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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHURCH

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Astrology, 213:nature of the marriage bond when endorsed by the Church. This has all been the result of theAstrology, 646:and the Spirits of the Presence by the Christian Church." (S.D. Vol. III, 160) 31. "The seven chiefAtom, 56:is borne out by St. Paul in a letter to the Church at Ephesus. In the second chapter of the EpistleAutobiography, 2:the wife of a rector of the Protestant Episcopal Church in California and the mother of threeAutobiography, 15:Parsons, who is a prominent ecclesiastic of the Church of England and was at one time Dean of CapeAutobiography, 32:I was to teach them in an empty hall near the church but not in the Sunday School itself; that IAutobiography, 34:thought as I did, they could not be saved. The Church of England was divided into the High ChurchAutobiography, 34:The Church of England was divided into the High Church party which was almost Anglo-Catholic andAutobiography, 34:which was almost Anglo-Catholic and the Low Church party which believed in a hell for those who didAutobiography, 35:This Sunday, for some reason, I had not gone to Church. All the rest of the house-party had goneAutobiography, 42:and awful Deity to which the Christian Church, as I knew it, bowed down. Theologically, however,Autobiography, 46:for $30 a yard, the proceeds going to the Church Missionary Society, as in those days I needed noAutobiography, 77:was preposterously conceited were coming out of church, after church parade, and getting saluted byAutobiography, 77:conceited were coming out of church, after church parade, and getting saluted by the officers andAutobiography, 96:House in Edinburgh to see the head of the Church of Scotland deaconesses. She was a sister of SirAutobiography, 97:and so become a clergyman of the Episcopal Church, the American equivalent of the Church ofAutobiography, 97:Episcopal Church, the American equivalent of the Church of England. This she did to give him aAutobiography, 104:he was shortly to be ordained in the Episcopal Church that did not seem to matter. We could manageAutobiography, 110:My husband was, first of all, rector of a little church in R... and it was there that I learned theAutobiography, 110:hold Mothers' Meetings and I always had to go to church and, ceaselessly and endlessly, I had toAutobiography, 113:without any nurse or help of any kind. The church warden's wife discovered me that day, to herAutobiography, 114:dangerous to be in the same house with him. The church warden's wife came in one day and found myAutobiography, 114:around, thinking that it was just one of the church women. To my amazement I discovered it was theAutobiography, 122:threat from the point of view of the Episcopal Church was potent. His career as a priest would beAutobiography, 123:surety I would not now be in this pickle. The church had failed me, because Walter was a churchmanAutobiography, 123:that there is no question in my mind that the Church is playing a losing game unless it changes itsAutobiography, 124:of theology. Fortunately, there are within the church a few men of vision who will, eventually,Autobiography, 124:the people. This would not be necessary if the Church would wake up and give a seeking, urgentAutobiography, 124:to find a place where he could again resume his church work. He finally got a small charge in aAutobiography, 140:orthodox days, talked about Christ [140] and His Church I was really speaking of Christ and theAutobiography, 175:just been Alice Bailey, socialite, mother and church worker; my time has been my own; nobody hasAutobiography, 196:it is up to them to work it out in the church, society, organization or group, the home orAutobiography, 197:four different groups of Rosicrucians. We have church members, Catholic and Protestant, ChristianAutobiography, 197:kingdom in nature. There has been much church teaching given about the kingdom of God and theAutobiography, 201:of illegitimate children are the result. The church fulminates against the modern view of marriageAutobiography, 201:service in the early mornings at a little church at Tunbridge Wells which was close to ourAutobiography, 201:There is something fundamentally wrong with the Church of England. There is something equally wrongAutobiography, 201:is something equally wrong with the Episcopal Church here because a bishop of this [202] churchAutobiography, 202:Church here because a bishop of this [202] church said to me once, "Don't ever tell me that aAutobiography, 221:of long dead military men or to visit every church that could be visited. I told her that my mainAutobiography, 286:attend; we leave them free to work in any group, church, organization or social and welfareAutobiography, 293:life and material action, politics, the Church in all countries, and the economic life of the worldAutobiography, 298:of religion and her allegiance to the Church of England was set, rigid and dogmatic. Her knowledgeBethlehem, 25:They are called in the West, Christ and His Church, the Elder Brothers of Humanity. Initiation isBethlehem, 25:world are to be found in every nation, in every church, and in every group where men of good willBethlehem, 30:where Christ and His Disciples of all time (the Church invisible) guide and control human affairs.Bethlehem, 59:her head. In almost every Roman Catholic church on the continent of Europe may be seen pictures andBethlehem, 59:of the ground. This was recognized by the early Church, and we are told that "it is well known thatBethlehem, 60:of Krishna and other Sungods). There are the Church festivals of (7) Candlemas (2nd February), withBethlehem, 61:and finally there is the curious fact that the Church (21) dedicates the very day of the winterBethlehem, 62:site of a Temple of Isis, and that the early Church very frequently availed itself of a so-calledBethlehem, 76:its all-embracing love than the average orthodox Church seems willing to admit. The extent of thisBethlehem, 97:nature is a requirement which the Christian Church has ever emphasized, as has also the HinduBethlehem, 107:privileges of that kingdom. Of this kingdom the church is the outer and visible symbol, and thoughBethlehem, 159:ourselves to be divine because Christ and the Church of all ages have borne testimony to it. [160]Bethlehem, 163:a fuller understanding of God as life. The true Church of Christ is the assembly of all who liveBethlehem, 175:after effects upon the history of the Christian Church. But the Crucifixion has always been theBethlehem, 183:through the twelve signs of the zodiac," and the church festivals today are based, not uponBethlehem, 188:Fourth Initiation - The Crucifixion II. When the Church lays its emphasis upon the living Christ,Bethlehem, 189:the Eastern, as expressed through the Greek Church, and the Western, as expressed through the RomanBethlehem, 189:journey away from God and back to God. The Greek Church has always emphasized the [190] risenBethlehem, 193:of His coming. Tertullian, one of the early Church Fathers, speaks of Jesus Christ as the "GreatBethlehem, 197:We have a situation wherein the law and the Church and the educators of the race are almostBethlehem, 210:the door into the kingdom. It is time that the Church woke up to its true mission, which is toBethlehem, 237:only a few of a large number. One of the early Church Fathers, Firmicus Maternus, tells us that theBethlehem, 239:the founder of Christianity, watching over His Church; Christ, the mystic, mythic Christ,Bethlehem, 271:that is to say, mankind as a whole or a world-church. For it is only in communion with all hisBethlehem, 273:challenge which today confronts the Christian Church. The need is for vision, wisdom and that wideBethlehem, 273:God we begin to understand what is meant by the Church of Christ, and the meaning of that "cloud ofBethlehem, 273:The kingdom of God is not some one particular church with its own peculiar doctrines, itsBethlehem, 273:upon earth and of approach to God. The true Church is the kingdom of God on earth, divorced fromBethlehem, 279:and non-separateness. It is here that the Church, as usually understood, meets its major challenge.Destiny, 8:and the authority of a man or a group or a church which represents the State. For purposes ofDestiny, 40:[40] nowhere more potently than in religious and Church history with its hatreds and bigotry, itsDestiny, 40:groups and its cliques and cabals. The Church has wandered far from the simplicity which is inDestiny, 40:is in Christ" and the outstanding need of the Church today is to relinquish theology, to let go allDestiny, 40:I generalize. There are those in the Church today who do express all that I have stated and who areDestiny, 59:Jesus will again take hold of the Christian Church in an effort to respiritualize it and toDestiny, 62:of scientific magic and the magical work of the Church of the future. This is a prophecy which liesDestiny, 147:true and false. The Founder of the Christian Church - God in the flesh - availed Himself of thisDestiny, 152:will be eventually brought to fruition and a new church of God, gathered out of all religions andDiscipleship1, 44:Such also have been many of the saints of the church in the West. The Bhagavad Gita has been theDiscipleship1, 72:into being within the framework of the Catholic Church, under the inspiration of the Master Jesus.Discipleship1, 291:of God." Thus wrote an unknown saint of the Church, who traveled not alone. NOTE: This discipleDiscipleship1, 346:strive. This is what the mystics of the Catholic Church call the "true quiet of union." To thisDiscipleship1, 354:much anent this subject in the doctrine of the Church as to the "laying on of hands" and also inDiscipleship1, 624:Jesus and to the vibration of his organism, the Church militant, you vibrate also with facility,Discipleship1, 746:by the ecclesiastical consciousness as the Church. When the coming world religion is built aroundDiscipleship2, 166:current world affairs and not in religious and church matters only; he is distinguished by his lackDiscipleship2, 225:Servers - no matter what their color, caste or church. Money does not yet lie in their hands. TheirDiscipleship2, 380:man. There is much teaching given out by the church upon the necessity of the submission of theDiscipleship2, 407:can be safeguarded from the narrow claims of any church, religion or organization; many will claimDiscipleship2, 434:has been greatly misused by the mystics of the Church and of the great world religions; by them,Discipleship2, 506:in action will also be required. The Catholic Church is governed by the first ray as its soul ray,Discipleship2, 506:financial preoccupations. The mental ray of this Church is sixth ray. Hence its narrowDiscipleship2, 507:narrowness of thought induced by Roman Catholic Church control, the crystallization which comesEducation, 43:that of education. It is true that the Church in ancient days was the educator of the time, but theEducation, 101:where the school bias was religious (as in Church schools of any kind), he was taught that he mustEducation, 128:been extended until either the parent or the church, the community or the state, is responsible forExternalisation, 32:nature who constitute - in the aggregate - the Church of Christ or the world religions in the
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