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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CITED

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Bethlehem, 202:of principles as the Ten Commandments might be cited as a case in point. They constitute theDiscipleship1, 564:preparation, I would ask you to take the ideas, cited below, into your meditation and to reflectExternalisation, 414:but different in its mode of expression. I have cited earlier the foundational truths upon whichHealing, 71:as well as individual selfishness. I have cited sufficient reasons for the effects of Worry andHealing, 358:relation to the patient and the healer. The case cited is a case in point. The healing was moreHealing, 667:Briand and a host of lesser men could be cited. Evil and pernicious men also emerged, such asInitiation, 131:of which is in Central Europe. In all the cases cited, the Lord of the World was the officiatingMagic, 180:indeed to find. In all these cases that I have cited error may creep in owing to physicalMeditation, 126:of the third and fourth cases already cited. They require highly developed bodies, having no usePsychology1, 276:to be good; the example of the saints may be cited to them; they may find themselves deluged in aPsychology2, 296:upon in the previous paragraph. In the case cited (which is one of quite usual occurrence) we find
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