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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLASH

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Astrology, 312:much of the present world difficulty and for the clash of idealisms. The two groups bring aAstrology, 379:Bull of Form. These two must meet; and meeting, clash. Thus vanishes the gold..." The earthlyBethlehem, 187:must agree that "...modern thought does not clash with primitive Christian ideas; but in regard toDestiny, 77:cannot escape this relation. Hence the constant clash of these two countries through the dominatingDiscipleship1, 699:parallel and produce conflict - the first clash (within the man) of the pair of opposites.Externalisation, 78:(three major and two minor) which meet and clash in the human family at this time. It has beenExternalisation, 375:world crisis and cleavage and this global clash of interests and ideals. But it would profit not.Externalisation, 447:means, however, that the risks involved and the clash of minds will also be far greater. This is aHealing, 305:the principles are different and it is in the clash between what is and what will be (whatHealing, 340:The transitional period of today producing a clash between the Aquarian and the Piscean forces, hasMagic, 118:of their group. When egos and personalities clash, the victory of the higher is sure; the lowerPsychology2, 17:ray and the egoic ray at first seem to clash, and then later a steady warfare is set up with thePsychology2, 37:of war, he stood midway, looking two ways. The clash of battle, the many weapons he had learned toPsychology2, 545:at all. They are the inevitable result of the clash of forces - those of the awakened energiesPsychology2, 545:into which the energies are being raised. This clash produces strain, physical discomfort and (asRays, 604:forces, for [604] the war was in reality a clash of ideologies and has been far more the result ofRays, 610:more serious than a too abrupt ending of this clash of the emotional reactions of humanity and ofRays, 749:on a large scale. This is a by-product of the clash of the ideologies, but is the true and
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