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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CIVILIZATION

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Externalisation, 597:usefulness and peculiar characteristics of our civilization and its many gifts to man. [598] TheExternalisation, 599:however, one which means little in our modern civilization. The fact that is of importance is thatExternalisation, 605:those who are on the crest of the human wave of civilization is very close at hand. 4. Finally, inExternalisation, 609:He will again appear and guide mankind into a civilization and a state of consciousness in whichExternalisation, 644:dynamic center. The Master R., as the Lord of Civilization, is necessarily closely involved in thisExternalisation, 656:he thereby laid the foundation for the new civilization and the new world culture. The energy ofExternalisation, 658:thinking and destroying the old and worn-out civilization. It is an exceedingly dangerous energyExternalisation, 662:upon which the new structure of the coming civilization must be founded - it is with these thingsExternalisation, 665:in every land lies the foundation of the new civilization. [666] The Ashram of this Master isExternalisation, 667:the direction of the Mahachohan, the Lord of Civilization, which will force a right attitude towardExternalisation, 667:controlled by the Master R. He is the Lord of Civilization and His is the task of bringing in theExternalisation, 667:and His is the task of bringing in the new civilization for which all men wait. It is a third rayExternalisation, 668:must be preserved and the outline of the new civilization presented to the people. This majorExternalisation, 671:and the national cultures, alongside a universal civilization and a worldwide system of divineExternalisation, 675:symbolic of the major divisions of our modern civilization. I would have you bear in mind that allExternalisation, 677:to make him an active factor in our modern civilization is not too harmful in view of the timeExternalisation, 679:out of all these, order and truth and the new civilization will emerge. This civilization willExternalisation, 679:truth and the new civilization will emerge. This civilization will emerge as the result of massExternalisation, 679:result of mass thinking; it will no longer be a civilization "imposed" by an oligarchy of any kind.Externalisation, 685:of the secrets," and to prepare humanity for a civilization which will be distinguished by aFire, 98:dormant in man through the abuses of so-called civilization, and is situated slightly above theFire, 122:their synthesizing third ray. He has to do with civilization, with the intellectual culture of theFire, 237:all the moral and ethical sciences in every civilization and among every people; by the biologistFire, 724:from Sirius is seen [724] as the sumtotal of civilization and culture, viewing these from theFire, 908:at this time against the safeguarding laws of civilization, it has been decided that the nature andFire, 909:by those who have the present needs of civilization at heart. They can then cooperate with theFire, 909:be offset in some way and the future efforts of civilization will be directed towards the spreadingFire, 1022:build a new structure for the rapidly decaying civilization, and to erect the new temple desiredFire, 1147:it suddenly came into the forefront of the then civilization, and justified hierarchical effort.Fire, 1236:Active Intelligence. C. The Mahachohan. (Lord of Civilization) c. The Venetian Master. 4. TheGlamour, 174:processes have produced humanity and its civilization: One is the evolutionary process itselfGlamour, 185:human existence to the complex state of modern civilization. This general revelation can be calledGlamour, 199:transform human living, and so bring in the new civilization and culture. This dissipation can beGlamour, 255:and equipment which, as the result of a civilization and a mode of living, differs widely from thatGlamour, 255:definite results. That is why that particular civilization is so unadaptable to modernGlamour, 255:civilization is so unadaptable to modern civilization, and that is why the people of India make soHealing, 19:and the wrong feeding of our modern life and civilization will not here be considered. For these noHealing, 31:The last named cause is primarily an evil of civilization; it is the result of economicHealing, 50:still Atlantean in our polarization, and that civilization was the fourth in order. It is veryHealing, 50:It is very largely the work done in our fifth civilization, our present Aryan race, which will, inHealing, 127:disruption of human affairs, culture and civilization. The entire focus of humanity's consciousnessHealing, 140:medicine and the healing methods of the future civilization will be built. The glands constitute aHealing, 223:paramount factors which will condition the new civilization, and its importance is based upon theHealing, 226:millions of years ago; naught is known of the civilization which flourished in early AtlanteanHealing, 226:known at all of the still more ancient Lemurian civilization which goes back more than fifteenHealing, 227:to the extraordinarily dense population of its civilization and to the close relation of the animalHealing, 227:their results are predominantly the diseases of civilization. This is not so [228] from the occultHealing, 232:in Atlantis of which we, with all our boasted civilization, know nothing and have never achieved.Healing, 235:planetary Logos Himself, and that [235] ancient civilization went down into the deeps and wasHealing, 252:and are therefore prone to the diseases of that civilization. If a full review of the health of theHealing, 263:beauty and of horror, modes of living [263] and civilization and culture, prejudices and likings,Healing, 264:and symbolically, they stand for culture and civilization; factually and symbolically, they areHealing, 267:by the willingness of the Jew to conform to the civilization, the cultural background and theHealing, 327:climate, world conditions, environment and our civilization militate, and the individual hasHealing, 340:process of adjustment, and thus bring in a new civilization based on a more subjective culture. IHealing, 450:outstanding note of this upheaval. Our modern civilization has received a death blow from which itHealing, 452:as contributory in the Eye of God; our material civilization will be seen as giving place rapidlyHealing, 661:Souls were released from a backward and decaying civilization - for such is your vauntedHealing, 661:decaying civilization - for such is your vaunted civilization from the angle of the Hierarchy - andHealing, 661:- and will return in better bodies to a civilization and a culture more in conformity with theHealing, 672:Law of Perfection we are given the key to the civilization and cycle of evolution which HeHealing, 680:is simultaneously creating the new structure of civilization which will express more fully theHealing, 713:and needed and determining the coming culture, civilization and science. Initiation, 35:great struggle which distinguished the Atlantean civilization, and which culminated in theInitiation, 45:Departments of Hierarchy The Work of the Lord of Civilization, the Mahachohan Group three has asInitiation, 45:and the not-self, which results in what we call civilization. He manipulates the forces of nature,Initiation, 45:you have racial government, religion and civilization forming a coherent whole, and you haveInitiation, 110:Politics Religion Science. Government Beliefs Civilization. Races Faiths Education. All humanInitiation, 131:of those great organizations which affect the civilization and the culture of a people are broughtInitiation, 220:metaphysical sense. (See John 1, 1-3.) Lord of Civilization (See Mahachohan) Lords of the Flame OneInitiation, 220:the Hierarchy. This great being is the Lord of Civilization, and the flowering forth of theIntellect, 3:its right adaptation to the needs of our modern civilization will be found the solution of theIntellect, 9:Our ears are deafened by the din of our modern civilization and yet at times we catch thoseIntellect, 40:great and divergent systems have each produced a civilization, expressing its peculiar genius andIntellect, 43:general knowledge. It has produced what we call civilization, with its wealth of books, and itsIntellect, 44:Books Bibles Knowledge Wisdom Objective Civilization Subjective Culture Mechanical DevelopmentIntellect, 44:to us from the Orient, will lift and salvage our civilization which is so fast breaking down. TheIntellect, 199:Owing to conditions of life in our Occidental civilization, this is not possible. Can there be hopeIntellect, 202:taught us, centuries ago, that implements of civilization were highly spiritual in nature, for theyIntellect, 202:interesting symposium, Whither Mankind, "...that civilization which makes the fullest possible useIntellect, 202:for the benefit of the greatest number - such a civilization is highly idealistic and spiritual." -Magic, 78:the outstanding feature of European and American civilization. The history of Europe dates back aMagic, 333:dependent upon the former. Our mechanical civilization will be simplified, and an era ushered inMagic, 336:material transformations which will establish a civilization adequate for the work of the comingMagic, 389:are controlled by heat and you will bring our civilization to a stop; you will bring all means ofMagic, 389:the material world what we call our scientific civilization. Agni rules on the mental plane, andMagic, 390:of inaugurating the New Age, the new world and civilization and the new continent. The last greatMagic, 422:thus in laying the foundations of the new age civilization. It is therefore largely a matter ofMagic, 433:of desire. [433] This characterizes our present civilization and is now at its height; it may beMagic, 479:water, which swept away the ancient Atlantean civilization; the few who used the AUM in those daysMagic, 507:build a new structure for the rapidly decaying civilization, and to erect the new temple desiredMagic, 552:world of today. The [552] trend of our modern civilization, in spite of all its mistakes andMagic, 627:reaction of the race as whole, our modern civilization is the result; its vast centers, its hugeMagic, 628:and usefulness; they have produced our modern civilization with all its defects and yet with allMagic, 628:in its turn, has given to our modern civilization its intense individualism, the cult of theMeditation, 40:the Head of a root-race and that of the Ruler of civilization or of force. At the points of mergingMeditation, 69:as directed from the department of the Lord of Civilization. Some of these groups will work underMeditation, 148:four minor rays in the department of the Lord of Civilization, then a completion of theirMeditation, 154:or the Christ. The Department of the Lord of Civilization. Forms for calling elementals. Forms forMeditation, 166:World Teacher and the Mahachohan, the Lord of Civilization. These three Departments represent in
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