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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHRISTIAN

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Soul, 77:[77] the soul as the self, the individual, and Christian mysticism is concerned with theSoul, 77:status of the Christ. A close comparison of the Christian and Oriental teachings leads to theSoul, 77:the subjective reality in every man. The early Christian Fathers were tremendously influenced bySoul, 90:through the influence of such organizations as Christian Science and New Thought, a bridge has beenSoul, 99:Ageless Wisdom. Fohat, is analogous to what the Christian regards as the spirit; it is theSoul, 99:of the consciousness principle, the Soul of the Christian. This prana is an effect of the union ofSoul, 107:one also. This is the at-one-ment of the Christian. It is an integration of the entire man,Soul, 125:to make oneself heavy. There is no record in the Christian Scripture of Christ exercising thisSoul, 146:of perception." - Carpenter, Edward, Pagan and Christian Creeds; Their Origin and Meaning p. 278.Soul, 156:is the spiritual indolence that is for both Christian and Buddhist a chief source, if not the chiefSoul, 160:of the Unseen, Sir William Barrett Pagan and Christian Creeds, Edward Carpenter Religion, EdwardTelepathy, 76:from the mystical writing or have heard from Christian sources and the Bible. It is really theTelepathy, 100:a doctrine which has been woefully distorted by Christian theology. Let us now deal with theTelepathy, 128:also to man through His essential humanity. The Christian Church gave a wrong slant to the teaching
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