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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLARIFIED

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Astrology, 98:Lords of Knowledge, Will and Sacrifice, will be clarified. These monads, who are ourselves, areAstrology, 211:points which are at present obscure will be clarified. This we shall do when dealing with our finalAstrology, 371:in time and space. It was the Buddha who clarified for man the nature of desire and its results,Astrology, 422:intuition, then his "window of vision" becomes clarified and his sight into reality is unimpeded.Astrology, 454:[454] then these debated points will be clarified; they will assume a true consistency and theAutobiography, 120:thought and asked questions, certain things have clarified in my mind and are - for me - part ofBethlehem, 114:one of uncompromising contradiction. In this He clarified the issue and did what all souls can do.Discipleship1, 115:are results and perhaps they can begin to be clarified in your mind. Two results I can myselfDiscipleship1, 450:on this. [450] Think it out, for when you have clarified the issue in your own mind, you will haveDiscipleship1, 665:and expressions of feeling-perception may be clarified for you. The five ray potencies whichDiscipleship1, 697:is slowly understood. The relationships become clarified. Spiritual instinct is the capacity of theDiscipleship2, 101:say?) recovery of ancient links and knowledge clarified her vision and her position in regard toDiscipleship2, 630:and steady mental poise bring their reward of clarified perception, then endeavor to apply theEducation, 18:Methods and Goals It might be of value here if I clarified my use of the words "higher ego." As youExternalisation, 218:action. The whole world problem will be clarified [219] and the end of the conflict more rapidlyExternalisation, 311:the clouding of their vision. When they have clarified their minds and see the situation whole,Externalisation, 368:decisions as to loyalties and adherence are clarified. The spirit of freedom is triumphing in everyExternalisation, 681:the individual aspirant. The idea may perhaps be clarified for you by reminding yourselves thatFire, 223:are here pointed out, and one or two points clarified. The subject we are undertaking to elucidateFire, 326:The whole subject of the akasha will be greatly clarified as exoteric science delves into theFire, 382:the chain and the scheme. The idea may be clarified for the student if it is stated that: A scheme,Fire, 728:the mystery of the "Holy Four" may be somewhat clarified from the standpoint of energy andFire, 848:disciples and initiates. These thoughts may be clarified if certain statements are made relating toGlamour, 88:and much energy expended. Much was consequently clarified. Many people are occupied today in theirGlamour, 173:thereby the problem of world illusion can be clarified and incidentally individual illusion also.Healing, 20:the basic cosmic truth, is your mind in any way clarified? When I point out that the Law of Karma,Healing, 261:themselves. The ideal has gradually become clarified so that today the mass of men everywhere knowHealing, 376:of this century and when the world situation has clarified and the period of reconstruction isHealing, 536:Laws and Rules In the last few pages I greatly clarified the issue by indicating - even at the riskHealing, 656:attitude of the patient is strengthened and clarified by the mental emanation of the healer's aura;Healing, 701:Healing The rest of this subject can perhaps be clarified by certain statements which will becomeInitiation, 170:two subjects of profound [170] interest become clarified to his inner vision. They are: The mysteryMagic, 324:that the process followed may be somewhat clarified. It is wise that all who work should have aMagic, 328:old truths so that the mind of the race will be clarified, that non-essentials and essentials willMagic, 557:p. 1024. Each life sees the initial purpose clarified and time is literally the length of aPatanjali, 98:we can only contact through acute perception or clarified sense. In the commentary found in Woods'Patanjali, 228:constructed so that they become so purified and clarified that the "Light of God" which they havePsychology1, 316:that there is only unity. The subject may be clarified if we tabulate the teaching and the rayPsychology1, 401:Masonic tradition with care, much will become clarified in your mind. Ethnologists may disagree,Psychology2, 311:energy also was expended. Much was consequently clarified. Many people are occupied today, in theirPsychology2, 382:is steadily becoming more dominant, increasingly clarified and usable. The three aspects of theRays, 326:achieved initiation should [326] be somewhat clarified; I therefore started to impart three phasesRays, 599:from the buddhic plane, pours down into the clarified and organized body of sensitive responseRays, 612:understood; the issues involved are slowly being clarified; information about all nations - evenRays, 614:life of mankind as a whole, the issues are being clarified, and humanity is being led from oneReappearance, 127:each of the signs of the Zodiac embodies will be clarified for us by the Christ, because the public
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