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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CIVILIZATION

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Externalisation, 44:to the finer and higher spiritual values, a civilization which is free from glamor and from much ofExternalisation, 45:nucleus or one of the germs or seeds of the new civilization and the coming culture. It embodiesExternalisation, 48:became human beings. They today represent civilization and the masses of ordinary intelligentExternalisation, 49:program and purpose. This eventually produces civilization by the inflow of the light of knowledge.Externalisation, 62:the birth pangs of the new culture and the new civilization. This is now in progress. That which isExternalisation, 70:and are present at the birthpangs of the new civilization, and the coming into manifestation of aExternalisation, 73:eventually, may come release and the culture and civilization of the New Age. If you are seeking toExternalisation, 75:the effects of the oncoming culture and civilization, to bring blindness to the peoples and to feedExternalisation, 84:to the achievement of a tangible and objective civilization, the forces of materialism areExternalisation, 85:who stand for the new ideals and the coming civilization and culture, are the five streams aboveExternalisation, 88:will constitute the new Aquarian culture and civilization. In this process the Hierarchy is takingExternalisation, 104:- may function so successfully that the new civilization and the new culture can be rapidlyExternalisation, 109:will be instrumental in altering the existing civilization and culture, in climaxing karmicExternalisation, 112:for itself the processes of the rebirth of a civilization as an expression of spiritual culture atExternalisation, 114:of the individual is true of humanity. Cycles of civilization such as that we call our modernExternalisation, 114:of civilization such as that we call our modern civilization are analogous to a particular,Externalisation, 114:Picture Today we are watching the death of a civilization or cycle of incarnation of humanity. InExternalisation, 115:It is this realization of the passing of a civilization which gives rise to the recurrent andExternalisation, 115:and foreboding cry, "This is the death of civilization; it must not be"; "This is the end of theExternalisation, 115:as humanity is concerned) would be if a form of civilization or a body form became static andExternalisation, 116:the birth pangs of the new order and of the new civilization through which humanity's sense of lifeExternalisation, 116:and just as consciously the child, the infant civilization, is coming into being. This is the newExternalisation, 120:their material possessions. The stage of civilization (which is basically a recognition of groupExternalisation, 121:grew during Atlantean times and this early civilization began to demonstrate its own note and toExternalisation, 122:make possible. All that the modern processes of civilization have made possible, and much more thanExternalisation, 123:our planetary life, They brought the Atlantean civilization to an abrupt end after a long period ofExternalisation, 124:practically all signs of the wonderful Atlantean civilization except for those few archeologicalExternalisation, 131:each of which inspires and colors the embryonic civilization. Great Britain expresses theExternalisation, 135:and needed changes and to alter the face of civilization. The wrong methods employed and the evilExternalisation, 135:of the new order and the initiators of the new civilization; they are the destroyers of what mustExternalisation, 138:men and the inauguration of the new and better civilization arrives? With this we might now brieflyExternalisation, 139:the New Age, the new relationships and the new civilization. For that time we can all begin toExternalisation, 146:the New Age, thus ushering in the new and better civilization. This could be done so rapidly, thatExternalisation, 155:required for the New Age and its coming civilization. These Forces - spiritual and potent in natureExternalisation, 158:the second Ray of Love-Wisdom; and the Lord of Civilization, the expression of the third Ray ofExternalisation, 160:can be related in a similar manner. The Lord of Civilization, the Master R -, representingExternalisation, 164:itself. Self-consciousness Agent - The Lord of Civilization Expression - Intelligent love,Externalisation, 167:masses of their people to fight for the good of civilization and for the preservation of thoseExternalisation, 167:will be abundantly realized with its truly human civilization and a culture which will embody [168]Externalisation, 171:tide in favor of that true and more spiritual civilization which is on the way. This civilizationExternalisation, 171:spiritual civilization which is on the way. This civilization will be a combination of the bestExternalisation, 171:the higher values which should govern human civilization emerge with clarity and power. I wouldExternalisation, 178:Therefore, the forces fighting for progress and civilization had to meet force with force. TheExternalisation, 180:body is a lesser evil than the setting back of civilization, the thwarting of the divine purposesExternalisation, 204:wounds of humanity, of rebuilding the shattered civilization, of instituting disarmament, ofExternalisation, 213:possibility) negatively futile. A fresh cycle of civilization, culture and growth will have beenExternalisation, 219:state and whilst upholding its authority and its civilization - begin to think in terms of mankind,Externalisation, 222:of the times - the new and needed fresh cycle of civilization and culture. Many refrain fromExternalisation, 235:upon their peaceful intent and the claims of civilization, are absorbed by the forces which imposeExternalisation, 235:that the western hemisphere is the seat of all civilization, the custodian of [236] the best thatExternalisation, 236:and is found throughout the entire human race. Civilization is a universal human right and not theExternalisation, 236:minded and that the new race, the coming civilization, and the new age culture will be foundExternalisation, 237:their war effort, for the higher value of world civilization engrossed them and the activities ofExternalisation, 241:world. It will be the outcome of the civilization which is passing and the culture which is theExternalisation, 241:and the culture which is the flower of that civilization, but at the same time it will be neitherExternalisation, 259:there was almost complete destruction of the civilization of that time. It is hoped that such aExternalisation, 260:who have determined the basic trends of human civilization; I refer also to the constructive forcesExternalisation, 266:control human life and have given rise to our civilization have started as emanations from certainExternalisation, 274:we have the appearance of the Lord of Civilization Who voices and engineers upon the physical planeExternalisation, 274:nature and as concerned with the problems of civilization, just as the work of the Christ, theExternalisation, 274:whose hearts are rightly touched. The Lord of Civilization, the Master R., reached by all who, withExternalisation, 275:where God's Love is expressed. The Lord of Civilization will stimulate and prepare the center whichExternalisation, 278:The new era is coming; the new ideals, the new civilization, the new modes of life, of education,Externalisation, 290:to increased knowledge, producing a new type of civilization. Some liberated spirit pointed theExternalisation, 291:in the life activity, the culture and the civilization of mankind. The response or reaction ofExternalisation, 292:a divine idea, and this in time produces a civilization, with its accompanying culture, religions,Externalisation, 304:the Christ, with the Manu and with the Lord of Civilization, the Master R -; He will act as theExternalisation, 327:of the spoliation of all existing culture and civilization, the new world order must be built. And,Externalisation, 328:of our world and for the reconstruction of our civilization on saner lines and safer foundations.Externalisation, 339:new world order, world reconstruction, the new civilization, brotherhood, fellowship, worldExternalisation, 370:(slowly to be sure, but inevitably) that new civilization which men of goodwill demand for humanityExternalisation, 376:enriching of the entire human family; the new civilization must have its roots in and emerge out ofExternalisation, 394:through the coming of the Buddha to the Eastern civilization and that which focused through theExternalisation, 406:and the sounding of a note which produced a new civilization and culture, or a fresh recognition ofExternalisation, 434:love and to provide scope and opportunity for a civilization in which love, brotherhood and rightExternalisation, 435:plans which will entirely change our present civilization and bring about the new. Arousing theExternalisation, 439:and to destroy the cities and all our centers of civilization and culture. The first phase or formExternalisation, 441:the will-to-good and of producing a better civilization and way of life is short indeed. The ChristExternalisation, 456:be foundational, and will guarantee the new civilization and culture. This is a very differentExternalisation, 458:the destruction of all the outer garments of civilization. But the work of the Angel of Death,Externalisation, 466:hundred years. Knowledge is the hallmark of our civilization; it has often been knowledgeExternalisation, 470:however, They could do anything, our present civilization had to die. During the coming century,Externalisation, 470:the emergence of humanity from the death of its civilization, of its old ideas and modes of living,Externalisation, 480:the New Age and characterize the coming civilization and culture. It will climax all the past andExternalisation, 482:forces will bring about the emergence of the new civilization - which is definitely man's creativeExternalisation, 483:sounder and more constructive lines that better civilization which is the dream of those who loveExternalisation, 493:an increasingly materialistic and non-idealistic civilization. Germany could not be trusted withExternalisation, 497:on - this liberated energy will usher in the new civilization, the new and better world and theExternalisation, 497:dependent upon the former. Our mechanical civilization will be simplified, and an era ushered inExternalisation, 507:not yet has the highest flow of the tide of its civilization been reached. History holds much gloryExternalisation, 525:such as the Christ, the Manu and the Lord of Civilization. These great Beings have steadilyExternalisation, 541:of the Christ, and also of the Lord of Civilization - at this time the Master R. They are the onlyExternalisation, 548:cultures but a world culture and an emerging civilization, thus demonstrating the true synthesisExternalisation, 564:that of the Christ, and that of the Lord of Civilization) - in which the three Leaders haveExternalisation, 566:with the new concepts, the techniques of the new civilization and the basic propositions underExternalisation, 569:a wide culture and understanding of the current civilization which will be coming into activity andExternalisation, 572:the real Builders of the new world, of the new civilization; they will assume leadership in mostExternalisation, 574:the factors which the new culture and the new civilization will demand. Even the Hierarchy Itself,Externalisation, 579:incontrovertibly prove; by their efforts the new civilization will be created, in which humanityExternalisation, 580:be a recognized motivating concept of the new civilization. This will not involve beautiful, sweet
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