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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CIRCUMSTANCE

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Patanjali, 146:karma, interpreting each life-event and every circumstance as providing conditions wherein he canPatanjali, 405:the object is one, the cognizers are many. This circumstance proves the distinction of the objectPsychology1, 90:limits, which are defined by equipment and by circumstance. [91] There can be no immortality, forPsychology2, 27:in growth and in the adaptability of form to circumstance and environment, as does the life of GodPsychology2, 180:failed. Those who have themselves [180] mastered circumstance and the illusion of death, and havePsychology2, 200:understanding; and a joy which is untouched by circumstance. This joy and serenity is not an astralPsychology2, 200:is controlling or dominating the personality, circumstance, and all environing conditions of lifePsychology2, 227:[227] factors which determine all life and circumstance, remaining for us fixed and unalterable,Psychology2, 360:time may enter in and frustrate - by change of circumstance - his carefully laid plans, and thePsychology2, 412:human beings in small or large numbers, and of circumstance. When this has been grasped andPsychology2, 422:conflict, based on a refusal to be molded by circumstance or environment. This drives a man on toPsychology2, 440:dormant unless suddenly evoked by stress of circumstance) and all the unformulated wishes and urgesPsychology2, 482:God can take the form of the imposition of life circumstance and conditions from which there is noPsychology2, 484:never intended man to be a helpless victim of circumstance or the self-hypnotized tool of anPsychology2, 488:what his instructor would say in any given circumstance. 2. The introverted attitude of theRays, 673:by the emotions and by a sensitive response to circumstance; they are not swept usually by an
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