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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLEANSE

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Astrology, 82:fill his water-pot and drain the rancid pool and cleanse its source and thus reveal the bidden wayBethlehem, 97:divinity without passing through the waters that cleanse. In the world today a great cleansing isDiscipleship1, 170:a wide circle - many kinds of men. They heal and cleanse the physical body and help you do yourDiscipleship1, 486:great has been your determination to purify and cleanse your lower nature that you have wornFire, 620:is entered, thou must destroy thy lunar body, cleanse thy mind body, and make clean thy heart." Healing, 228:time to time, and only fire and suffering can cleanse the mother of the evil which her childrenHealing, 308:diseased areas in the body, or can also cure and cleanse them. A temporary congestion can be ofHercules, 181:sought out Augeas. formed that Hercules would cleanse the stenchy stables, Augeas displayedMagic, 345:pouring it through your lower vehicles, you will cleanse away all that hinders. Continue thisMagic, 480:our mental attention? Its work is to purify and cleanse, so, let the AUM do its work and let all ofMeditation, 189:specific purificatory end. The end may be to cleanse some one of the bodies or to purify aPsychology2, 587:Depart. Lift up thine eyes, Oh, Chela, and cleanse thine heart and see the vision of thy soul. Look
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