanjali, 19:the germ or the principle of Buddhi (in the Christian phraseology, the Christ principle) to bePatanjali, 59:Sutratma is that magnetic link, spoken of in the Christian Bible as the "silver cord," that threadPatanjali, 64:great schools of thought we call Mental Science, Christian Science, New Thought and other groupsPatanjali, 84:occult line. The truth, as expressed in terms of Christian mysticism, has been frequently andPatanjali, 98:under the great Law of Attraction, to which the Christian [99] refers when he says "God is Love."Patanjali, 156:Brahma by the Hindu, and the Holy Spirit by the Christian. This is the third aspect of the TrimurtiPatanjali, 170:stages: 1. The stage of probation, or, as the Christian expresses it, the Path of Purification, 2.Patanjali, 177:the Path, the seven stations of the cross as the Christian puts it, the seven great initiations andPatanjali, 188:Sermon on the Mount, and the self-disciplined Christian, pledged to purity of life and unselfishPatanjali, 192:lower man, and eventually the truth of the Christian phraseology [193] becomes apparent, "onlyPatanjali, 206:in the use of the word "conversion" in orthodox Christian circles; it involves "a turning round"Patanjali, 273:made by Him..." (John I, 1, 2.) Here, in the Christian Bible, is the substance of the entirePatanjali, 292:analogies in the three temples found in the Christian Bible: The transitory ephemeral tabernacle inPatanjali, 333:the senses and the one who experiences. The Christian believes that "all things were made by thePatanjali, 334:man are made one. This is the Christ plane in Christian phraseology, the buddhic plane in thePatanjali, 362:the great systems of mental science and Christian Science in the occident, and many of the [363]Patanjali, 364:occultist might prefer the word "ray," and the Christian "pneuma" or spirit, but the thought isPatanjali, 390:the eighth sphere, - a term synonymous with the Christian idea of the condition of being a lostPatanjali, 415:the work so marvellously done by the mental and Christian scientists. They have emphasized the factProblems, 86:are too often based solely upon a good heart, Christian principles and a sense of justice; theseProblems, 107:mystically inclined, and the major tenets of the Christian faith have a definite appeal to hisProblems, 107:to his nature; the emotional aspects of the Christian presentation (with the emphasis upon love andProblems, 121:sound attitude) and an understanding heart. The Christian era was ushered in by a mere handful ofProblems, 126:the world (deemed particularly applicable to the Christian Bible) is today completely exploded andProblems, 127:sacrifice, the appropriation of the Cross as a Christian symbol, the teaching about the VirginProblems, 128:Birth, the function of St. Paul as a teacher of Christian truth, the nature of hell, salvationProblems, 129:to emerge. The Mohammedan faith is, like the Christian, a positive presentation of truth thoughProblems, 129:authority of a most cramping nature. The early Christian Church (which was relatively pure in itsProblems, 133:they struggle and strive to present sound [133] Christian and religious ideas to a searching,Problems, 138:all men wait - will come and that He will not be Christian, Hindu or Buddhist but will belong toProblems, 140:They will not be accepted by the narrow-minded Christian or believer of any faith. The day isProblems, 140:inevitably emerge. Then there will be neither Christian nor heathen, neither Jew nor Gentile, butProblems, 142:of a theological dogma: Be a true professing Christian and live eternally in a somewhat fatuousProblems, 142:fatuous heaven or refuse to be an accepting Christian and go to an impossible hell - a hell growingProblems, 155:but it is not necessarily only the orthodox Christian institution; God works in many ways, throughProblems, 162:to come to the aid of humanity. At present the Christian religion has its great Festivals; thePsychology1, 28:the great religions, and are synonymous with the Christian phrase, Father, Son and Holy GhostPsychology1, 82:of the Plan as it exists in heaven, to use the Christian phraseology. It was the realization of thePsychology1, 177:truths of all ages with the truth of the Christian presentation, showing them all to be of equalPsychology1, 178:effort, - an effort towards which the entire Christian era has been tending and for which it hasPsychology1, 182:God will not be a national or a racial God; not Christian, Hindu or Buddhist. Such a God will notPsychology1, 312:before us today (in the words of the great Christian teacher) to possess in ourselves "the mind of
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