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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLARITY

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Discipleship2, 761:strength when it is implemented by an increasing clarity of vision. You see people and life moreEducation, 45:with assurance or to interpret the present with clarity. Education, 116:Later, when the race sees its problem with clarity, it will act with wisdom and train with care itsEducation, 125:he will gradually learn to think with greater clarity, to recognize the differing aspects of truthEducation, 143:other individuals or to groups. For the sake of clarity, we will give the name of ENERGY: to allExternalisation, 24:effectiveness, vision the Plan with greater clarity and - within themselves as a group - bring [25]Externalisation, 25:the task of the Masters easier by their clarity of thinking, their renewed spiritual effort, andExternalisation, 36:the practical results might be visioned with clarity and some new ideals emerge as to the qualityExternalisation, 70:with assurance or to interpret the present with clarity. I have listed some of the reasons for theExternalisation, 71:of unity and synthesis - stand [71] out with clarity in your minds. It gives the clue to all thatExternalisation, 95:you will grasp the underlying idea with greater clarity if you will remember the personal workExternalisation, 103:so creatively that the results are seen with clarity and must inevitably materialize. It involvesExternalisation, 106:the soul which has been speaking with increasing clarity for the past fourteen years. TheExternalisation, 112:intent have taken place with increasing clarity and understanding during the past two hundredExternalisation, 117:may emerge in your hearts and minds with greater clarity. In my effort to make clear the picture, IExternalisation, 171:should govern human civilization emerge with clarity and power. I would here like to emphasize theExternalisation, 176:political implications are emerging with growing clarity in every land and - make no mistake - evenExternalisation, 202:spiritual realities will emerge with increasing clarity and the form aspect will recede into theExternalisation, 212:endeavor to speak with a reasonable brevity and clarity, and I do so with complete freedom fromExternalisation, 213:essential if the issue was to be presented with clarity to humanity, thus enabling a basic choiceExternalisation, 224:and world aspirants are not thinking with clarity, nor are they working in unity. They are evadingExternalisation, 229:(without exception), and help you to see with clarity the major dualism which underlies the presentExternalisation, 235:of the Allies and of those who are seeing with clarity the issues at stake would open the door toExternalisation, 235:in this planetary war? I speak with clarity because I seek to arouse you to the true issues whilstExternalisation, 258:of non-aggression can see their goal with equal clarity and are equally and uniformly united withExternalisation, 263:their steadfastness in sacrifice - plus their clarity of vision and their united world focus - canExternalisation, 356:can be seen clearly defined. Because of this clarity of demarcation, the issues underlying presentExternalisation, 400:light of your souls, to radiate love, to seek clarity of vision and then, when needed, to speak toExternalisation, 449:initial activity an effort to precipitate with clarity the issues with which humanity is faced.Externalisation, 452:divine purpose, the will-to-good can emerge with clarity and dominate human affairs. Out of theExternalisation, 455:and councils, enabling them to think with clarity about the issues involved and thus (through thisExternalisation, 469:could be ignored if an inability to think with clarity is shown and if they are not freed fromExternalisation, 522:Ashrams could well be divided for the sake of clarity into the following points which will form theExternalisation, 540:Hierarchy will constantly emerge with greater clarity in your minds, as you attempt to understand,Externalisation, 563:enumerate them sequentially and for the sake of clarity: 1. The work of the Hierarchy, throughoutExternalisation, 615:and of those with whom he works, and his clarity of perception as to the forces ranged against him,Externalisation, 616:endure, struggle and fight? The reply comes with clarity; He will come unfailingly when a measureExternalisation, 685:Because of this, and because of the resultant clarity of impression and of the potent outgoingFire, 74:its motion. If we think with sincerity and with clarity we will see how closely therefore theFire, 81:anent the etheric body which for purposes of clarity might well be enumerated: First. The ethericFire, 101:Let me briefly recapitulate for the sake of clarity: The System receives prana from cosmic sourcesFire, 105:ring-pass-not. We might now, for purposes of clarity, take up these three groups separately andFire, 116:the sequential repetition of fact makes for clarity, let us here briefly tabulate certainFire, 116:planes of our solar system. For purposes of clarity, we might here tabulate under the headingsFire, 136:of manas as it radiates from the throat center. Clarity of thought is here essential, and it willFire, 150:veil or hide thoughts, detract from their clarity, and confuse them by expression. The work of theFire, 153:by way of illustration and for the sake of clarity, say that: The planes rotate from east to west.Fire, 175:We must not forget that, for the sake of clarity, we are here differentiating between the differentFire, 189:is written. We might here, for the sake of clarity, tabulate the five different aspects of the fiveFire, 191:I am differentiating thus for the sake of clarity. In evolution itself, due to the parallelism ofFire, 224:to do more than attempt to bring a general clarity of conception as to the broad outline of theFire, 227:terms "Spirit and matter." They are related, but clarity of view would be facilitated if it wereFire, 308:we need now to block out, for the sake of clarity, the mass of material that is available on theFire, 317:is the cause of much confusion to students, and clarity of thought will eventuate only as it isFire, 380:following [380] factors, which, for purposes of clarity, it might be well to enumerate: The factFire, 389:affixed to the chains and globes for the sake of clarity. As this subject is more widely studied itFire, 397:and of its place in evolution. For the sake of clarity, let us take the microcosm for momentaryFire, 438:as they function in a planetary or logoic body. Clarity of thought might eventuate if we ever bearFire, 487:Devas. In order, therefore, to bring about clarity of thought and definiteness of conjecture inFire, 515:and physical permanent atoms. To do this with clarity, and so bring some kind of definite conceptFire, 520:ever more apparent as man achieves a greater clarity of vision, and can consciously ascertain forFire, 537:a. Centers of Force We shall again reach the clarity of vision desirable if we study the subject ofFire, 596:the sixth law will demonstrate with great clarity and force, as love shown in brotherhood, loveFire, 680:of ever arriving at the desired, and necessary clarity of thought. Not yet will it be possibleFire, 722:upon this profound subject. For purposes of clarity and in order to elucidate a matter of extremeFire, 821:especial scale of vibrations. For the sake of clarity, we might tabulate the various petals so thatFire, 919:These transmitters may be, for purposes of clarity, considered as seven in number. In theirFire, 970:has certain things to do which, for the sake of clarity, we might sum up in certain statements: HeFire, 1034:towards a goal. We might, for the sake of clarity, differentiate the effects thus: Rotary activityFire, 1092:been somewhat dealt with. For purposes of clarity and elucidation, this wheel may also be seen asFire, 1110:of motion in the causal vehicle involves much clarity of thought, and due appreciation of theGlamour, 17:the higher levels of the astral plane. Hence the clarity of their reactions and the wealth of theirGlamour, 21:the illusion and the soul that fails to see with clarity until such time as it has learnt to pourGlamour, 27:himself, and learn to induce those conditions of clarity and truth which will overcome the ancientGlamour, 29:that is in you will shine forth with greater clarity. Incidentally the Dweller on the ThresholdGlamour, 54:in which humanity moves. For the purposes of clarity and in order to distinguish more definitelyGlamour, 56:eye," registers the idea with increasing clarity. The idea, revealed, becomes then an ideal to theGlamour, 70:in glamor and fog, alternating with hours of clarity and vision. Glamour, 127:by little, two things emerge with startling clarity in his mind: The significance of his ownGlamour, 148:to it that it pours through you with purity and clarity as one stream. Then see it bisect intoGlamour, 154:or two new suggestions which - for the sake of clarity and for your more rapid comprehension - weGlamour, 162:can be seen clearly defined. Because of this clarity of demarcation, the issues underlying theGlamour, 186:and word forms, loses something of its divine clarity. Much of the revelation of the past has comeHealing, 98:one into its component parts for the sake of clarity. 1a. The healer must seek to link his soul,Healing, 150:point of conscious experience emerges into clarity and can then be spiritually diagnosed. ItsHealing, 191:immortality; it will be understood with great clarity and comprehension in a few years' time andHealing, 343:you so that you will see what I mean, and for clarity in replying. Several of these questions areHealing, 457:soul can hold possession of its instrument with clarity until the last minute, and can make dueHealing, 488:technique within the process. For the sake of clarity, it might be stated that: The kamic personHealing, 491:consciously aware of himself. This involves a clarity of perception unknown to the average manHealing, 543:will eventually control. Let us, for the sake of clarity, and because people usually read soHealing, 624:to repeat the story so that there may be a fresh clarity in your thinking. It will be apparent toHealing, 673:entirely free from all emotional reactions, your clarity of mind and your ability to think clearlyHealing, 683:and longer, and is characterized by a developing clarity of thought and by a recognition ofHealing, 683:being, and this in progressive stages. This clarity and progress may not be brought through intoHealing, 686:the disciple recognizes, for the first time with clarity, his part in the whole process of worldHercules, 29:I would like to point out for the sake of clarity, therefore, that the constellations symbolize theHercules, 58:wonder of the evening star, and said to him with clarity and love, "Go forth and serve, and treadInitiation, 68:light within will shine forth with ever greatest clarity, as the refining process goes on, until -Initiation, 68:according to the purity of the tone and the clarity of the color. Who our Teacher is depends
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