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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CIVILIZATIONS

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Astrology, 8:the kingdoms in nature and the unfolding human civilizations, which we shall have briefly toAstrology, 148:of the new world, of the new age and its new civilizations, ideals and culture. Saturn, havingAstrology, 352:and Earth experience, the rise and fall of civilizations and the growth and unfoldment of allAstrology, 545:frequently the death or ending of old forms of civilizations which cyclically come and go; ofAstrology, 548:and the initiator of the New Age and its coming civilizations, of the appearance of the kingdom ofAtom, 24:in the human unit or in the race, and as the civilizations pass on and increase, it should surelyAtom, 71:works through forms of every kind (continents, civilizations, religions, and organizations) uponAtom, 73:give us a possible clue to the mystery. We see civilizations disrupted, we see the religiousAtom, 73:science shaken. Yet, after all, what are civilizations? What are the religions? What are the greatBethlehem, 14:the revelation of divinity to Their particular civilizations, and that in a most significant mannerBethlehem, 17:hemispheres, separating two most different civilizations. Modern thinkers would do well to rememberBethlehem, 28:grows in wisdom and knowledge, and as the civilizations come and go, each bringing its neededBethlehem, 34:East had its own teachers, and each of the past civilizations upon our planet had had its divineBethlehem, 262:We have in the past progressed through varying civilizations to the important present, and we areDestiny, 4:expressing themselves through successive civilizations and cultures, and fashioning the many racesDestiny, 11:human evolution and to produce widely divergent civilizations and culture - one of which would beDestiny, 152:- symbolic of differing traditions, cultures, civilizations and points of view - will provide noDiscipleship1, 471:of apparent failures and the destruction of past civilizations; a joy, which is founded upon theDiscipleship2, 209:its passing manifestations and its recurring civilizations, is directed by them; the manifestingDiscipleship2, 216:three worlds. Men have inherited from previous civilizations much of value and much which isDiscipleship2, 220:and the methods which are characteristic of the civilizations which have already disappeared and ofDiscipleship2, 223:this covers such relatively brief periods as civilizations - where humanity is concerned. InDiscipleship2, 271:hitherto known. I would remind you here that all civilizations and cultures are externalizations -Discipleship2, 279:for they are drawn from different cultures and civilizations and among them can summarize theEducation, vi:of Oriental societies. Each of these civilizations, in its extreme form, is over-balanced in itsEducation, vii:and subjective, the extrovert and the introvert civilizations and to achieve a great orchestrationEducation, ix:and perplexity prevailing among the two great civilizations of yesterday, ready to give birth toEducation, 41:the fact remains that the two great civilizations about which we can really know anything - theEducation, 42:modern man is our outstanding heritage from the civilizations which existed upon old Atlantis. UponEducation, 42:and his material position upon the planet. Both civilizations have gone too far, and in the swingEducation, 42:and the highest ideals which the two preceding civilizations have produced, will characterize theEducation, 42:characterize the coming Aquarian Age and its civilizations. Such an expression of the material andEducation, 113:organization commensurate with its unfoldment. Civilizations, cultures, races and nations appearEducation, 114:through progressively developing cultures and civilizations, until today he stands on the verge ofExternalisation, 87:of the new world with its rapidly altering civilizations and culture. These thoughts will provideExternalisation, 292:and words have conditioned the thinking and the civilizations of both hemispheres; because They areExternalisation, 373:interests, national cultures and national civilizations exist side by side, but instead of beingExternalisation, 376:must be preserved. Past and present cultures and civilizations are of great value; the peculiarExternalisation, 408:human spirit. Thus do religions, governments and civilizations find their motivation. History hasExternalisation, 423:Western thought and of the need for the great civilizations - nurtured under the influence of ShriExternalisation, 519:unfolding cyclic cultures and their resultant civilizations. These can then provide adequate forms,Externalisation, 520:soul of humanity. The format of cultures and civilizations receives special attention. TheExternalisation, 520:to an end cycles, ideologies, organizations and civilizations when the due and right time comes.Externalisation, 547:out the details according to their contributing civilizations and their peculiar national cultures,Externalisation, 548:inaugurate the new age wherein we shall not have civilizations and their emerging cultures but aExternalisation, 559:as the teaching department or that of emerging civilizations, will not at this time reappear. TheirExternalisation, 589:a comparative analysis of ancient and modern civilizations and cultures. The thread of purpose willExternalisation, 590:(mental, emotional and physical, producing civilizations and cultures appropriate to a particularExternalisation, 646:system of barter and exchange; then, in later civilizations (predominantly including ours) we haveExternalisation, 673:"events" of the day; they condition our passing civilizations and are so much a part of the worldFire, 738:coincide with the building of racial forms, and civilizations. A man will reincarnate again andHealing, 224:physical relations with women of all races, all civilizations and all colors. This must, whetherHealing, 330:in the East owing to the strength of the ancient civilizations, the lack of food, of sanitation,Healing, 448:can be seen taking place in organizations and in civilizations in which the form aspect is beingHercules, 50:relations varies. Different epochs and different civilizations have seen relationships that wereHercules, 50:and some races are polygamous. In some civilizations the woman is regarded as the dominant factor,Intellect, 17:the blending of the achievements of the two civilizations (now going on with increasing rapidity) aMagic, 479:to have and to be, was misused and carried its civilizations to disaster, so AUM can also beMagic, 479:so AUM can also be misused and can carry its civilizations into the fire. This is the truth whichMagic, 480:the end of the age [480] when the mental plane civilizations will come to a cataclysmic end, as farMagic, 480:the form aspect is concerned just as the earlier civilizations came to a watery consummation. OneProblems, 6:miles an hour or more. The early and simple civilizations have been succeeded by the intricate andProblems, 88:a boastfulness and a contempt of other civilizations and cultures which is evil and degenerating;Problems, 102:are confronted; they make no concessions to the civilizations and cultures in which they findProblems, 147:the divergences of color, creed, cultures and civilizations, there is only one humanity withoutPsychology1, 179:the bringing in of the new age with its new civilizations, new sciences and new religion. There arePsychology1, 271:of the world. These again vary in the different civilizations and under the influence of thePsychology1, 355:thus linking up the Aryan and the Lemurian civilizations. Both were and are intensely materialPsychology1, 355:Both were and are intensely material civilizations, but the Lemurian was material because the wholePsychology2, 28:of attraction and repulsion), the producing of civilizations, of the sciences and arts in all theirPsychology2, 354:of the destroyers and of those who work with civilizations and who can be trusted to act as agentsPsychology2, 506:determine the Lemurian, Atlantean and Aryan civilizations. It is interesting to realize that therePsychology2, 744:of approach to God. Between the old cultures and civilizations and the new incoming ways of livingRays, 164:can be seen taking place in organizations and in civilizations in which the form aspect is beingRays, 244:in all the kingdoms of nature, what precipitates civilizations and cultures, and which expressesRays, 307:worlds. This type of destruction affects those civilizations which condition the human family forRays, 308:to which I have referred above - cycles, civilizations, cultures, races, kingdoms in nature and soRays, 309:process and the destroying process. Dying civilizations are present in their final forms whilst newRays, 309:are present in their final forms whilst new civilizations are emerging; cycles come and go and inRays, 311:the use of the will will be in connection with civilizations and cultures for which the thirdRays, 559:only covers the emergence of those cultures and civilizations which are called the fifth root-race,Rays, 559:or positing sometimes the existence of previous civilizations, which have completely disappeared,Rays, 559:behind them faint traces of ancient organized civilizations and cultural remains, plus indicationsRays, 592:factors in human evolution, its cultures and civilizations. Rays, 596:fact that the old order, the old cultures and civilizations are rapidly passing away, and they areRays, 646:and brings new knowledge to humanity; the many civilizations - past and present - are the result ofRays, 657:intention is through a study of the great civilizations which have been developed by humanity underRays, 657:hitherto reached us via the Hierarchy. To these civilizations must be added the cultures which haveRays, 658:are always these two phases. Through the past civilizations and their eventual catastrophicRays, 664:have significance as millennia of years elapsed; civilizations came and went; races developed andReappearance, 10:and words have conditioned the thinking and civilizations of both hemispheres. Because They areReappearance, 76:of humanity and gradually developed into civilizations and cultures. Such is the urgency of humanTelepathy, 133:impression which will result in the developing civilizations and cultures as well as the eventualTelepathy, 185:because He is the Lord of Civilization and the civilizations of humanity represent progressive
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