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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLAIMS

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Astrology, 6:"hidden" planets. Of these, the Ageless Wisdom claims that there are around seventy in our solarAstrology, 319:In Pisces, the influence of Shamballa claims the initiate as its field of activity and the dualismAutobiography, 38:has been talked along these lines and so many claims made by those who have not the experience andAutobiography, 191:me. I'm not one of those occult teachers who claims to know exactly what the Master [192] wantsAutobiography, 245:that the writing should go out with no claims whatsoever and that the teachings should stand orAutobiography, 248:focus or intellectual capacity make these claims and the consequent harm which has ensued, loweringAutobiography, 255:teachers and occult groups, plus the ridiculous claims put out by the ignorant about us. H.P.B.,Autobiography, 268:and obedience. It is not based on the claims of some usually mediocre person to be an initiate and,Autobiography, 281:to live the spiritual life and rejects all claims to spiritual status. The Arcane School isAutobiography, 290:of the Arcane School V. In the Arcane School, no Claims are made of Place, Power or SpiritualAutobiography, 290:demanding attention to themselves; personal claims delude many people. False Masters are to beAutobiography, 291:therefore, free from all desire to make personal claims or to demand personal recognition. TheyBethlehem, 3:the Christian religion remains to be determined. Claims are made that Christianity has failed andBethlehem, 6:we are told, "in every ancient country having claims to civilization, an Esoteric Doctrine, aBethlehem, 176:primarily concerned with each individual man who claims to profit by it. It was a great cosmicBethlehem, 281:in self-aggrandizement nor with the making of claims of any kind - beyond the one stupendous claimDiscipleship1, 15:recognized for what it is: astralism, spurious claims and thought-forms. Another question mightDiscipleship1, 57:by which to release the Self from personality claims? This is not the "don't care" spirit whichDiscipleship1, 312:the process of withdrawal. The outer personality claims of attachment are oft so powerful thatDiscipleship1, 404:renewed center of force in whatever environment claims your soul's attention will be adequate forDiscipleship1, 515:of release from your lower nature and from the claims which hold you so potently. My prime messageDiscipleship1, 587:the outer world where some humanitarian effort claims your attention. Give, if you can, sixty perDiscipleship1, 641:are exceedingly good, but need further use. The claims of your personality life, that may perhapsDiscipleship1, 777:that the writing should go out with no claims whatsoever and that the teachings should stand orDiscipleship1, 780:focus or intellectual capacity make these claims and consequent harm has ensued, thus lowering theDiscipleship1, 787:teachers and occult groups, plus the ridiculous claims put out by the ignorant about us. H. P. B.,Discipleship2, 109:necessary to emphasize the unimportance of their claims to information because the work of theDiscipleship2, 221:spiritual insight, and by a recognition of the claims of Christ (no matter by what name he may beDiscipleship2, 407:of souls can be safeguarded from the narrow claims of any church, religion or organization; manyDiscipleship2, 407:organization. It is simply and solely what it claims to be: a vast and integrated group ofDiscipleship2, 473:of your time, irrespective of personality claims, or the hindrances of an etheric body which is tooDiscipleship2, 611:and rightly freed yourself from other claims, I would urge you to look forward with joyfulEducation, 118:So glamored are we by the form side that many claims are made today that the new race is to beExternalisation, 218:What are you doing to aid the side which claims your allegiance, loyalty and idealism? Are youExternalisation, 235:resting back upon their peaceful intent and the claims of civilization, are absorbed by the forcesExternalisation, 602:home on earth; they will not produce the wild claims and the credulous recognition of theExternalisation, 602:that the widespread appearance of such tales and claims, though undesirable, misleading and wrong,Externalisation, 604:on unimportant details and by ridiculous claims, that they have evoked little recognition of theExternalisation, 605:deplorable and which would appear to negate all claims to divinity, is the wonder of man'sFire, xv:wheel, goes out to the world making no claims as to its source, its infallibility or theFire, xv:statements. No book gains anything from dogmatic claims or declarations as to the authoritativeHealing, 220:have been fantastic and fanciful in their claims and definitely unscientific in their approach. ButHealing, 256:others, hurt their cause, owing to the large claims which they make and to their unceasing attacksHealing, 256:and surgery. They forget that many of their claims to success (and they are often irrefutable) canHealing, 528:have hitherto notably failed, in spite of their claims. None of them - if they kept properlyHealing, 537:there is nothing fundamentally wrong in the claims made by these groups and organizations anent theHercules, 56:sons of men through words of seeming wisdom. He claims to know the truth and with quickness theyHercules, Known:and captivating in what he said. He made great claims for himself, leading Hercules to believe thatHercules, 75:they base their teaching upon portentous claims; they claim to be initiates, to be the custodiansHercules, 75:and sincerely believe the truth of the claims that they make, and bind them to the altar ofHercules, 93:Artemis, the moon, who rules over the form, claims the sacred hind. In its own place, animalHercules, 101:the most deeply significant of the numbers. It claims that the group of celestial and spiritualHercules, 133:other human beings also exist and they have claims upon him. The motive of service thus takes rootInitiation, 1:implied she emphatically disavows all such claims or representations. She cannot do otherwise thanIntellect, 86:Becoming, page X. Thus it will be seen that the claims made for meditation are very high, and theIntellect, 216:at least. May it not be truly said, if any one claims not to be able to find fifteen minutes out ofIntellect, 248:writings which are coming out, with high claims made for them, everywhere. Men and women are busilyMagic, 189:his spiritualized personality, and not by his claims or loud speaking. In self-forgetfulness heMagic, 434:complication which we find in nature. The claims of the astrologers as to the reality of theMagic, 434:the human organism can be seen to be true; their claims as to their capacity to interpret are forMagic, 603:approximate the evolutionary status, not upon claims made, but upon work accomplished and the loveMagic, 610:in due time cease, and be subordinated to the claims and the work of the bringers of light and ofMeditationof the letters on their merits and not upon claims put forth on behalf of the writer. For thisPatanjali, 48:cancelled all his obligations, settled all claims against him, and through his subjectivePatanjali, 197:when he makes no demand for the lower nature and claims nothing for the three old physical man,Patanjali, 277:how impossible it is that the majority of the claims regarding past incarnations can be true. TheyProblems, 91:minorities who - rightly or wrongly - are making claims upon the majority. Some of the majoritiesPsychology2, 115:They have no guarantee as to the accuracy of claims made regarding the importance of this period,Psychology2, 117:at the stage of indifference to personality claims and happenings, they learn to cherish a spiritPsychology2, 177:to their Higher Self, and to foreswear all claims of this separated self. One can see also why soPsychology2, 700:they have no guarantee as to the accuracy of the claims regarding the importance of the full moonRays, 44:the demonstration of complete freedom from the claims and demands of the personality. It does notRays, 634:browbeating their opponents, making false claims and bribing and corrupting. They were and are aRays, 634:as the Zionist position. If the Zionist claims are to be considered (and they have been) they inRays, 679:demonstration, were it not that the same claims are being made and the same delusions presented toRays, 744:The democratic attitude, dedicated as it claims to be to human freedom (however little of thatReappearance, 48:home on Earth; they will not produce the wild claims and the credulous recognition of theReappearance, 49:the widespread appearance [49] of such tales and claims, though undesirable, misleading and wrong,Reappearance, 51:on unimportant details and by ridiculous claims that they have evoked little recognition of theReappearance, 52:deplorable and which would appear to negate all claims to divinity, is the wonder of man'sSoul, 25:his knowledge of the mechanism of man which he claims is the entire man, is based upon experimentSoul, 27:Eastern psychology deals with that which it claims lies back of the form. It is spiritual andSoul, 28:selves live and move and have their being. It claims its great Demonstrators, and has producedSoul, 28:the subjective Self, with the Over Soul. These claims, they state, can be substantiated and provenSoul, 31:to be on human behavior, and to check the claims, so often made, that the mysterious internalSoul, 132:fasting and over-discipline. He thus reduced the claims of the fleshly appetites. To this he addedSoul, 147:be possible to found a laboratory where the claims of the student of the Oriental philosophy in
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