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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHRISTMAS

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Bethlehem, 61:the beloved disciple John, and corresponding to Christmas Day; there are the festivals of (18) theBethlehem, 62:of sacred remembrance. Even the establishing of Christmas Day on December 25th was so determined.Bethlehem, 63:whom the northern custom of feasting and giving Christmas presents was unknown until recent years."Bethlehem, 112:- the devil and Saint Nicholas, or Father Christmas? These names embody opposing ideas. Each ofBethlehem, 112:called murder, and he is duly punished. Father Christmas is the embodiment of that which isBethlehem, 113:To this the symbols of the devil and of Father Christmas bear testimony - embodiments of the primalBethlehem, 177:that: They were born on or very near our Christmas Day. They were born of a Virgin-Mother. [178]Destiny, 147:of religion and concerns the significance of Christmas. From the very night of time, as well youDestiny, 147:of the Son of God to bring hope to humanity. The Christmas season is regarded by those who do notDestiny, 148:universally enlightened. This period dates from Christmas Day, two thousand years ago, inDestiny, 148:ago, in Palestine. That was the greatest of all Christmas Days and its emanating influence was moreDestiny, 148:and among all peoples. Down through the ages, Christmas Day has been recognized and kept as aDestiny, 148:presentation of Christianity, so the simple Christmas Day which would have pleased the heart ofExternalisation, 174:channel to a definite activity upon the coming Christmas day, if possible, and again at the time ofExternalisation, 174:will open both hearts and purses. The idea of a Christmas appeal and call to prayer and toHercules, 220:interesting to note in this connection that on Christmas Eve, the brightest of the fixed stars,
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