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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CIVILIZATION

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Discipleship2, 216:the manifestation of a more definitely spiritual civilization. 7. Ashramic Meditation. This isDiscipleship2, 218:and produce the bringing in of an entirely new civilization - a civilization which will permit theDiscipleship2, 218:bringing in of an entirely new civilization - a civilization which will permit the externalizationDiscipleship2, 218:which was a factor lacking in the earlier civilization. Once this has been dealt with in theDiscipleship2, 218:visualization and the projection of the intended civilization will have reached a definite and aDiscipleship2, 219:and bringing about the wreckage of the old civilization so that the new order can be effectivelyDiscipleship2, 219:Christ said, when he instituted the Christian civilization of the past two thousand years (whichDiscipleship2, 220:which have already disappeared and of the civilization out of which we are today emerging. As manDiscipleship2, 220:interest; in their hands the form of the new civilization is being constructed. I would remind youDiscipleship2, 221:demonstrate will come the structure of the new civilization. Discipleship2, 225:which will therefore bring into being the new civilization. Billions are required to overcome theDiscipleship2, 236:which will control the coming era, the new civilization and the future world culture. Until theDiscipleship2, 261:war is over and the new world, with its coming civilization and culture begins to take shape, anDiscipleship2, 271:new. The New Age will bring in eventually a civilization and a culture which will be utterlyDiscipleship2, 273:energy will flow into every phase of a nation's civilization and culture; the nation will then beDiscipleship2, 278:are responsible) in connection with the coming civilization and culture. There is an "art ofDiscipleship2, 280:which humanity will live; cycle after cycle and civilization after civilization, the fresh streamDiscipleship2, 280:live; cycle after cycle and civilization after civilization, the fresh stream of inflowing ideasDiscipleship2, 284:closing the door on a cycle of manifestation, a civilization, or a race or nation. Here, therefore,Discipleship2, 336:but must involve similarity of world affairs and civilization. This physical plane necessity is -Discipleship2, 383:R. assumed the task of Mahachohan or Lord of Civilization, his Ashram was shifted from the seventhDiscipleship2, 391:be added the disciple's understanding of the civilization and the culture of which he is a part andDiscipleship2, 392:are "tincturing" the ideal of the coming civilization for which all disciples are working: FreedomDiscipleship2, 409:come forth to sound the key or note for each new civilization and to express the results of theDiscipleship2, 409:and to express the results of the passing civilization. Men have had, therefore, to find their wayDiscipleship2, 427:plane. Thus will be brought about the new civilization and the new world order, and the newDiscipleship2, 504:incident to the inauguration of a new culture, civilization and world religion, warrant myDiscipleship2, 596:dynamic center. The Master R. - as the Lord of Civilization - is also closely involved; he is alsoEducationthe standardizing forces of the Western machine civilization which may also engulf the EasternEducationof our times for the spiritual basis of our civilization. In the statement of the problem which ourEducation, vi:such a world view will make possible a planetary civilization by integrating whateverEducation, vi:which made the "self-negation" of the peaceful civilization of the Orient the overpowering conceptEducation, ix:of yesterday, ready to give birth to the one civilization of tomorrow but cowering under the threatEducation, xii:from Primitive Culture to Modern Industrial Civilization. "The first prerequisites of all suchEducation, 20:things comes into being and our modern civilization is the result of this creative activity of theEducation, 38: Education in the New Age - Chapter II - Civilization and Culture II. The Cultural Unfoldment ofEducation, 38:Culture II. The Cultural Unfoldment of the Race Civilization and Culture Much emphasis is beingEducation, 39:words (frequently also misused) : culture and civilization. For it is the production of some formEducation, 39:Education is the major agent in the world. Civilization is the reaction of humanity to the purposeEducation, 40:- these laid the basis of that ancient civilization and have largely colored our present racialEducation, 40:in the human consciousness and ushered in a new civilization. Children are still largely AtlanteanEducation, 40: Education in the New Age - Chapter II - Civilization and Culture In the present race a differentEducation, 41:the training which will make a material civilization, and has made our material civilization whatEducation, 41:material civilization, and has made our material civilization what it is today. With the emphasisEducation, 41:that the major consideration of our modern civilization lies in the field of the economic life? WeEducation, 41:custodians for the advance ideals of the current civilization, but the energy which they releaseEducation, 42:and still direct their attention. The Atlantean civilization was definitely religious in itsEducation, 43:analysis, and for the purposes of our theme, civilization concerns the masses and the racialEducation, 43:and the unseen spiritual man. Therefore a civilization which is a full expression of true cultureEducation, 43:the significance of culture as an outgrowth of civilization. The masses must be civilized as a stepEducation, One of:and are present at the birth pangs of the new civilization and the coming into manifestation of aEducation, 45: Education in the New Age - Chapter II - Civilization and Culture In the field of education unitedEducation, 45:of the rise of a material and selfish civilization and one which had the nationalistic and,Education, 47:that a sound foundation is laid for the coming civilization; they must undertake that it is generalEducation, 47:inevitably determine the nature of the coming civilization. They must prepare for a renaissance ofEducation, 47:which must govern the new age with its nascent civilization and its future culture. If the childrenEducation, 48:of the triple objectives of the new education: Civilization, Culture, Unification. The grammar orEducation, 48:schools might be regarded as the custodians of civilization; they must fit the child forEducation, 49: Education in the New Age - Chapter II - Civilization and Culture The following sequence suggestsEducation, 49:of the immediate generations: Primary education Civilization Ages 1-14 Secondary education CultureEducation, 50:carefully this distinction between culture and civilization. Putting this same truth in otherEducation, 51:large number. Those who can add to the assets of civilization and culture "the equipment" requiredEducation, 52:clear and definite: General racial development Civilization Path of Purification Training of theEducation, 53:intelligent (or should I say "intellectual"?) civilization, and our modern culture, wherever it isEducation, 54:activity of the energy of knowledge you have: Civilization - Culture - Illumination and in theEducation, 54:the sublimation of the forces released through civilization. Loving understanding should be theEducation, 56:EDUCATION AND SCIENCE [56] I. Knowledge Petals Civilization Culture Illumination The Masses of MenEducation, 63:people and aid in the production of any current civilization, forcing the masses of men intoEducation, 74:whose task it is to teach him the rudiments of civilization - a certain superficial [75] attitudeEducation, 85:The continuity of effort, the effects upon civilization of ancient tradition, good and evilEducation, 85:and the interplay of varying cultural aspects of civilization will be brought to his attention andEducation, 87:the new vision and who will work for the new civilization. I have sought only to emphasizeEducation, 90:glory. We are today on our way to a far better civilization [91] than the world has ever known andEducation, 91:in every nation can be prevented from swinging civilization back on to the bad old lines. But aEducation, 91:schools, thereby guaranteeing the new and better civilization. Loving understanding, intelligentlyEducation, 99:if I jump you forward two hundred years into a civilization and a culture of which, as yet, onlyEducation, 112:not in order to destroy and end the present civilization, but in order to dissipate the infectionEducation, 118:order, some of it not so good. They affect their civilization materially if their emphasis isEducation, 119:made the South American continent famous for its civilization. I am necessarily widelyEducation, 121:in order to possess has been the keynote of our civilization during the past fifteen hundred years.Education, 121:the future, determine the type of culture and civilization, indicate the form of government andEducation, 127:of the influence of the prevailing culture and civilization. This, through its external impact andEducation, 127:civilized countries, the areas affected by civilization are speedily widening and the culturalEducation, 131:[131] which will eventually produce the civilization of light and love which will be characteristicEducation, 133:the mental attitude of parents in the coming civilization, and for this the adolescent must beEducation, 141:bring about the appearance of the culture and civilization which is, for the race, the next plannedExternalisation, 30:religions can be blended into one, and the new civilization can emerge. It will be the product ofExternalisation, 32:age as it will express itself through the coming civilization and the future culture. It might beExternalisation, 32:out the distinction which exists between a civilization and a culture. A civilization is anExternalisation, 32:exists between a civilization and a culture. A civilization is an expression of a mass level ofExternalisation, 32:to the plane of desire and of feeling, and the civilization of any age is largely theExternalisation, 32:Masses - Negative - responsive to desire - Civilization Intellectuals - Positive - responsive toExternalisation, 33:this way the spiritual culture and the resultant civilization comes into being and to it the lowerExternalisation, 33:turn to the positive impression of the deeper civilization and culture as it is expressed throughExternalisation, 34:aspirants and servers (who represent the current civilization and current culture) and at the sameExternalisation, 35:themselves as a group the seeds of the coming civilization and the germ of the new culture. TheExternalisation, 35:conceal and nurture the germ or seed of the new civilization of the Aquarian Age. They bridgeExternalisation, 36:of the new seed groups, in terms of the new age civilization and culture so that the practicalExternalisation, 39:this second group is one. Later, when the new civilization is nearing appearance, these groups willExternalisation, 39:germ - or seed of the new Aquarian culture and civilization along this particular line of freedom.
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