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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHURCH

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Externalisation, 165:circles to mean this, so little has the Church understood the basic, motivating power behind divineExternalisation, 183:small number of people were involved. The Church of the time had immense power in all EuropeanExternalisation, 201:state ecclesiasticism and the control of the church. They are neither interested in man-madeExternalisation, 215:in every land and among all people - in every church and in every home. No nation or group isExternalisation, 403:and fanatical. They are the glory of the church - oft hated when alive and oft canonized afterExternalisation, 419:bear out this contention of the Knowers. Many church festivals are fixed by reference to the moonExternalisation, 462:world groups are admitting the failure of their church, or their legislative bodies, or theirExternalisation, 469:and as representing the organized Christian Church. It is a picture of a listening, observingExternalisation, 475:it conform to the sentimental ideas of the church-trained public and talk "Peace, peace" when thereExternalisation, 499:has already expressed its disfavor, because that Church knows - as do all the vested and moniedExternalisation, 506:His command, and His connection with all true church leaders and executives is very close. He actsExternalisation, 506:Him the groups of violet angels cooperate. In church matters He Himself carries out the behests ofExternalisation, 506:destiny is closely interwoven with the Christian Church and it marks the culmination of His workExternalisation, 510:are conservative and cling to the familiar. The church is intended to serve the masses and is notExternalisation, 510:the inner compelling life. Secondly, the church movement, like all else, is but a temporaryExternalisation, 510:evolving life. Eventually, there will appear the Church Universal, and its definite outlines willExternalisation, 510:events at the close of this century. This Church will be nurtured into activity by the Christ andExternalisation, 510:but the time will not be long. The Christian church in its many branches can serve as a St. JohnExternalisation, 510:to be the holding of a broad platform. The church must show a wide tolerance, and teach noExternalisation, 511:or cling to any reactionary ideas. The [511] church as a teaching factor should take the greatExternalisation, 511:spiritual significance. The prime work of the church is to teach, and teach ceaselessly, preservingExternalisation, 511:in order to reach the many who are accustomed to church usages. Teachers must be trained; BibleExternalisation, 511:be mystically interpreted, and the power of the church to heal must be demonstrated. The three mainExternalisation, 511:the new age is going on might be regarded as the Church, the Masonic Fraternity and the educationalExternalisation, 511:who work on the first Ray of Will or Power. The Church finds its mission in the helping of theExternalisation, 512:or by religious means and ritual, as in the Church. It touches the masses and those in whom theExternalisation, 512:of nature, then will the Christ and His church have a real esoteric group on the physical plane andExternalisation, 513:found in all exoteric occult groups, in the church, by whatever name it may be called, and inExternalisation, 513:esoteric organisms, the Masonic organism and the Church organism as initiating centers. These threeExternalisation, 513:is no dissociation between the One Universal Church, the sacred inner Lodge of all true Masons, andExternalisation, 513:The first detachment gathered into the coming Church will be found to be a part of the presentExternalisation, 514:who is closely connected with the present Church organizations, who feels a close link with theExternalisation, 514:to outer expression through the medium of the Church and the Masonic Fraternity, if those groupsExternalisation, 517:must be developed scientifically. Finally, Church members and members of the Masonic FraternitiesExternalisation, 517:work, and the diligent propaganda that the Church and analogous organizations can do. Classes mustExternalisation, 517:little ones; the broad platform upon which the Church should stand should be proclaimed, andExternalisation, 518:The Masters utilize the form (a form of Church Organization, a Masonic Fraternity, an esotericExternalisation, 542:of His true mission on Earth. The Christian Church has so distorted that mission and ruthlesslyExternalisation, 548:any powerful religious organization, such as the Church of Rome, who are as yet unable to leaveExternalisation, 558:is no need for any man to join the Christian Church in order to be affiliated with Christ. TheExternalisation, 573:initial steps towards reassuming control of His Church; the Buddha will send two trained disciplesExternalisation, 605:always be spoken of in terms of religion, of church-going and of orthodox belief is one of theExternalisation, 609:Who will be the new Head of the Hierarchy, the Church Invisible. The question now arises: In whatExternalisation, 612:for two thousand years the supreme Head of the Church Invisible, the spiritual Hierarchy, composedExternalisation, 615:anti-communistic power of the Roman Catholic Church, with its organized political plans - plansExternalisation, 618:people will not tolerate authoritarianism in any church, or totalitarianism in any political systemExternalisation, 627:be found in every land, every government, every church and religion, and every educationalExternalisation, 628:There are esoteric students and devoted church people to whom appeal can be made for aid inExternalisation, 629:Unity School of thought, the Christian Science Church, and many New Thought movements always manageExternalisation, 630:self or for a separative organization or church. In the new age which is upon us, prior to theExternalisation, 663:on the physical plane among men. The Christian Church has laid so much emphasis on Christ's uniqueFire, 225:their syzygies, Zo (Life) and Ekklesia (the Church or Assembly), Seven in all. The Triangle theFire, 454:fluids of the system. The foundation of the new Church, which will be no longer along devotionalFire, 454:ceremonial. This ceremonial of the universal church - being founded on the mental unity of allGlamour, 46:period of the Inquisition in its worst forms, of Church authority, with the emphasis uponGlamour, 186:up which we call, for instance, the Christian Church and the Buddhist system. Their Founders wouldGlamour, 186:men talk of the "temporal power of the Catholic Church"; the Protestant Churches are split up intoGlamour, 186:up into warring factions; the Christian Science Church is known for its ability to amass money andGlamour, 186:temporary good health; the Greek Orthodox Church was corrupt throughout, and only the simple faithGlamour, 187:interested to gather out those who form the true Church upon the inner spiritual plane and inGlamour, 225:of this would be the work done by the Church in a diffused and vague way in piercing the glamor ofHealing, 360:a few speculations by the devotees of the early church and none by those who knew Him. The reasonHealing, 393:fundamentalists and the Roman Catholic Church - the fear of hell, the imposition of penalties,Healing, 393:which was given to the thinking of the Christian Church in the Middle Ages and to the erroneousHealing, 452:place rapidly to a more spiritual culture; our church organizations, with their limiting andHealing, 458:anointing with oil, as preserved in the Catholic Church. Extreme Unction has an occult, scientificHealing, 665:This has not been accomplished by the religious church groups throughout the world, but by membersHealing, 666:not in a theological sense - as stated by the church commentators - but practically and obviously.Hercules, 12:knowledge, the program of the Christ and of his Church, the plans of the hidden band of worldHercules, 52:under the influence of the thought-form of the church during the Middle Ages, with its manyHercules, 72:When aspirants in the religious field and in the Church, in the Theosophical field, in theHercules, 117:to prostitution, when she takes vows in church without love and with no intent to serve, but onlyHercules, 220:mark upon our Christian tradition and upon our Church usage. It is interesting to note in thisHercules, 221:Virgo, but now the time is not exact, though the Church perpetuates the original date. On or aboutInitiation, 9:be restored, and an inner body will exist in the Church - the Church of the period, of which theInitiation, 9:and an inner body will exist in the Church - the Church of the period, of which the nucleus isInitiation, 9:so very long, be the most sacred ceremony of the Church, performed esoterically as one of theInitiation, 56:Thus eventually it is hoped one great universal Church may come into being. Initiation, 57:on he has stayed and worked with the Christian Church, fostering the germ of true spiritual lifeInitiation, 57:the General, and the wise Executive, and in Church matters he cooperates closely with the Christ,Initiation, 61:world, and of the various great divisions of the Church, and resident in many of the great nationsIntellect, 152:has always been understood by the Christian Church and is called the "Way of Purification." ItIntellect, 184:Buddhist and the Hindu faiths. In the Christian church, we speak of the Path of Probation, the PathIntellect, 221:A Doctor of Divinity and pastor of a large church wrote me not long ago that he had been takingMagic, 4:and groups, differing as widely as the Catholic Church, Christian Science, those who believe in theMagic, 326:will emerge the universal religion, the One Church, and that unified though not uniform approach toMagic, 326:appreciation of Reality. The power of the Church over the group will be supplanted by the power ofMagic, 327:a revolt from authority, whether of the Church, of dogma, doctrine or theology; a tendency towardsMagic, 328:enlightened soul. These are the followers of a Church and a government, who are distinguished by aMagic, 328:but who regard themselves as members of the Church universal and as "members one of another". TheyMagic, 354:reform, of humanitarian regeneration and of church leadership, either Christian or Oriental. TheMagic, 395:interested in the world Scriptures, if he is a Church member and if he lives a saintly life. ButMagic, 395:of the sixth ray, and the work of the Christian Church - all most necessary and all inherent in theMagic, 400:note. They are emerging out of every group and church and party, and will therefore be trulyMagic, 485:the thought-forms which we call the Christian Church, and has much to do. The Christ and the BuddhaMagic, 506:anointing with oil, as preserved in the Catholic Church. Extreme unction has an occult, scientificMagic, 608:as the Cloud of Witnesses, as the Christ and His Church, as Supermen or under any terms which theMeditation, 69:Some of these groups will work under the Church, others under Masonry, and others will work inMeditation, 89:such as in the rituals of the Masons and of the Church. Formulas that put the lesser devas underMeditation, 117:throws him with, his business associates, his church affiliations, his acquaintances and casual
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