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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CIRCULAR

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Discipleship1, 528:of Chinese design, large, and with open sides. A circular table of some Indian wood is in theDiscipleship1, 528:flowers, mignonette and heliotrope. There is a circular seat around the wall, and rugs of someDiscipleship1, 530:the red rose bush not being very far away), is a circular stone seat, called the Disciples' Seat.Fire, 167:is rotary, the result produced in matter is a circular effect that can be seen by the clairvoyantFire, 247:A man is spheroidal in form, he can be seen as a circular ring-pass-not, a sphere of matter with aFire, 258:the Sun to other lesser bodies which it holds in circular motion around itself. By the activity ofFire, 818:three major vibrations of great force pursuing a circular activity around the center; the nineFire, 1057:is included within the sphere is carried in a circular manner through the Heavens. The exactHealing, 186:the etheric web in the etheric body. These circular disks or webs are to be found between each pairHealing, 708:three and seven, but dealing not with five. The circular, inclusive vortex - descending to theMagic, 592:"behavior". There are four of these interlaced circular "webs", lying between the five centersMeditation, 32:and ray. Some egoic bodies are of a form more circular than others; some are more ovoid, and othersMeditation, 74:alive; pulsation can be seen, but there is no circular movement. Period III - The divine fire nowMeditation, 322:advanced school will be the central temple of circular shape providing for each of the pupils (andMeditation, 324:egoic and personality. On the wall of the great circular passage will be found the signs of thePsychology2, 680:must be published in any pamphlet, newspaper, circular or letter which could evoke antagonism fromSoul, 62:form the small parts, order the forms, set in circular motion those which are disposed for it, orSoul, 62:or move them in any way whatever, arrest their circular motion, and do such similar further thingsTelepathy, 164:and, at the same time, see them taking the circular form in their totality of the etheric body of
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