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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLEANSED

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Astrology, 316:is essentially the fire of God as it has been cleansed from every aspect of the material formDiscipleship1, 475:[475] the lower nature is better purified and cleansed. I am training this group of disciples,Discipleship1, 599:another window pane. That also which you earlier cleansed and to which I referred in my lastFire, 124:spine, and the entire etheric body is gradually cleansed and purified by the action of the fireHercules, 180:your steps to Augeas whose kingdom must be cleansed of ancient evil. I have spoken." Forth wentInitiation, 86:his divine life ever more into the prepared and cleansed channel, just as in the third, or MoonMeditation, 156:body will thus be strengthened, purified, cleansed, and rearranged. Many of the diseases of thePatanjali, 188:which the astral and mental bodies can be kept cleansed from impurities coming to them from theirPatanjali, 188:just as the physical body must be kept cleansed from similar impurities. The subtler matters ofPatanjali, 188:matters of those bodies must be kept equally cleansed and this is the basis of that study ofRays, 698:the energy of desire and of emotion, is likewise cleansed and purified; its energy is transmuted to
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