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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CIVILIZATION

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Astrology, 159:into the light and relative glory of the new civilization, they will at the same time conquer thisAstrology, 217:of the "entering into manifestation" of the new civilization and culture. They portend the birth ofAstrology, 252:founder of the matriarchate which then dominated civilization and to which various myths andAstrology, 253:of peculiar and significant importance where our civilization is concerned for they embody inAstrology, 261:new age, of the new consciousness and the new civilization and culture is inevitable and sure. IAstrology, 328:of the fifth kingdom - entirely change world civilization. It is valuable also to remember that inAstrology, 373:reality and thus inaugurate the new and better civilization for which we all hope. Looking at theAstrology, 374:new era and the upspringing of a more spiritual civilization; and whereby the forces of hate, ofAstrology, 443:process which will produce the coming civilization and its attendant culture. This will be based onAstrology, 532:of humanity's life, to reconstituting the new civilization upon the foundations of the old and toAstrology, 541:structure and the dim outlines of the New Age civilization can already be seen. The underlyingAstrology, 541:and organize for the New Age with its unique civilization and constructive synthesis, or they canAstrology, 543:backs upon the dawning light." A dark period of civilization will ensue. Instead of the dark caveAtom, 20:through all that we see manifesting in modern civilization; the steps that that purpose has taken,Atom, 72:ties, and the apparently imminent disruption of civilization. We need to encourage ourselves byAutobiography, 4:group of Masters and which are ushering in a new civilization and culture and - incidentally fromAutobiography, 7:primeval age to the dawn of the impending new civilization is of interest and all of spiritualAutobiography, 50:is long and steadily proceeding; history and civilization prove it. I know, too, that behind allAutobiography, 72:security towards the new culture and the future civilization. Maybe my prophesies don't interestAutobiography, 75:problems of life in a hot climate and an alien civilization. I became very well known to manyAutobiography, 139:and disappeared upon our planet and that each civilization and culture had seen humanity stepAutobiography, 142:in a different time and age, under a different civilization and with widely different problems. IfAutobiography, 146:fathers, for the United States is a feminine civilization. The Pilgrim Fathers must have been aAutobiography, 171:office in the Hierarchy and in the future coming civilization were all Mr. Leadbeater's personalAutobiography, 230:to inaugurate the new age and the future civilization, particularly from its spiritual angle, weAutobiography, 230:that had in it the nucleus of the coming world civilization and was characterized by the qualitiesAutobiography, 230:by the qualities that would distinguish that civilization during the next 2500 years. TheseAutobiography, 281:development, consequently, of human culture and civilization. These changes, however, must never beAutobiography, 288:of any truth down the ages and in every civilization and culture is indicative of a divinelyAutobiography, 289:for that new world in which there will emerge a civilization based upon the belief that the "soulsAutobiography, 293:outstanding, controlling factor in our present civilization. So little has hitherto been done inBethlehem, 3:and economic ideals, and the beauty of the civilization which could be founded upon the ethicalBethlehem, 6:told, "in every ancient country having claims to civilization, an Esoteric Doctrine, a system whichBethlehem, 34:word may be the life-giving Word for our Western civilization, and may embody the salvation whichBethlehem, 37:true of the Whole is true also of the part. Each civilization, as an expression of the humanBethlehem, 58:those words which determined the culture and the civilization of the peoples, and then passed onBethlehem, 91:to contribute, but He gave to our occidental civilization (at that time unborn) those great idealsBethlehem, 99:and the probability is that, in old Atlantis, civilization was entirely centered in the feelingsBethlehem, 101:which have molded for centuries our Western civilization. For each of us there must come the sameBethlehem, 140:and its purpose has set its seal upon our civilization, and His demonstrated synthesis is theBethlehem, 168:personalities." (The Decay and Restoration of Civilization, by Albert Schweitzer, p. 82.) ChristBethlehem, 168:with clarity the note which can usher in the new civilization and the new order, and a close studyBethlehem, 192:and thus attempting to raise the level of our civilization. Christ incarnated when, for the firstBethlehem, 258:the teaching that His particular age, period and civilization required; and secondly, He enacted inBethlehem, 263:talk in terms of the world community, of the new civilization, of the world federation of nations,Bethlehem, 264:Dr. Schweitzer calls "...the recognition that civilization is founded on some sort of theory of theBethlehem, 264:mass of mankind." (The Decay and Restoration of Civilization, by Albert Schweitzer, p. 78-79.) ThisBethlehem, 278:picture of the kingdom of God. He says that: "Civilization, put quite simply, consists in ourBethlehem, 279:spiritual and material progress which we call civilization only in so far as we affirm that theBethlehem, 279:only in so far as we think optimistically. "Civilization originates when men become inspired by aBethlehem, 279:self-sacrifice." - The Decay and Restoration of Civilization, by Albert Schweitzer, p. VIII,Destinyfrom those of primeval humanity to our modern civilization; all that has happened is the result ofDestiny, 4:of Ceremonial Order, producing the new forms of civilization. These energies are ceaselesslyDestiny, 11:new culture for the relatively few and the new civilization for the many during the coming age willDestiny, 17:and render inactive the seeds of the coming civilization. From this display of energy, unthinkingDestiny, 26:the strain of the imposed present conditions and civilization, plus the mental concern, the terrorDestiny, 28:effectively affecting humanity and its coming civilization and culture. I would ask you, therefore,Destiny, 31:of the Hierarchy. The new age with its peculiar civilization and culture will be brought intoDestiny, 31:sixth or the third. They condition the coming civilization outstandingly including all educationalDestiny, 35:the thralldom and the narrowness of the present civilization and from the influence of the forcesDestiny, 43:and the seventh ray dominated that ancient civilization for a very long period of time,Destiny, 45:inherited traditions and the ancient forms of civilization, of government, of religion on the oneDestiny, 55:distant date - represent a linking interpreting civilization, based on the unfoldment of theDestiny, 56:form side of existence. They mother and nurture civilization and ideas. China, Germany, GreatDestiny, 56:itself so predominantly in the electrical civilization of modern times, and the fifth Ray of ExactDestiny, 66:which we may call a period, if unimportant, or a civilization if significant and dramatic enough.Destiny, 72:she mediated the Piscean quality to the civilization of the then known world and her definitely LeoDestiny, 106:of humanity's life, to reconstituting the new civilization upon the foundations of the old, and toDestiny, 110:so expressed in a new way. Only thus can the new civilization and culture be wisely and sanelyDestiny, 116:does three things: Changes the nature of the civilization and the culture of humanity in any givenDestiny, 117:The furtherance of the coming seventh ray civilization of synthesis, fusion, and of increased soulDestiny, 121:forms, the old ways of living, of culture and of civilization have to be destroyed or modified.Destiny, 126:determining the forms of the coming culture and civilization; towards the end of the seventh rayDestiny, 130:and build the new world with its culture and civilization. A curious [131] indication of the effectDestiny, 147:men on to a "lighted way," is the keynote of our civilization and is a major preoccupation in allDestiny, 148:is interpreted entirely materially, when any civilization and culture loses its sense of spiritualDiscipleship1, 6:in the midst of the stress and strain of Western civilization. This imposes on all chosen toDiscipleship1, 38:human government, dealing with the problems of civilization and with the relationships existingDiscipleship1, 42:conditions, and hence produce a new and better civilization. The Aquarian Age will seeDiscipleship1, 54:provide the nucleus for the coming types of civilization and the characteristics and activitiesDiscipleship1, 74:the birth pangs of the new culture and the new civilization. That which is old and undesirable mustDiscipleship1, 99:a complete collapse of the structure of human civilization, as it exists at this time. The soundDiscipleship1, 136:the new concepts and the new technique of civilization and of group work - suitable for the New AgeDiscipleship1, 146:next two centuries - will change the face of our civilization and inaugurate a period in humanDiscipleship1, 146:majority. That period will lead the race into a civilization and a mutual, cooperative interplayDiscipleship1, 236:has been intensified also, owing to our western civilization being immersed in the thought-form ofDiscipleship1, 314:as he went. Today, in the life of our Western civilization and under the dawning influence of theDiscipleship1, 451:and hindered by a retrogressive materialistic civilization to profit by the long awaited turn ofDiscipleship1, 592:by the attitude that will distinguish the coming civilization. I think you comprehend well what IDiscipleship2, 38:human family and its stabilization into a new civilization. I shall begin to do so as soon as theDiscipleship2, 141:the New Age), and so aid in bringing in the new civilization, the new world attitudes and the newDiscipleship2, 142:of ideas and the flowering of the new civilization and culture." So has one of the MastersDiscipleship2, 161:- cultural and leading to what we call civilization. Their "condensation" (if I may use such aDiscipleship2, 185:and consequently in time create its current civilization, thus [186] providing a field for itsDiscipleship2, 186:approximates the ideal closer than does its civilization. Disciples must be taught this work ofDiscipleship2, 208:of the Christ and the inauguration of the new civilization which is so definitely on its way. ThereDiscipleship2, 212:has for its objectives the creation of the new civilization and of the new world order. This groupDiscipleship2, 215:produced all the creative wonders of our modern civilization and it culminates in the concentrationDiscipleship2, 216:their turn, modern men have created this present civilization. This civilization is unique, becauseDiscipleship2, 216:men have created this present civilization. This civilization is unique, because it is the result
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