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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CITIZENS

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Autobiography, 119:of the Germans or the Poles towards their Jewish citizens. I refer to all those people who are forAutobiography, 187:minds and have proved to be highly intelligent citizens; but they just were not particularlyAutobiography, 225:30,000 Jews in Italy were valued as Italian citizens and were subjected to no restrictions orBethlehem, 44:those who, like himself, are learning to be citizens of the kingdom. This has been the knowledgeBethlehem, 93:Through the process of that initiation we became citizens of the kingdom of God which Christ cameBethlehem, 136:and one realizes the fitness of God's sons to be citizens of that kingdom, and the final crisisBethlehem, 162:Christ that makes it possible for all to become citizens of that kingdom. It is the life of ChristBethlehem, 223:others to achieve, we too are [223] admitted as citizens into the kingdom. But this is the way ofBethlehem, 233:years of Christianity has proved. We are not yet citizens of a divine kingdom definitelyBethlehem, 271:are human beings, but we are also divine. We are citizens of the kingdom, although we have not yetBethlehem, 272:corporate whole, sensed and desired by all its citizens, and worked for and expressed by all whoBethlehem, 274:steady increase of the numbers of those who are citizens of that kingdom living their lives onBethlehem, 274:consciousness which is characteristic of such citizens; by men and women everywhere cultivating theBethlehem, 275:new kingdom on the horizon. Human beings who are citizens of both kingdoms - the human and theBethlehem, 276:kingdom, and the primary characteristic of its citizens is immortality. They are members of aBethlehem, 277:therefore, in the interests of the kingdom whose citizens are immortal, to unfold that which inBethlehem, 281:to walk among men as those who serve and who are citizens of the kingdom of God. They are the worldBethlehem, 284:to expressing for the world the qualities of the citizens of the kingdom of Souls: love, wisdom,Discipleship2, 680:of your country by ardent search for undesirable citizens can well be carried on by others thanEducation, 58:mind. Correlate the past with the present. Train citizens in the rights and nature of possession,Education, 100:There is a growing feeling amongst the citizens of most nations that the major task of theEducation, 101:is, in many ways, a definite asset. In producing citizens, however, the emphasis up till this timeEducation, 123:turn reciprocal action from Those Who are the citizens of that world - the planetary Hierarchy andExternalisation, 220:squarely upon the shoulders of the individual citizens who put governments in their position ofExternalisation, 220:of power. This is a responsibility from which no citizens of any nation are or should be exempt,Externalisation, 220:of the present world situation, the citizens of all nations are involved in a condition from whichExternalisation, 221:for good in the world today, doing their duty as citizens of their own country but cultivatingExternalisation, 371:girls must be exempt and must be trained to be citizens of a better and a finer Germany than hasExternalisation, 375:plans of the Germans will spare any of their citizens eventually to form a nation. The demand forExternalisation, 451:entire world. China needs a full literacy; her citizens as a whole know nothing of other nations;Externalisation, 603:emotional controls and the obstructive mind. Its citizens are those who today (unknown to theProblems, 11:- assertive and boastful - distinguishes the citizens of most countries, particularly in relationProblems, 20:just, and her will is towards cooperation; her citizens are brave and [21] sound in their thinkingProblems, 25:are necessarily in other countries because its citizens have [26] originally come out of thoseProblems, 37:to equip the child to compete with his fellow citizens in "making a living", in accumulatingProblems, 39:realize their opportunity? Will our civilized citizens embrace the chance to build afresh - not aProblems, 86:the difficulty. The efforts of well-meaning citizens (and they are many) and the plans of theProblems, 88:a sense of national superiority and leads the citizens of a nation to regard themselves and theirProblems, 102:that they have been given equal opportunity as citizens in all open-minded [103] countries. TheirProblems, 112:of the constitutional rights of American citizens. The cry of the south that the Negro is notProblems, 113:a steadily growing determination among the white citizens of the western hemisphere that he beProblems, 171:the youth of all nations to function as world citizens and [172] not as nationalisticPsychology1, 10:Path, as of their power to live in the world as citizens of another kingdom, and as the custodiansPsychology2, 205:humanity at this time. They are the average citizens of our modern world, - good, well-intentioned,Psychology2, 404:their natures. They will then be simultaneously citizens of the kingdom of souls, creative membersPsychology2, 418:unevolved masses or the materialistically minded citizens of the world.) He is firmly integratedPsychology2, 480:including many intelligent and well-intentioned citizens. The Problem of Guidance is a peculiarlyPsychology2, 643:will not, however, prevent them from being good citizens of the country where their destiny hasPsychology2, 645:the world. In terms of Christian teaching, the citizens of the kingdom which Christ came to foundPsychology2, 645:New Group of World Servers will know who these citizens of the kingdom are and where they are to bePsychology2, 703:worlds of human endeavor and make them free citizens of the Kingdom of God. With that point of viewPsychology2, 741:coming or emerging fifth kingdom in nature whose citizens always bring beauty into the world, thusPsychology2, 741:name of "God" for want of a better term; whose citizens are distinguished by the quality of goodRays, 300:kingdom of God, of the planetary Hierarchy. The citizens of that kingdom and the members of thatReappearance, 50:emotional controls and the obstructive mind. Its citizens are those who today (unknown to theReappearance, 65:which places us en rapport with Christ. The citizens of the Kingdom of God are all those who areReappearance, 117:God." (John III, 3.) Only souls can function as citizens of that kingdom, and it was this
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