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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CIRCLING

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Astrology, 152:refocusing of the lower desires prior to another circling of the Great Wheel in search ofFire, 33:vivification. Yet the time is not yet. Many the circling fires; many the revolving rounds, but onlyFire, 145:the Sun and its six brothers. Between the circling whirling seven planes of the solar system.Fire, 276:Sun, for instance, holds in just attraction the circling spheres, the planets. The notesFire, 284:of cycle or the period involved in the complete circling of an orbit, or the revolution of a sphereFire, 1176:Life of the Logos manifests itself through those circling spheres which (though not large enough toHercules, 57:of deep distress smote on his ear. Some vultures circling o'er a distant rock caught his attention;Initiation, 212:The greater Lord of cosmic Love, hearing the circling sound, addeth completion to the chord, andInitiation, 212:the blending in the All, completion of the circling spheres and their entry into peace. What part,Intellect, 4:"We seem to be arriving at a time when, with the circling of our knowledge of the globe, a greatMeditation, 211:colors may be regarded as a band of seven colors circling and continuously shifting and movingMeditation, 211:of vibration, passes through all the planes, circling down and up again. What I seek to bring out
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