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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHRISTIAN

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Psychology1, 357:on earth, and that the kingdom of God (as the Christian calls it) will have arrived. This willPsychology1, 362:Christ, and to evolve the structure of the Christian faith, colored by a vision of a great Son ofPsychology2, 8:creative aspect. It is upon this truth that Christian Science has laid the emphasis. These forcesPsychology2, 85:aspirants and all sincere disciples, whether Christian or otherwise. The teaching has always beenPsychology2, 88:in this simple phrase. It is the basis of the Christian doctrine of love and sacrifice. Hence thePsychology2, 100:highest type of metaphysical thought, such as Christian Science, Unity, Divine Science, and thePsychology2, 155:for heaven and rest which characterizes the Christian, or the aspiration for illumination which isPsychology2, 230:Divinity. The Father, Son and Holy Spirit of the Christian theology, embodying as they do thePsychology2, 471:same nature as the concept promulgated by the Christian Scientist that there is no such thing asPsychology2, 483:as Mental Science schools, New Thought groups, Christian Science and other similar bodies are alsoPsychology2, 570:be his contacts. If he is an earnest and devoted Christian, he will see one of the beautiful andPsychology2, 630:Hierarchy (that hidden band of Workers which the Christian calls the Christ and His Disciples), andPsychology2, 639:should be remembered that this kingdom is not a Christian kingdom or an earthly government. It is aPsychology2, 645:every country throughout the world. In terms of Christian teaching, the citizens of the kingdomPsychology2, 656:This appearance can be called (in Christian phraseology) the second coming of Christ with HisPsychology2, 677:to that stage in the life of the disciple and Christian wherein he is no longer a victim of hisPsychology2, 684:place and the blessed Lord Maitreya (known to Christian disciples as The Christ) have since thenRays, 51:three ways: Through the constant use in all the Christian Churches of the word "Amen," which is aRays, 52:The use of the Amen in the ritual of the Christian Church will eventually be discouraged, becauseRays, 205:energizes and holds in coherent expression the Christian Church in all its many aspects in theRays, 254:Thereby three major world religions - the Christian, the Hindu and the Buddhist - will beRays, 254:faith will be found to be linked to the Christian faith because it embodies the work of the MasterRays, 279:of the threshold (the Birth and Baptism of the Christian Mysteries) has created the antahkarana inRays, 284:plane of the cosmic physical plane. This - in Christian phraseology - is called the "sitting downRays, 296:truth of what I am seeking to emphasize. In the Christian Church, men have expressed themselves,Rays, 314:of these words is not as is so oft stated by Christian theologians and thinkers, a statement ofRays, 317:put upon the word "resurrection" in the Christian approach. This resurrection has been applied inRays, 318:In the immediate past, the keynote of the Christian religion has been death, symbolized for us inRays, 350:[350] to the loving Will of God (to use a trite Christian phrase) the black brother cannot respond;Rays, 355:major happenings [355] are indicated, and the Christian Church has confused the two and relatedRays, 355:into the Hierarchy, and the destiny of the Christian Church was committed to Him; that destinyRays, 386:fifth and sixth initiations, according to the Christian terminology. [387] This was possibleRays, 391:called that of the Resurrection by the orthodox Christian, but this is not its real name; it is inRays, 418:far too long, for it is today either Jewish or Christian and should be neither. The Blue LodgeRays, 418:be altered. The Higher Degrees are predominantly Christian, though permeated with Jewish names andRays, 437:by a false humility as well (inculcated by the Christian Church, as it attempts to keep peopleRays, 500:of divine purpose, and whether the religious Christian speaks of the Kingdom of God, or theRays, 548:religious presentation throughout the era of the Christian dispensation. This lies at the root ofRays, 561:line of mental unfoldment and aspiration. The Christian consciousness, or the consciousness of theRays, 643:This initiation has always been called in the Christian church by the name of the Resurrection,Rays, 664:Birth at Bethlehem I have preserved the above Christian nomenclature because of its familiarity andRays, 668:see the Kingdom of God." I am here using the Christian terminology but prefer to speak of the "newRays, 668:speak of the "new man" rather than the strictly Christian phrase "the birth of the Christ Child inRays, 687:the five initiations in a form suitable for the Christian West. I would like to recall to you theRays, 692:of renunciation (called "The Crucifixion" by Christian believers) is so familiar to the majority ofRays, 692:Western world with this initiation and with the Christian faith - is in reality a cosmic symbol,Rays, 692:in reality a cosmic symbol, long antedating the Christian era. It is one of the major signs to beRays, 694:how this initiation of crucifixion (which the Christian world has appropriated for itself) is farRays, 699:the concept of resurrection has crept into the Christian teaching so that the CrucifixionRays, 701:for the furtherance of the Plan. We read in the Christian [702] teaching that "Christ descendedRays, 704:has been called the "Resurrection" by the Christian world, emphasizing that aspect in theRays, 704:thought of revelation can be seen also in the Christian teaching anent the "Ascension" - anRays, 704:vision, the reward of the two above stages. Christian theologians have made three distinct episodesRays, 741:and its consequent revelation or (as the Christian churches call them) the Crucifixion and theRays, 741:them) the Crucifixion and the Resurrection. The Christian resurrection is, however - from the angleRays, 754:lead them to light and to spiritual victory; the Christian faith also has served its purpose; itsReappearance, 5:faithful in both hemispheres - not only by the Christian faithful, but by those who look forReappearance, 19:nationality. Who can say which? He may be a Christian or a Hindu by faith, a Buddhist or of noReappearance, 24:recognized by us. It is not easy for the average Christian to realize that the Christ passes onReappearance, 28:of these words is not (as is so often stated by Christian [29] theologians) a statement ofReappearance, 30:resurrection. In the past, the keynote of the Christian religion has been death, symbolized for usReappearance, 45:"clouds of the air" (Matt., XXVI, 64), as the Christian Scriptures say, but of what great interestReappearance, 49:world faiths and particularly by teachers of the Christian faith. But all of them have made HisReappearance, 60:He recognizes and loves those who are not Christian but who retain their allegiance to TheirReappearance, 62:the teaching of the Christ will be hard for the Christian world to accept, though easier ofReappearance, 62:presentation of the truth is badly needed if the Christian world is to be awakened, and ifReappearance, 62:if the Christian world is to be awakened, and if Christian people are to recognize their placeReappearance, 62:World Teacher. He is the World Teacher and not a Christian teacher. He Himself told us that He hadReappearance, 63:[63] as much as He has meant to the orthodox Christian. They may not call Him Christ, but they haveReappearance, 63:and in any country, are regarded by the orthodox Christian as wrong approaches, as being practicedReappearance, 63:by so-called "heathen," and as requiring Christian interference. Every possible effort has beenReappearance, 79:cycle came into existence. The average Christian is singularly unaware of the times and cyclesReappearance, 81:ram in the age of Aries, the Ram, and that the Christian emphasizes the fish in the Piscean era,Reappearance, 81:emphasizes the fish in the Piscean era, the Christian era. Christ came to bring to an end theReappearance, 84:the mass of men in the first centuries of the Christian or Piscean era to realize the future growthReappearance, 88:by all the world religions (including the Christian religion) - Intelligence or the Universal Mind,Reappearance, 95:is a hard saying for the orthodox and narrow Christian churchman to accept; it means primarily thatReappearance, 99:of Wisdom. Piscean energy, generated during the Christian era. Aquarian energy, already generatingReappearance, 100:world that Christ comes and not just to the Christian world. He comes to the East and to the West,Reappearance, 109:and always - exclusiveness, which is contrary to Christian teaching. Nowhere is there peace todayReappearance, 110:evil of vicious conflict than has the militant Christian world. The history of the ChristianReappearance, 110:the militant Christian world. The history of the Christian nations and of the Christian church hasReappearance, 110:The history of the Christian nations and of the Christian church has been one of an aggressiveReappearance, 115:driving effort to achieve a goal. The average Christian confuses the Law of Rebirth with what heReappearance, 116:or theory of reincarnation strikes the orthodox Christian with horror; yet if one asks him theReappearance, 126:us in physical Presence. Little as the orthodox Christian may care to admit it, the entire GospelReappearance, 127:the Jews and unfortunately of importance to the Christian religion, but of no importance to theReappearance, 139:[139] Why, as exponents of the God of Love, have Christian teachers been unable to arrest theReappearance, 141:the world into believer and unbeliever, into Christian and heathen, into the so-called enlightenedReappearance, 142:to human interpretations has taken the place of Christian living; millions of books haveReappearance, 143:They see the picture whole. The cry of the Christian for spiritual help, the cry of the BuddhistReappearance, 146:of a theological dogma: Be a true professing Christian and live in a somewhat fatuous heaven orReappearance, 146:fatuous heaven or refuse to be an accepting Christian, or a negative professional Christian, and goReappearance, 146:accepting Christian, or a negative professional Christian, and go to an impossible hell - a hellReappearance, 154:to the waiting spiritual Lives. At present, the Christian religion has its great festivals, theReappearance, 155:Full Moon of spring and is the great Western and Christian Festival. The Festival of Wesak. This isReappearance, 159:but it is not necessarily only the orthodox Christian institution. God works in many ways, throughReappearance, 166:can return. They are: The inertia of the average Christian or spiritually-minded man in everyReappearance, 178:asked: Why do the Unity School of thought, the Christian Science Church, and many New ThoughtReappearance, 180:of goodwill, of spiritual instinct, and of truly Christian training must do it. They must
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