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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHURCHES

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Problems, 155:purely speculative. The present attitude of the churches would seem to negate any possibility of aProblems, 156:the dissenting groups within the institutional churches, by the many world groups who present theProblems, 157:In the aggregate of these groups - within the churches or outside them - is to be found the nucleusProblems, 158:of Humanity - Chapter V - The Problem of the Churches The keynote of the New World Religion isProblems, 158:great divine Approaches; the task ahead of the churches is to prepare humanity, through organizedProblems, 159:minded people of the world (working in the churches whenever possible under an enlightened clergy)Problems, 161:of Humanity - Chapter V - The Problem of the Churches There are also many forms of energy and manyProblems, 162:of vision and of inclusive thinking in all the churches of every world faith will end theirProblems, 163:will no longer be a factor in the life of the churches. Easter will be the great Western festival.Problems, 165:that humanity waits; it is for this that the churches must work; it is these qualities andProblems, 169:The word "spiritual" does not belong to the churches or to the world religions. "Pure religion andProblems, 169:and a selfless following of the Christ. The churches are themselves great capitalistic systems,Problems, 169:evidence of the mind that was in Christ. The churches have had their opportunity, but have doneProblems, 173:distrust, lying propaganda and the apathy of the churches which still further complicate theProblems, 174:repudiate the materialism which has ruined the churches; there are men and women in their untoldPsychology1, 50:here relation to Ray II.) Lower Expression: Churches and organized religions. Ray VII. HigherPsychology1, 165:of ritualism and sacerdotalism in the various churches, and even in the church of Rome there hasPsychology1, 196:which lies back of the emphasis laid by the churches upon the cultivation of the virtues, and byPsychology1, 411:Note relation to Ray II. Lower expression: Churches and religious organizations. [412] Ray VII -Psychology2, 198:Impulse World Religion Schools of Thought Churches Organizations Love of Ideas Philosophy DevotionPsychology2, 482:register. The emotionally inclined people in the Churches of all denominations and persuasions arePsychology2, 632:great political leaders and as worked for by the churches everywhere. The peoples of the worldPsychology2, 646:The betterment of human conditions by groups, churches and organizations, working along the newPsychology2, 646:and spiritual unfoldment within and without the churches, Educational activity, carried forwardPsychology2, 710:They are found active in government and in churches. They express predominantly a sense ofPsychology2, 738:the same condition of chaos is to be seen. The Churches in all lands are endeavoring frantically toRays, 51:Through the constant use in all the Christian Churches of the word "Amen," which is a westernRays, 246:approach and in the manner inculcated by the Churches), no real light on the nature of that WillRays, 332:at this time for this great restoration. The Churches and Masonry are today before the judgmentRays, 614:The Principle of Conflict is working also in the churches, but more slowly, unfortunately, owing toRays, 614:in the lives of groups, organizations and churches, in the life of nations and in the life ofRays, 619:of all those men of goodwill (in or out of the churches and irrespective of their politicalRays, 655:humanity (largely with the aid of the churches of the world, with their materialistic bias) hasRays, 741:its consequent revelation or (as the Christian churches call them) the Crucifixion and theRays, 742:taints every department of human life, and the churches are no exception. Humanity can, however,Rays, 747:nations are already drawing the Protestant churches. From the standpoint of the Hierarchy, theseReappearance, 17:Christ's work will be through the medium of the churches or the world religions. He necessarilyReappearance, 17:that He will consistently work, and that the churches are but one of the teaching avenues He willReappearance, 18:Middle Ages of history and earlier, it was the churches and the schools of philosophy whichReappearance, 18:and actually here. This is a point which the churches and organized religions would do well toReappearance, 19:the Christ, makes its appearance on Earth. The churches in all countries have familiarized theReappearance, 37:to the world of men, and not alone to the churches and religious faiths throughout the world.Reappearance, 42:and of no avail, for the growth of the churches during the centuries is no guarantee of theReappearance, 52:be a member of some one of the orthodox churches. The divine Christ in the human heart can beReappearance, 61:out from many sources, schools of thought and churches about the Christ, [62] the situation whichReappearance, 64:is accepted, but the major appeal of the churches has been upon His death. Reappearance, 89:the cause of energy distribution. Governments, churches, organizations and groups are all energyReappearance, 109:capital and labor and among the many sects, churches and religions. The difference between a sectReappearance, 122:restore upon His reappearance, thus reviving the churches in a new form, and restoring the hiddenReappearance, 126:become members of the Kingdom of God. This the churches had ignored and had - in the Victorian ageReappearance, 137:the orthodox presentation of truth, and that our churches are relatively empty and are under publicReappearance, 139:rituals find so many adherents whilst the churches remain empty or are only attended by old people,Reappearance, 139:presentation of divine truth, as given by the churches in the West and by the teachers in the East,Reappearance, 140:rapidly growing one) will spell the doom of the churches and endorse the spread of the trueReappearance, 141:the Christ may regard the separative life of the churches and the arrogance of the theologians asReappearance, 141:guidance be met when the leaders of the churches are occupied with temporal concerns, when theReappearance, 141:Catholic, the Greek Orthodox and the Protestant Churches upon pomp and ceremonies, on greatReappearance, 141:Churches upon pomp and ceremonies, on great churches and stone cathedrals, upon gold and silverReappearance, 142:for money to build cathedrals and erect more churches when the existent churches now stand empty?Reappearance, 142:and erect more churches when the existent churches now stand empty? How can light shine again inReappearance, 142:arises whether Christ would be at home in the churches if He walked again among men. The ritualsReappearance, 145:in every created form. Today, we should have the churches presenting a synthesis of these two ideasReappearance, 146:of Rebirth and the Law of Cause and Effect. The churches in the West have refused officially toReappearance, 146:from which there is no possible exit. The churches in the East have over-emphasized these laws soReappearance, 149:- prove the truth of the immanence of God. The churches have emphasized and exploited theReappearance, 152:minded people of the world (working in the churches whenever possible under an enlightened clergy)Reappearance, 153:foolish claiming and interpretation. Yet the churches have ever recognized this and the Bible hasReappearance, 159:that the human spirit is greater than all the churches and greater than their teaching. In the longReappearance, 159:If the great organized religious groups of churches in every land, and composing all faiths do notReappearance, 159:Nothing can keep the spirit of man from God. The churches in the West need also to realize thatReappearance, 162:no security or hope anywhere, the work of the churches as they endeavor to restore the old orderReappearance, 163:of controlling economic affairs, and when churches and political groups have begun to clean house.Reappearance, 163:not come - in the pomp and ceremony which the churches ascribe to the event - and, by His coming,Reappearance, 173:lead to right human relations. [173] Into the churches and religious groups throughout the world.Reappearance, 173:- for centuries a definite doctrine of the churches. That return has been anticipated down theReappearance, 173:ages, and might have occurred ere now had the churches and religious organizations everywhere doneTelepathy, 45:and in the theological impasse of the orthodox churches) has been to take and not to give, to
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