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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLARITY

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Intellect, 109:free to act in its own right. The result is a clarity of thought never before achieved, because theIntellect, 156:passed, coupled with an inability to speak with clarity of that which has been experienced. Then aIntellect, 159:of illumination. We might, for the sake of clarity, sum up these results as follows: The effect onIntellect, 179:development. The reason for this is told us with clarity by Patanjali as follows: "The sense ofIntellect, 183:has played, the words of St. Paul take on a new clarity, when he says: "Let this mind be in youIntellect, 210:ever before. There is a capacity to think with clarity. The aspirant discovers that besides beingIntellect, 239:evident that he should be able to formulate with clarity the thoughts with which he seeks to clotheMagicexoteric responsibility. Let each student with clarity therefore take stock of himself, rememberingMagic, 8:covered by many terms, of which for the sake of clarity, the most usual might be here listed:Magic, 37:The soul of the universe is - for the sake of clarity of differentiation or rather (owing to theMagic, 51:certain basic assumptions, which for the sake of clarity, I want briefly to state. Firstly, thatMagic, 108:has been laid down. Let us list, for the sake of clarity, the steps outlined: The Solar AngelMagic, 112:recognition comes the ability to be adaptable. Clarity of vision results in a circumspect attitude.Magic, 112:through that vehicle. Polarity indicates the clarity of the channel. Let me illustrate. The ego ofMagic, 118:lower with the good of the individual, mayhap clarity will ensue. The lower activity of personalMagic, 133:the vision does not come through with clarity of outline; if the emotional body is vibratingMagic, 148:dealt with in Rule IV and pointed out with lucid clarity, yet with that parsimony of phrase whichMagic, 190:activity of the centers. Let us, for the sake of clarity, list these lotuses with their petalMagic, 251:to register impressions exactly, and to see with clarity the forms of the process in magic which heMagic, 266:in the above paragraph. According to the clarity of vision and the depth of the inner realizationMagic, 322:the inner contact, and in direct relation to the clarity of the channel linking the [323] physicalMagic, 370:an intellectual result as we stimulate them to clarity of thought and understanding. But the effectMagic, 395:and expressions, and show themselves with equal clarity through a Mussolini or through a Pope. InMagic, 406:of the progress of mankind stands out with clarity. I have not the time to take this procession ofMagic, 432:pronoun simply for the sake of terminological clarity) has an origin which lies outside the solarMagic, 457:to the strength, the simplicity and the clarity of the embodiment of the formula in a simpleMagic, 461:of their approach to truth, according to the clarity of their thought, according to their groupMagic, 492:of the majority of students to think with clarity. Clear thinking involves capacity to dissociateMagic, 505:soul can hold possession of its instrument with clarity until the last minute and can make dueMagic, 507:than theorizing. We can frequently think with clarity and desire rightly but the working out intoMagic, 583:notice of the disciple which - for the sake of clarity - we will tabulate. To become an adept itMagic, 601:lines of teaching stand out with exceptional clarity, casting lesser lines of instruction into theMagic, 608:is not yet the privilege [608] of visioning with clarity the goal that lies two hundred yearsMagic, 634:[634] of work, for the times are hard and clarity of thought is needed if the work is to go forwardMagic, 635:can be seen to be as follows: An achievement of clarity of thought as to their own personal andMeditation, 20:causal body and carrying to perfect accuracy and clarity of tone the desired chord. See then theMeditation, 21:Have I made this matter clear? I write for clarity, for this question of meditation is of muchMeditation, 118:that involves danger. Let me illustrate, for clarity is desired: A student is affiliated with aMeditation, 152:colors built in will be of singular purity and clarity [153] and will mount up until they reach aMeditation, 153:importance. The colors employed may be of equal clarity, but they are apportioned with specificMeditation, 169:the All-Self, the Logos Himself. For the sake of clarity and in order to satisfy the craving of theMeditation, 190:this up under three heads which for purposes of clarity we will call: The use of sound collectivelyMeditation, 192:We might enumerate still further for the sake of clarity a fourth effect, that of the creation of aMeditation, 195:the three worlds. Let [195] me illustrate, for clarity is desired. I must warn you however to bearMeditation, 204:preliminary remarks today because I saw with clarity the questions that are controlling your mind.Meditation, 233:in the colors seen, and of a greater purity and clarity of hue in the aura of the race, which auraMeditation, 241:he is the expression - shine out with perfect clarity. This leads him up to the third initiation.Meditation, 285:are not. True love or wisdom sees with perfect clarity the deficiencies of any form, and bendsMeditation, 327:results in the bodies of the pupil, upon the clarity of his auric colors and upon the tone of hisPatanjali, 190:are embodied in this sutra and for the sake of clarity might be tabulated as follows: 1. As a manPatanjali, 262:said in explanation of this sutra owing to its clarity. It is in the nature of a summation of thePatanjali, 271:with this sutra must be borne in mind if clarity of thought is to be achieved: [272] I. SpiritualPatanjali, 286:"When the star with five points shines with clarity and no forms are seen within its points, thePatanjali, 295:path leads us on to the Path itself. Perhaps clarity will come if we realize that part of the pathPatanjali, 297:for many centuries. Simply for the sake of clarity let us modernize the statement and reduce itsProblems, 123:people are a small minority. For the sake of clarity and in order that the outline of the facts andProblems, 123:the immediate need of mankind is emerging with clarity, and the steps which the churches proposePsychology1, xix:approaches to truth, and think upon them with clarity of thought. Mental appreciation of theirPsychology1, 18:We might therefore utilize - for the sake of clarity - the terms Life-Quality-Appearance asPsychology1, 43:the underlying purpose will emerge with clarity. Indications of this can be dimly sensed and thePsychology1, 116:things (through the group stimulation) with a clarity for which you are not yet [117] ready, andPsychology1, 117:The hallmark of such communicators is mental clarity, true impersonality, spiritual tolerance,Psychology1, 181:Later, when the race sees its problem with clarity, it will act with wisdom and train with care itsPsychology1, 272:I have to say into four parts, for the sake of clarity and rapid reference: [273] Definitions ofPsychology1, 347:become easier. Types emerge with greater clarity in their delineations, and the ray qualities beginPsychology1, 352:and Plan will be seen emerging with greater clarity, they will expect and look for great happeningsPsychology2, 5:but it is necessary that there should be real clarity of thought on these matters. It is apparentPsychology2, 27:the unfolding consciousness can be traced with clarity in all. Forms are built, used and discarded.Psychology2, 53:but these major five crises can be traced with clarity from the standpoint of the higher vision.Psychology2, 106:Not as yet is the vision seen with a sufficient clarity by the many servers, to make them work withPsychology2, 163:dark, and neither love nor hate. We cannot with clarity see what it could be, nor will we until thePsychology2, 170:of his heart, he heard a Word. It spoke with clarity and power: 'Look, deep within, around on everyPsychology2, 175:be well if we could grasp this fact with clarity, that this simple formulation of requirements andPsychology2, 219:be those on earth who can vision the Plan with clarity, and whose vision will be far more inclusivePsychology2, 230:in man, we use (for how else can we speak with clarity?) terms of human origin and therefore [231]Psychology2, 3o8:of intellection, the personality emerges with clarity and becomes naturally expressive. At thePsychology2, 347:man. We will divide our theme, for the sake of clarity and for an understanding of thePsychology2, 362:each be summed up in one word, for the sake of clarity. These words embody the first and simplestPsychology2, 365:Elijah. He was overwhelmed with a sense of his clarity of vision in relation to the problem withPsychology2, 454:These particular problems can, for the sake of clarity, be divided into three groups or categories:Psychology2, 472:illusion, and the soul that fails to see with clarity until such time as it has learnt to pour thePsychology2, 487:so-called "guidance" can come. For the sake of clarity and impressiveness, I propose to list thesePsychology2, 492:the voice of the inner God can then speak with clarity to its instrument, man upon the physicalPsychology2, 529:am not specifying them in detail for the sake of clarity; we shall deal here only with the majorPsychology2, 189:is written. We might here, for the sake of clarity, tabulate the five different aspects of the fivePsychology2, 602:eventually be transformed into a realized mental clarity; dualism must give place to the experiencePsychology2, 652:for it will enable us to lay our plans with clarity and precision. Psychology2, 657:and magnetism of their personality. By the clarity of their thinking in their chosen field, theyPsychology2, 661:world. The test will then be to hold the inner clarity of vision and the inner subjectivePsychology2, 665:Some of them are so close to the Plan that their clarity of vision and their understanding is veryPsychology2, 689:the order of their importance, and with as much clarity and brevity as this abstruse subjectPsychology2, 705:then the sheer weight of their numbers, plus the clarity of their intentions and their widespreadPsychology2, 713:disciple of the world a vision of sufficient clarity and an adequate incentive to enable him toPsychology2, 728:so that they could in turn see this vision with clarity, work with renewed optimism, and thusRays, 44:mind. Let me briefly consider them so that clarity of concept, though not of detail, may prevail.Rays, 54:- via our Planetary Logos Who hears it with clarity and with understanding - the Sound of theRays, 77:"clear cold light," is deeply symbolical. The clarity of that light indicates the function of theRays, 84:put in the place of emotional loveliness, mental clarity, intuitional illumination, and theRays, 115:earlier in this volume, and in view also of the clarity of the statement made above, there isRays, 125:or expressed, emerges in his consciousness with clarity, and - when he is sincere - he is conscious
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