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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLEAR

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Discipleship1, 456:in of mental devotion, thus stimulating the clear shining of the group aspiration and love. ThatDiscipleship1, 460:into English words which will make their meaning clear. I make no attempt to preserve more than theDiscipleship1, 463:one's point of view. Only the soul stands clear from illusion, and only the soul sees things asDiscipleship1, 464:your vision. Pass on with rapidity into the clear light of day and leave behind remembrance ofDiscipleship1, 500:felt it would be of value to you if I made this clear. There must always be for you the line ofDiscipleship1, 505:use) that the astral turmoil permits not the clear light of truth and of knowledge to shine in.Discipleship1, 510:glamor as you mount your tower and pass into the clear light of day. There is oft a mist in yourDiscipleship1, 519:the strength to you that is needed and serves to clear both your vision and your path. Adhere,Discipleship1, 519:there, you will find yourself in the realm of clear vision, wide wisdom and universal love. StandDiscipleship1, 520:of your [520] soul or my voice. Keep the channel clear. This is my final word to you: Keep theDiscipleship1, 520:This is my final word to you: Keep the channel clear. If you will do this, then the decisions ofDiscipleship1, 520:way will be faced in the light of the soul and clear, prompt action supervene with good results.Discipleship1, 521:body - the sixth Ray of Devotion. It will be clear to you, therefore, that much of your problem canDiscipleship1, 524:first thing I wish to say to you. A little more clear thinking and acceptance of the facts whichDiscipleship1, 524:free before the time of passing over into the "clear cold light" comes to you. I know whereof youDiscipleship1, 525:thought-forms be destroyed and the path shine clear before your eyes. May the rest and peace ofDiscipleship1, 537:Neither of these attitudes is right. Clear vision, love to all beings and a pure radiance are yoursDiscipleship1, 562:you to subject yourself. Let me [562] make it clear to you. I seek to see you polarized moreDiscipleship1, 564:and time, and give to your group brothers with a clear impersonality which asks nothing for theDiscipleship1, 564:all the past. The future depends upon the clear seeing of the immediate vision. 2nd month - ForgetDiscipleship1, 565:song of the soul be sounded forth by me, and the clear high notes bring peace and joy to others. MyDiscipleship1, 565:Fourth month... Let the vision of my mind be clear and sure; its outline true and real. That visionDiscipleship1, 581:periphery of one's consciousness, to realize the clear light which is sometimes thrown in this wayDiscipleship1, 590:service. I am not dissatisfied. Your choice is clear and well defined. You can either cooperateDiscipleship1, 600:You need not that growth. You need growth in clear cut thinking and in clear cut action. You areDiscipleship1, 600:You need growth in clear cut thinking and in clear cut action. You are faced with the problem ofDiscipleship1, 603:incentive, and from yourself must emanate the clear wisdom, and the clean cut action which willDiscipleship1, 604:motives for daily action. Right motive and a clear vision of the sources of action are stillDiscipleship1, 606:of the rocky way of duty, of dharma and of clear decision. Therefore, for the next six months, willDiscipleship1, 607:To follow the rocky way of duty, of dharma, and clear decision. Have you done this? To keep yourDiscipleship1, 607:aspiration, longings and wishes - but not one clear thought. Why? Think this out, my brother. YouDiscipleship1, 608:Four times I have registered from you a clear thought - and this has never happened before in yourDiscipleship1, 612:gone by. You do not keep your line of service clear. You wander into too many other fields ofDiscipleship1, 615:serve you. I shall not attempt further to make clear to you the futility of your present life andDiscipleship1, 617:feverish effort along any line of endeavor. A clear, focused mind, a loving heart, and a cultivatedDiscipleship1, 618:cultivate frankness and open-heartedness and clear speech, the end is sure. Spiritual radiationDiscipleship1, 622:from the peaks of wisdom. You have mental power, clear understanding, the faculty of wiseDiscipleship1, 631:is growing and your balanced judgment and clear vision may be needed in time to come. Give fullDiscipleship1, 637:seldom happens with you. If you can do some clear thinking along this line, you will rapidly freeDiscipleship1, 653:and arrested by yourself and, therefore, no clear radiant light, unimpaired by the clouds of self,Discipleship1, 665:work that I never give more than a hint or a clear suggestion, or point out a possible line ofDiscipleship1, 674:the at-one-ment. Reorientation, resulting in a clear vision of the Plan. Discipleship1, 676:behind; the cross is overturned; the way stands clear. The word sounds clear within the head andDiscipleship1, 676:the way stands clear. The word sounds clear within the head and not within the heart. "Enter againDiscipleship1, 676:red desire governs all the life, but now the clear blue flame burns strong. Upon the bottom step ofDiscipleship1, 677:intent, they feel no aggravation and know not clear revolt." A word about pain might be in placeDiscipleship1, 678:the shining of the unobstructed Sun and the clear bright light of Truth. This is the path back toDiscipleship1, 679:with them I am at-one. "God's voice rings clear, and in its tones and overtones the little voicesDiscipleship1, 683:and is inevitable. I want to make entirely clear to you that the practices of a purificatory natureDiscipleship1, 684:capacity for unlimited, non-separative love, clear vision and the unimpeded flow of soul force. ByDiscipleship1, 685:to produce a general attitude which will clear the way for the needed right adjustments. It is theDiscipleship1, 689:rank paramount in their consciousness. They are clear-visioned as to people but they are basicallyDiscipleship1, 697:dedicated, used and increased. Then it becomes a clear pool of thought, augmented and fed from theDiscipleship1, 697:demonstrates. I wonder how I can make the idea clear to you? Let me first call your attention toDiscipleship1, 702:define an Ashram to you and so leave you with a clear idea of the difference between a Master'sDiscipleship1, 706:to make it their major effort to see the vision clear; to recognize, and know for what they are,Discipleship1, 707:away of all the "veils" which prevent the clear light of the soul from shining [708] forth. TheDiscipleship1, 715:force, there comes a voice - invocative and clear. The One who sits in silent work, alone andDiscipleship1, 730:Master has reached the point where the vision is clear to him; this is part of the reward accordedDiscipleship1, 739:come when disciples have to be faced with clear and definite questions, in the answering of whichDiscipleship1, 746:is a question in his mind. It is a matter of clear intuitive perception, the recognition of anDiscipleship1, 761:the Seven Rays. I would like, however, to make clear at this point that the Master never uses aDiscipleship1, 771:not easy to heal the subjective rift thus made. Clear thinking is needed along many lines as thisDiscipleship2it was not a success as is made abundantly clear in these pages, but the group is a living entityDiscipleship2, 5:recurrence of a certain static tendency; only a clear vision of the nature of glamor and of itsDiscipleship2, 7:effects of standing as a group in the "head's clear light" that it is permissible for a disciple toDiscipleship2, 8:may have achieved much along the lines of clear thought and an impersonal attitude; his usefulnessDiscipleship2, 11:into a thought-form which will be comprehensive, clear-cut, sequential in its relation to thatDiscipleship2, 20:of goodwill can render. V. I shall give you some clear and definite instructions anent the uses ofDiscipleship2, 28:them have passed into what we in Tibet call "the clear cold light"; they have gone over to theDiscipleship2, 32:which each of you can make to the cause of clear thinking, ardent aspiration and determinedDiscipleship2, 36:world, creating thought-forms which will make clear-cut contact with other minds and which willDiscipleship2, 37:in physical incarnation and [37] by the united clear thinking and convinced awareness of the entireDiscipleship2, 37:have thus explained the need because you require clear understanding as we consider our firstDiscipleship2, 48:Above all, however, I am endeavoring to make clear to future generations certain basic principlesDiscipleship2, 48:the Ashrams at this time. This year, I will make clear to you what work is asked of the group inDiscipleship2, 55:of this full moon work will become increasingly clear to you and make you more eager to work asDiscipleship2, 58:have said, reading and rereading it until it is clear and fixed in your minds. During March takeDiscipleship2, 63:of the massed use of the Great Invocation. The clear sounding of the invocative, though inchoate,Discipleship2, 81:confronted them and world issues were made very clear to them. It was therefore a year of peculiarDiscipleship2, 82:will [82] make possible certain moves and will clear away some (though not all) of those forcesDiscipleship2, 88:A brief diagram should make the relationship clear, and these relationships are factual today: THEDiscipleship2, 93:taken the time to say these things so as to make clear to you certain reasons for what may look toDiscipleship2, 97:my brothers, a man is known as he is for this clear knowledge, the members of this groupDiscipleship2, 106:aspects of a person's life. There is necessarily clear vision among the members of an Ashram; theyDiscipleship2, 127:coming from the light, in your direction. In the clear pathway of the light you can see meDiscipleship2, 148:do so; you will thus create a seed thought or a clear-cut thought-form [149] which will make theDiscipleship2, 151:school members, after being used for one clear month by my group, dating that month from the timeDiscipleship2, 155:have here said, I would ask you also to write a clear statement: Of your understanding of theDiscipleship2, 155:done to you? What were they supposed to do? A clear definition of the phrases: The Science ofDiscipleship2, 166:an intuitive perception, hitherto lacking. The clear cold light of the Spiritual Triad nowDiscipleship2, 170:are tapped and brought into activity. By clear thinking, directed thought and mental perception,Discipleship2, 175:both Sanskrit and Senza. But the meaning is clear and that is the point of importance. The Stage ofDiscipleship2, 197:previous meditations; whilst the concentrated clear and dynamic invocation of the spiritual BeingsDiscipleship2, 213:thought, and transient thought becoming clear thinking and, eventually, abstract and transcendentDiscipleship2, 213:on the following page may serve somewhat to clear your minds: [214] The three subhuman Kingdoms inDiscipleship2, 221:the astral plane but are not yet capable of the clear mental perception of the massedDiscipleship2, 222:to the chart (page 214) should help make this clear. But all these processes and the entire schemeDiscipleship2, 247:out and up towards divinity, give place to clear knowledge of the liberated group of souls. ThisDiscipleship2, 257:from the world of glamor so that there can be a clear perception of the new vision; a new light is
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