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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CHURCHMEN

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Atom, 66:of dogmas and doctrines, as built up by the churchmen and theologians of the ages, must inevitablyAutobiography, 50:theological doctrines, as expressed by leading churchmen, were summations of divine truth. I knewAutobiography, 123:me, because Walter was a churchman and the other churchmen I had met seemed to be so mediocre, withAutobiography, 123:changes its technique. I cannot understand why churchmen do not move with the times. AllAutobiography, 124:Who dare say that [124] they are not as right as churchmen in the past? Unless the churches broadenAutobiography, 126:is not of the type that accepts blindly what the churchmen say. The commentaries which I consultedAutobiography, 286:Arcane School as well as Christian Scientists, churchmen of every denomination - Protestant andAutobiography, 292:birth and his national background and tradition. Churchmen of all denominations and spiritualBethlehem, 57:and the impositions of a few unintelligent churchmen, has brought together God and man, blended inDestiny, 127:cleavage to which I refer has been drawn by the churchmen of the past and by no one else; the linesDestiny, 147:churches have emphasized and to this all churchmen testify. This is both true and false. TheDiscipleship1, XIII:Christian people. Fanatics. Numbers of earnest Churchmen of all the world religions. [XIV] TheDiscipleship2, 186:or remote prophecies; when contacted by churchmen of any of the world religions, these ideasDiscipleship2, 202:constructively and creatively; there are churchmen and religious leaders (in [203] some one orExternalisation, 201:the theological interpretations of scholars and churchmen, but He does care whether the keynote ofExternalisation, 403:in the fogs of theology and the discussions of churchmen throughout the centuries. I know that HeExternalisation, 462:reality and to possibility, as they exist today. Churchmen, statesmen and leaders of importantExternalisation, 570:business men, financiers, religious teachers or churchmen; they will be scientists andExternalisation, 576:of reactionary and conservative politicians and churchmen, and teach the youth of the age the newExternalisation, 578:emerge those true and spiritually enlightened churchmen who - with vision and sure knowledge, freeExternalisation, 626:and of a mere handful of enlightened statesmen, churchmen and educators, this sense of financialGlamour, 187:also that there are wise and good Christians and churchmen within the theological systems; these,Glamour, 187:taints them not. After the world crisis is over, Churchmen everywhere will not rest until they canInitiation, 57:far as possible the mistakes and errors of the churchmen and the theologians. He is distinctivelyIntellect, 15:the formulations of the theologians and the churchmen in all the big religious organizations, bothIntellect, 21:by theology and its methods were dictated by the churchmen and the priests. Now the vast body ofMagic, 430:in the world's laboratories are also there; churchmen and religious adherents from all the [431]Problems, 34:the free spirit in man. There are wise and good churchmen today who realize this and who are [35]Problems, 123:follow; if the churches are working and the churchmen are thinking in a Christ-like way, then theProblems, 124:and to the way of life exemplified by Him. Churchmen need to remember that the human spirit isProblems, 129:at this time; this is regarded by orthodox churchmen as indicative of dangerous tendencies and as aProblems, 136:loom more largely in the consciousness of churchmen than the need of the people for a simpleProblems, 137:and assured knowledge of God as Christ did? Can churchmen of all faiths in both hemispheres attainProblems, 140:which should govern the thinking of enlightened churchmen of all faiths at this time. They areProblems, 143:in a God of love accepts the heaven of the churchmen or has any desire to go there. Still less doProblems, 143:Ages, of the modern fundamentalists or of the churchmen who seek - through doctrine, fear andProblems, 148:human relations and the cultivation of goodwill. Churchmen have forgotten the sequence in theProblems, 153:religion as much as for any other man or group. Churchmen are as basically divine, as sound and asProblems, 174:to the betterment of human living; there are churchmen in all the faiths who follow sincerely theProblems, 178:leaders, statesmen, politicians, businessmen and churchmen will be forced to listen and comply.Psychology2, 334:types of experts - educators, psychologists, churchmen and physicians - will work in conjunctionPsychology2, 600:to be found. These have brought much concern to Churchmen at [601] all times and to the modernRays, 365:used to the wording and the terminology of the churchmen of all faiths. The discoveries of science,Reappearance, 17:And it is highly improbable that the reactionary churchmen will be the ones to recognize Him today.Reappearance, 92:under its influence. Progressive and liberal churchmen in all the world religions are alsoReappearance, 138:and of relatively little use. Priests and churchmen, orthodox instructors and fundamentalistsReappearance, 140:any pleasure in the great stone temples which churchmen have built, whilst His people are leftReappearance, 140:by St. Paul) and in the discussions of churchmen throughout the centuries. Men have traveled farReappearance, 141:idea, but Christ was forgotten behind the words; churchmen have expended effort and executiveReappearance, 142:can light shine again in the minds of men when churchmen keep the people in a state of fear unlessReappearance, 146:in a God of love accepts the heaven of the churchmen or has any desire to go there. Still less doReappearance, 147:the modern fundamentalists or of the unreasoning churchmen who seek - through doctrine, fear andReappearance, 159:working under the inspiration of the Christ. Churchmen need to remember that the human spirit isReappearance, 175:and of a mere handful of enlightened statesmen, churchmen and educators, this sense of financial
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