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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CIVILIZATION

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Psychology2, 263:ends, the way, that a person, a race, or a civilization shall go. Awakening personalities are alsoPsychology2, 348:unit, the nation, the social order, the current civilization, the world of nations, and finallyPsychology2, 350:a human being within the radius of the prevalent civilization, but also into that wider and morePsychology2, 379:goal of humanity, of which our Occidental civilization is in the early stages, but which men of allPsychology2, 389:is useful and so contributing to man's present civilization. That which is beautiful, thusPsychology2, 453:nevertheless among the peoples of our Western civilization and among the cream of the [454] EasternPsychology2, 454:and among the cream of the [454] Eastern civilization it is frequently to be found. ThesePsychology2, 475:is developing under the impact of our occidental civilization. I am referring to states ofPsychology2, 506:this time taking form as the basis of the coming civilization. These are the lotus and the flamingPsychology2, 511:scale; it is permeating the structure of our civilization and will eventually salvage it. Be not,Psychology2, 512:the ancient races in the earlier phases of civilization be recovered and humanity lose itsPsychology2, 580:The Aryan race itself, which includes the civilization of India and all Latinos, Teutons, Nordics,Psychology2, 632:no light in the darkness, and talk wildly of our civilization being doomed. Others regard thePsychology2, 671:blindly or by force to that state and form of civilization which the leaders and their associatesPsychology2, 698:those Lives Who brood over humanity and our civilization, and Who work through the Masters of thePsychology2, 704:fore in human lives, the needed changes in our civilization can be produced. The average man worksPsychology2, 730:of the lessons learnt, the structure of the new civilization can become possible. The work of thePsychology2, 730:is now intensifying, and the builders of the new civilization - working, through the religiousRays, 30:will emerge as humanity constructs the new world civilization and begins to formulate the newRays, 87:of the past, and the appearance of a living civilization and culture based on the spiritual valuesRays, 92:the Christ, assisted by the Manu and the Lord of Civilization. These three Great Lords thusRays, 109:more exalted dreamers and which will develop the civilization of the Aquarian Age. This coming ageRays, 110:and from the relation of these two the new civilization, based on sound spiritual (but utterlyRays, 134:outstanding note of this upheaval. Our modern civilization has received a death blow from which itRays, 135:as contributory in the Eye of God; our material civilization will be seen as giving place rapidlyRays, 169:are presided over by the Master R., the Lord of Civilization, so on buddhic levels all Ashrams areRays, 194:and now provide the platform upon which the new civilization can be founded, the new approach toRays, 227:will usher in and mature that new culture and civilization which will slowly come into being whenRays, 232:mantle of the Mahachohan and become the Lord of Civilization - a civilization which will beRays, 232:and become the Lord of Civilization - a civilization which will be conditioned by the rhythm of theRays, 255:of humanity's life, to reconstituting the new civilization upon the foundations of the old, and toRays, 295:that soul should be known in the culture and the civilization [296] immediately to be developed.Rays, 309:innate quality and consequently the form of a civilization, the type of an ideology and theRays, 311:in the Department of the Mahachohan, the Lord of Civilization, he will work through the higherRays, 383:this coming process will entail of change in civilization, in human nature and in the groupRays, 553:away and that which has been created - human civilization with its accompanying institutions - isRays, 555:initiation) Who "decided" to bring that ancient civilization to an end; They therefore sacrificedRays, 573:indicate [573] the new institutions and forms of civilization and culture which human progressRays, 574:culture and as a conditioning factor in the new civilization. To reorganize world affairs and soRays, 589:into the new age dispensation, culture and civilization. The study of the individual aspirantRays, 596:world order must be functioning and the coming civilization must be at its height. It is uselessRays, 622:and bring about the new world order, the new civilization and culture, is the trend and the voiceRays, 630:are governed by Will or Power. The American civilization, with all its clamor of youthfulRays, 630:is in reality the heir of the passing sixth ray civilization, the Piscean; therefore, you have hereRays, 631:and is making real progress. A culture and a civilization will emerge which will be the [632]Rays, 649:results (and only one) of a purely materialistic civilization which has laid all its emphasis uponRays, 649:spiritually speaking. What is coming is a civilization of a different yet still material nature,Rays, 659:a fixed intention. At each transition from one civilization to another (each being built upon theRays, 659:the preceding one, after a due flowering of the civilization) we could say of Sanat Kumara what hasRays, 659:and is satisfied." So blind are men that when a civilization comes to an end, when the familiarRays, 659:Aspirant and the Major Initiations Our modern civilization today (under the hammer of the destroyerRays, 659:its little part. That moment lies ahead in the civilization which shall be, and in the next greatRays, 660:by him as useless, so humanity leaves behind civilization after civilization under the stimulus ofRays, 660:so humanity leaves behind civilization after civilization under the stimulus of the evolvingRays, 721:group of initiates during the ancient Atlantean civilization which brought it to an end; theRays, 721:now will produce great changes in our modern civilization. The Masters, however, do not "take thisRays, 748:the coming into activity of a new and better civilization, and this is preparatory to spiritualRays, 748:is driving onwards towards a more spiritual civilization and culture. I did not say towards a moreReappearance, 5:of a climaxing point at the close of a civilization or culture and when the resources of the oldReappearance, 8:or major restorations, to inaugurate a new civilization or to restore the "ancient landmarks" andReappearance, 8:teaching which will bring in a new age and a new civilization; They embody great truths towardsReappearance, 11:some divine idea and this in time produces a civilization with its accompanying culture, religions,Reappearance, 22:could come with His disciples, our present civilization had to die. During the coming century, weReappearance, 22:the emergence of humanity from the death of its civilization, [23] of its old ideas and modes ofReappearance, 44:usefulness and peculiar characteristics of our civilization and its many gifts to man. The earlyReappearance, 45:however, one which means little in our modern civilization. The fact of importance is that He willReappearance, 52:those who are on the crest of the human wave of civilization is very close at hand. 4. Finally, inReappearance, 57:51.) He will reappear and guide mankind into a civilization and a state of consciousness in whichReappearance, 84:knowledge which is distinctive of our present civilization and culture. Past attainment is ever theReappearance, 90:energy which could produce a new world and a new civilization - there lay Their opportunity andReappearance, 96:His coming and with certain plans for the coming civilization of the Aquarian Age. As many millionsReappearance, 98:Servers are the pledged builders of the new civilization, the new "house of humanity." TheReappearance, 98:Him to be the Builder of the new age and civilization. The fusion of Piscean energy, generatedReappearance, 101:the energies which will produce the coming new civilization. He will see, demonstrating before HisReappearance, 102:would later conform and bring about a better civilization. There has been a great continuity ofReappearance, 112:will be inaugurated. The new culture and the new civilization will then be possible. This is theReappearance, 129:assume greater control. The culmination of a civilization, with its special note, quality and giftsReappearance, 129:At present, we use neither of these two words, civilization and culture, in their rightful sense orReappearance, 129:their rightful sense or with their true meaning. Civilization is the reflection in the mass of menReappearance, 129:esoterically related to those within any era of civilization who specifically, precisely and inReappearance, 129:the realms which are responsible for the outer civilization. The reappearance of the Christ isSoul, 146:and use, and which are the glory of our present civilization. Let us prove one of these soul powersSoul, 149:measurement, has been going on ever since civilization began. The procedure of this inquiry is inSoul, 156:and America: Essays on the Outlook of Modern Civilization, edited by Norman Foerster. [157] Telepathy, 35:nurturers of the seed of the future intuitional civilization, which will come to its full glory inTelepathy, 48:lies ahead of humanity, superseding the present civilization and providing the next field ofTelepathy, 119:the Christ, and the Mahachohan, the Lord of Civilization. It might be said here that the threeTelepathy, 139:the conclusions of science and a new mode of civilization will all increasingly be focused on thisTelepathy, 160:there are many) functioning under the Lord of Civilization, the Master R. All who come intoTelepathy, 185:Mahachohan, primarily because He is the Lord of Civilization and the civilizations of humanityTelepathy, 186:religions, and the department of the Lord of Civilization to that of the social and financial
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