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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CIVILIZATION

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Meditation, 196:to the race and by means of which a glory and a civilization will be attained that was hinted at inMeditation, 201:or World Teacher, and the Mahachohan, or Lord of Civilization - their own specific groups will beMeditation, 202:In the department of the Mahachohan, the Lord of Civilization and Culture and the head of the thirdMeditation, 251:along the line of the Mahachohan, or the Lord of Civilization or Culture. Supreme concentratedMeditation, 298:of today - the product, for instance, of western civilization - is far from being ready for occultMeditation, 355:metaphysical sense. (See John 1:1-3.) Lord of Civilization see Mahachohan Lords of the Flame One ofMeditation, 355:the Hierarchy. This great being is the Lord of Civilization, and the flowering forth of thePatanjali, 121:of Raja Yoga is the great science of our Aryan civilization. Bhakti Yoga made its exponent an arhatProblems, 6:highly organized social, economic and political civilization of modern times. The culture of theProblems, 6:it is a preliminary period to a culture and a civilization which will redound to the glory of GodProblems, 15:boundaries at any cost, to keep its culture and civilization intact, to add to them when possibleProblems, 17:and not solely in terms of the material civilization which she demonstrated so wonderfully for soProblems, 32:and the engineers who must implement the new civilization. What we do with them and for them isProblems, 33:of the world so that it can cope with a new civilization which is inevitably upon its way. TheProblems, 34:the others. But - the war happened. Our old civilization has been swept away. There are those whoProblems, 34:away. There are those who would like to see that civilization return and the old structure againProblems, 36:The old values are fading out and what we call "civilization" (that civilization we have thought soProblems, 36:fading out and what we call "civilization" (that civilization we have thought so wonderful) isProblems, 36:much agony and suffering to humanity everywhere. Civilization might be defined as the reaction ofProblems, 37:of them unrelated to daily living. Our present civilization will go down in history as grosslyProblems, 38:nations) has faded, in most cases, into a soft civilization. This is particularly true of theProblems, 38:an intelligent sense of proportion. Our modern civilization will not stand up to the acid test ofProblems, 39:possessions. This has produced our modern civilization and, for this reason, it is being changed.Problems, 39:it is being changed. The cultural factor in any civilization is its preservation and considerationProblems, 39:the chance to build afresh - not a material civilization this time but a world of beauty and ofProblems, 40:and which will ensure that our materialistic civilization has gone, never to return. A spiritualProblems, 43:of the rise of a material and selfish civilization and one which has fed the nationalistic and,Problems, 45:that a sound foundation is laid for the coming civilization; they should undertake that it isProblems, 45:inevitably determine the nature of the coming civilization. They should prepare for a renaissanceProblems, 45:which must govern the new age with its nascent civilization and its future culture. If the childrenProblems, 55:the triple objectives of the coming education: Civilization, Culture and world Citizenship orProblems, 55:schools might be regarded as the custodians of civilization; they should begin to train the childProblems, 56:the immediate generations: Primary education - Civilization - ages: 4-12 Secondary education -Problems, 58:The continuity of effort, the effects upon civilization of ancient tradition, good and evilProblems, 58:and the interplay of varying cultural aspects of civilization will be brought to his attention andProblems, 60:the new vision and who will work for the new civilization. We seek here to emphasize principlesProblems, 63:number. [63] Those who add to the assets of civilization and culture an ability to function asProblems, 64:glory. We are today on our way to a far better civilization than the world has ever known andProblems, 65:in every nation can be prevented from swinging civilization back on to the bad old lines. But aProblems, 65:schools, thereby guaranteeing the new and better civilization. Loving understanding, intelligentlyProblems, 66:future of mankind and the type of the incoming civilization is unpredictable. The changes which areProblems, 67:and its constructive use. One problem concerns civilization and its correct functioning in the newProblems, 79:to man? Shall we have a purely materialistic civilization or shall we have a spiritual world trend?Problems, 79:human thinking; it is the keynote of our modern civilization; it is also the octopus which isProblems, 85:the lack of educational attainments, or a civilization so ancient that it is showing signs ofProblems, 89:of nationalism rightly fosters its individual civilization but as a national contribution to theProblems, 90:and in their position upon the ladder of civilization; this, however, is temporary, for the sameProblems, 91:small nations each with its own individual life, civilization and culture. All of these withoutProblems, 91:all are bound together by what we call modern civilization. It is a civilization at present foundedProblems, 91:by what we call modern civilization. It is a civilization at present founded on materialism and oneProblems, 98:a nation, benefiting by its customs, culture and civilization but retaining a separate identity andProblems, 103:and a uniquely ancient and most reactionary civilization, scattered as a minority in every nation,Problems, 105:a culture and identified themselves with a civilization which has enabled them to take their placeProblems, 107:as yet, only made the first steps towards modern civilization and culture, but are taking othersProblems, 107:frightening rapidity. The undesirable aspects of civilization are present, but the benefitsProblems, 131:at work resisting the new age with its [131] new civilization and more enlightened culture. BlindProblems, 134:the earth, leaving the world of the past and the civilization which controlled our modern life inProblems, 149:and the sounding of a note which produced a new civilization and culture or a fresh recognition ofProblems, 164:restoration and of the inauguration of the new civilization and of the new world, men of all faithsProblems, 165:all aspects of human living, would condition our civilization, change our mode of life and make theProblems, 177:optimism the slow process of building the new civilization. An intelligent and cooperative publicPsychology1, 4:particular time, so will be the quality of the civilization, the type of forms which will makePsychology1, 69:are turned to the manifestation of our modern civilization, with its material emphasis, its searchPsychology1, 79:to us, for it has set its mark upon our western civilization in a more definite way than any of thePsychology1, 103:as a consequence of this recognition our entire civilization will have changed so radically that wePsychology1, 186:growth, but no entire collapse of the fabric of civilization as the fear-mongers indicate. But wePsychology1, 269:of infection (if I may so call them) in our civilization. Because of them, we find a lax moralityPsychology1, 278:These perversions are ever found when a civilization is crumbling and the old order is changingPsychology1, 280:[280] will manifest and change history and civilization. The interest being shown today in thePsychology1, 301:of our physical ills, and devastate our modern civilization), we should have made war impossible,Psychology1, 302:Law of Love) would save humanity and rebuild our civilization. They are probably too simple toPsychology1, 303:factors in the racial consciousness, and our civilization will adjust itself in time to these newPsychology1, 374:advertisers of the tinned goods of our modern civilization lay the emphasis upon the quota ofPsychology1, 376:of energies, and a specific type of civilization which functions under what we (esoterically) callPsychology1, 378:Atlantean floods which brought that ancient civilization to an end. We come now to a considerationPsychology1, 378:the fires of destruction may emerge and end our civilization, as the Atlantean civilization wasPsychology1, 378:and end our civilization, as the Atlantean civilization was ended, unless the conscious sons of GodPsychology1, 387:and not from the angle of culture and civilization. Great Britain therefore represents the aspectPsychology1, 387:ahead) will represent a linking interpreting civilization, based on the unfoldment of the abstractPsychology1, 388:But the period of the development of this great civilization lies too far ahead to make speculationPsychology1, 389:connotes the form side. They mother and nurture civilization and ideas. China, Germany, GreatPsychology1, 401:when the three great major strains in our modern civilization are recognized, then we shall see thePsychology1, 401:who are the remnants of the great Atlantean civilization, have in them traces of intermarriage withPsychology2, 26:is to be found in a large scale in our Western civilization. The energy of the ray of the mentalPsychology2, 52:the five racial crises. [52] In the Lemurian civilization - the appropriation of the physical body,Psychology2, 52:body, with its five senses. In the Atlantean civilization - the appropriation of the astral body.Psychology2, 52:who responds to, and takes advantage of the civilization and education of the present time.Psychology2, 86:have brought about a world consciousness and a civilization which - in spite of its glaringPsychology2, 95:influence has its roots in the past Atlantean civilization, which preceded ours. In that age, thePsychology2, 106:from conditions which are wrecking the current civilization, it is necessary that aspirants graspPsychology2, 113:those Lives Who brood over humanity and our civilization, and Who work through the Masters of thePsychology2, 194:different conditions, and hence produce a new civilization. This is the New Age that the AquarianPsychology2, 212:and peculiar souls who will bring into our world civilization new aspects and rare and newPsychology2, 214:these together must and will inaugurate the new civilization which will be the field for thePsychology2, 233:huge modern cities - symbols of a coming higher civilization which we call the kingdom of God,Psychology2, 259:every phase of human history, the quality of the civilization is the only thing that can in any wayPsychology2, 260:to effect a conditioning of the processes of civilization. Or again, they can be prevailed upon toPsychology2, 260:therefore, that the needed changes in our civilization can be brought about rapidly or slowly,Psychology2, 261:of the physical plane. This was done, and the civilization of modern times came into being, withPsychology2, 263:leaves the subject (be it a man or a race, or a civilization) free. It simply provides the
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