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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CIRCUMSTANCES

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Astrology, 6:and he believes that his life trends and circumstances are thus determined. This makes him feelAstrology, 16:influences indicate the trend of the outer life circumstances. When correctly interpreted for theAstrology, 28:relation to the external life, environment and circumstances of the individual. Their forceAstrology, 30:is primarily conditioned in its life and circumstances by the influence of the lesser zodiac andAstrology, 38:and it is as correct as possible under the circumstances.) Each of the seven Hierarchies of Beings,Astrology, 51:produces those environing states and those circumstances which give opportunity for the developmentAstrology, 145:aspects, and also with the events, happenings, circumstances and the conditioning environment whichAstrology, 148:been faced with these conditioning and releasing circumstances, and today humanity itself is in theAstrology, 186:Sun Sign - In this case Sagittarius conditions circumstances, indicating inheritance and forcingAstrology, 310:rules them with deliberation, bringing out of circumstances and environment that which he requires.Astrology, 367:fluid but analytical understanding of men and of circumstances. This is brought about through theAstrology, 473:the exoteric and the esoteric planets, stage the circumstances and condition the environment of theAstrology, 473:conditions and in emerging conqueror over circumstances upon the physical plane and yet beAstrology, 553:major energies which produce the conditioning circumstances which transform animal man into anAstrology, 559:desires, strives, is the apparent victim of circumstances, and is distinguished by a veiled visionAtom, 12:concerns our physical body, our environment, our circumstances, and our life conditions; if we areAutobiography, 6:who was forced (usually against her will) by circumstances, by an actively intruding conscience,Autobiography, 12:Children do have definite ideas on life and circumstances, and they do belong to themselves in aAutobiography, 14:that sign has apparently conditioned my life and circumstances. My childhood general and ratherAutobiography, 22:all the time with my reaction to people and circumstances. I was the unhappy, self-dramatizedAutobiography, 22:and a capacity to "feel" into people and circumstances and to know often what they were thinking orAutobiography, 27:poor and the sick and to realize that fortunate circumstances entailed responsibility. SeveralAutobiography, 48:what should be [48] done. I handled life and circumstances at that time with the sure touch ofAutobiography, 48:one question: "What would Jesus do in similar circumstances?" Having decided what He would do (IAutobiography, 53:on platforms as they seemed to do and as the circumstances of arousing people seemed to require. IAutobiography, 89:Be prepared to work. Don't be deceived by circumstances. To give him his due, Walter Evans behavedAutobiography, 100:to someone who can usually laugh at life and circumstances it is rather terrible. When I sayAutobiography, 100:an ability to laugh at oneself and events and circumstances as they are seen in relation to one'sAutobiography, 141:of God. Why should I have been born in such good circumstances with money, good looks, opportunity,Autobiography, 143:always been together under the most peculiar circumstances and I have been grateful for her loveAutobiography, 153:to them and as their karma may indicate or their circumstances dictate. Once that has been proven,Autobiography, 206:and I knew all that she felt about people and circumstances and her environment. I like to thinkAutobiography, 227:that it should not have been an unhappy one. Circumstances arose which were so drastic that withinAutobiography, 255:not doing so. The spread of the teaching alters circumstances and the need of humanity demands atAutobiography, 268:disciple is taught the why and the wherefore of circumstances and happenings - both individual andAutobiography, 300:does aid in the ashramic work and if the circumstances make it seem possible of reasonableBethlehem, 38:the microcosm, including the center which its circumstances stand around, remolding and reshapingBethlehem, 78:have, if we could but realize it, exactly those circumstances and that environment in which thisBethlehem, 153:which can, when understood, render clear the circumstances in which they played their part? A studyBethlehem, 259:can emerge, as has always happened in analogous circumstances in other kingdoms. We can produce,Bethlehem, 278:actualization of progress of every sort in the circumstances of humanity and of the objectiveDiscipleship1, 5:ways and adapting the old methods to the newer circumstances and to the advance of evolution. ManyDiscipleship1, 82:preoccupation upon the physical plane with its circumstances and difficulties - in this mostDiscipleship1, 126:your particular life choices and your preferred circumstances are correct and justified. ThisDiscipleship1, 130:the picture. You need to apply to people and to circumstances the quality of interrogation andDiscipleship1, 181:you are the better for it. Only in the stress of circumstances can the full power of the soul beDiscipleship1, 184:tendencies, or by executive position and the circumstances of the individual life, or by sorrowDiscipleship1, 198:criticize and to argue with yourself and with circumstances. It also lies in your third rayDiscipleship1, 201:itself. Your problems come far more from your circumstances and your environment than from withinDiscipleship1, 237:the small but engrossing details, presented by circumstances and by other people. These feedDiscipleship1, 241:constitutes evil. From right motive and the same circumstances [242] good may emerge. If no otherDiscipleship1, 246:to take place in your life and environment and circumstances. You have seen much and traveled muchDiscipleship1, 252:art of decentralization. Being by force of circumstances placed at the center, the inner attitudeDiscipleship1, 254:manner. Should you be able to see life's circumstances rebuilt around you or see them crumble toDiscipleship1, 303:group of disciples. Though your karma and circumstances at [304] that time temporarily militatedDiscipleship1, 395:problem, she complicates by an undue analysis of circumstances and people. One of my disciples,Discipleship1, 396:inner attitude and not by the changing of outer circumstances. When an individual is occupied andDiscipleship1, 431:practiced an indifferent attitude to myself when circumstances arose which threatened my emotionalDiscipleship1, 433:of a detached attitude to life and to circumstances which has constituted your major lesson in thisDiscipleship1, 458:the inner planes, you walk together; your outer circumstances may differ but the training and theDiscipleship1, 458:it needs but be not anxious. Your environing circumstances and the pressure of your daily life haveDiscipleship1, 464:and lift you up on to the mental plane. Force of circumstances has driven you to live much upon theDiscipleship1, 481:long spiritual struggle - with yourself and with circumstances - that pent up forces are gatheredDiscipleship1, 489:for you to do in connection with your change of circumstances and so many adjustments to be made inDiscipleship1, 502:and that quality, the very force of circumstances is aiding you to acquire. The situation ofDiscipleship1, 503:of war and of drastic conditions or circumstances may disrupt. You will understand whereof I speak;Discipleship1, 509:tied up with your family life, your financial circumstances or your health. These are but theDiscipleship1, 509:real love of many people. Your physical plane circumstances, viewed in the light of the presentDiscipleship1, 510:and of a prolonged attentiveness [510] to the circumstances of your physical plane life. The sameDiscipleship1, 510:and potency of thought, directed away from your circumstances and to the things of the soul, willDiscipleship1, 514:I have told you this and warned you to meet all circumstances in the light of that knowledge. TheDiscipleship1, 517:thing only can prevent this - not ill health or circumstances - but a failure to be detached. WillDiscipleship1, 518:thing only can prevent this - not ill health or circumstances - but a failure to be detached. WillDiscipleship1, 526:you love all beings; as a soul, there are no circumstances which you cannot handle; as a soul, youDiscipleship1, 591:as they meet the need of different nations and circumstances but the forming of a central worldDiscipleship1, 593:own soul seems silent. But this is all illusion. Circumstances are staged to bring this conditionDiscipleship1, 661:self-thought and self-commiseration under all circumstances, and stop visualizing yourself at allDiscipleship1, 681:disciples; adequate care to take right action in circumstances so that your efficiency is notDiscipleship1, 704:of one's own fellow disciples or of one's own circumstances), the fear to let go and throw all oneDiscipleship1, 787:not doing so. The spread of the teaching alters circumstances and the need of humanity demands atDiscipleship2, 10:may be needful for me to wait until such time as circumstances give her the needed leeway both ofDiscipleship2, 16:as is reasonably possible in your own particular circumstances. This, my brother, is to be a groupDiscipleship2, 44:with any given equipment, and under any given circumstances; then he proceeds to subordinateDiscipleship2, 98:Could you have made more progress under the circumstances and if you have not, what was the reasonDiscipleship2, 98:With your personality, in its particular circumstances and environment, so as to make your dailyDiscipleship2, 196:focused attitude - carried forward in all life circumstances, which automatically registers theDiscipleship2, 359:is dependent upon his background, training, circumstances and prejudices, plus his ability to makeDiscipleship2, 414:energy of love, can be turned upon all life and circumstances in the three worlds, thus enablingDiscipleship2, 459:a great deal of help. It is conditions more than circumstances which will cause the anxiety. CanDiscipleship2, 461:I advise also that you endeavor in the different circumstances of your life to insulate yourselfDiscipleship2, 471:point of revelation. There are the problems and circumstances which arise out of the period inDiscipleship2, 489:vehicle, or at the worries, interests and circumstances of daily life, fixedly waiting for theDiscipleship2, 489:it is susceptible of application to all or any circumstances and you could use it for the remainderDiscipleship2, 513:wherein they do this is always peculiarly circumstances, subjectively at least, even if theDiscipleship2, 522:one's equanimity and one's balance under those circumstances. You need, however, to understandDiscipleship2, 533:drastically imposed, and of your response to circumstances, your life is today conditioned as itDiscipleship2, 538:destiny and future. His reactions to life and circumstances cease to be simply emotional in natureDiscipleship2, 563:you have here the chief reason for your present circumstances. Another reason has been that youDiscipleship2, 568:who are actively affiliated with my Ashram. The circumstances of your life are such that you areDiscipleship2, 601:with your racial inheritance and your environing circumstances), you are constantly aware of lack
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