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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLEANSING

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Astrology, 330:the light which ever shines within the dark and cleansing with its healing rays that which must beAstrology, 373:at the present time is the precipitation of that cleansing but terrible process which we call War.Autobiography, 266:emphasized in the old schools and concerns the cleansing of the forms through which the soul mustAutobiography, 266:forms through which the soul must manifest. This cleansing is not esoteric in nature and is no signBethlehem, 97:waters that cleanse. In the world today a great cleansing is going on. An "ascetic purification"Bethlehem, 97:a truer sense of values must eventuate. A cleansing from wrong ideals, a racial purification fromBethlehem, 100:Jordan, through baptism, typifies the complete cleansing of all feeling, of all wishes and of thatDiscipleship1, 176:5th month - The Purity of the Soul acts like a cleansing flood and bathes my lower self in theDiscipleship1, 176:pure and clean and strong. I can then become a cleansing force to all I meet. 6th month - The WillDiscipleship1, 231:breaking up that which hinders and pouring a cleansing tide through your personality. You seek toDiscipleship1, 231:First month - A barrier of stone. A flood of cleansing water, and then the Vision. The pilgrim thenDiscipleship1, 421:the thought in mind as you sound it, of a.The cleansing of the aura. b.The silencing of allDiscipleship1, 422:through the golden path of Discipleship. The cleansing of the personality and the attaining of moreDiscipleship1, 473:to sweep more freely through the vehicles - cleansing and revitalizing. You have presumablyDiscipleship1, 480:you to proceed with the task of purification and cleansing. I ask this for the sake of your ownDiscipleship2, 428:Because humanity has passed through a great cleansing process and because in the world today thereExternalisation, 52:of the political field taking place, and a cleansing of our processes of representation instituted,Externalisation, 443:man was worse than the first." The sweeping and cleansing has been going on for five long years,Externalisation, 444:the final stages of [444] this destroying but cleansing process are now being taken. Then, myExternalisation, 631:about it. [631] It is like the psychological cleansing of the subconscious to which individualsFire, 139:and therefore able to perform its work of cleansing through the burning of the confining web and ofFire, 679:It has been the recognition of the cleansing power of the occult fluids - water and blood - thatHealing, 236:below the diaphragm will be subjected to a cleansing, lifting process; the life of the sacralHercules, 150:has overcome the enemies of his own household. A cleansing process has taken place, and Hercules isHercules, 180: The Labors of Hercules - Labor XI LABOR XI Cleansing the Augean Stables (Aquarius, January 21st -Hercules, 186:up in this way: Hercules had to aid in the cleansing of the world by the right direction of theHercules, 190:and space, is the symbol of Life itself, the cleansing, purifying "living waters" of Aquarius.Hercules, 228:years. Thus did he symbolically pour out the cleansing waters in service to man. This is theIntellect, 161:illuminated apprehension of things, this cleansing of the doors of perception, is surely what weMeditation, 160:with facility, tuning up the entire system and cleansing all organs that were suffering from thePatanjali, 209:Way of Fire." The breath of God is felt as the cleansing breeze also and is the response of thePatanjali, 209:head are also swept into activity and produce a cleansing, or rather eliminating effect therein.Patanjali, 219:1. The oxygenation of the blood and hence the cleansing of the blood currents and consequentRays, 191:the group can unitedly work together) for the cleansing and the reorganization of the forces activeRays, 330:the Hierarchy. One was that as a result of the cleansing of the Earth through the medium of theRays, 766:spear must pierce and thus the blood pour forth, cleansing and making whole. Only those thusReappearance, 121:during the past two years, as the result of the cleansing of the Earth through the medium of theReappearance, 180:to know about it. It is like the psychological cleansing of the subconscious to which individuals
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