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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLEAR

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Discipleship2, 260:in relation to the planet become increasingly clear. This initiates relation to Shamballa. Part ofDiscipleship2, 282:These differences are not hard and fast, with clear lines of demarcation; life is fluid and movingDiscipleship2, 294:it becomes increasingly difficult to make clear not only what is revealed, but also the processesDiscipleship2, 294:mass of mankind throughout the world have no clear idea as to the function of the mind as an organDiscipleship2, 296:the physical forms, and later of a definite and clear purpose for humanity as well as modes andDiscipleship2, 301:upon the hinted suggestions, the hint becomes a clear direction and a luminous area ofDiscipleship2, 312:principally work. I wanted to make this clear because students almost inevitably think in terms ofDiscipleship2, 350:governed the development of all these plans: its clear-cut significance, unperceived as yet by you,Discipleship2, 353:[353] These are difficult matters to make clear, my brothers, but I may perhaps have succeeded inDiscipleship2, 375:have taken the first initiation. This becomes clear when you realize the untold numbers of thoseDiscipleship2, 393:made, because this triple work is dependent upon clear vision and a balanced judgment, but in spiteDiscipleship2, 404:location of the procedure of assembly is made clear. It is in the Council Chamber of Shamballa. IDiscipleship2, 404:and planetary service. The objective is equally clear; it is the assembly of that which has in itDiscipleship2, 425:you have grasped them - they are beautifully clear and simple. The Procedure required for theDiscipleship2, 443:you must cultivate the attitude of being only a clear unobstructed channel, and you must not blockDiscipleship2, 463:the results of the group meditation for it will clear the solar plexus of undesirable emotionalDiscipleship2, 467:and strengthening; it also permits of such a clear vision that the picture unfolds as a unity andDiscipleship2, 475:Disciples - R.A.J. August 1942 The note sounds clear for you today, my chela and my friend. It isDiscipleship2, 475:touch, devoid of personality. This paradox is clear. [476] Discipleship2, 490:attain. Note (if it comes) the emergence of some clear thought, the clarification of someDiscipleship2, 495:which will facilitate the achievement of this clear vision and a correct interpretation of emergingDiscipleship2, 512:I wonder, my brother, if I am making my meaning clear. It is not clear to A.A.B. who is taking downDiscipleship2, 512:if I am making my meaning clear. It is not clear to A.A.B. who is taking down my words but itDiscipleship2, 512:who is taking down my words but it should be clear to you, for it concerns your establishedDiscipleship2, 516:opens the Way to Shamballa. [516] Be simple, clear as day and full of love. A glamor settles downDiscipleship2, 524:like to start my communication to you with a clear and definite statement: You are in process ofDiscipleship2, 527:the Crucifixion. That initiation has to be faced clear-eyed, free from glamor, with a heart full ofDiscipleship2, 534:has oft expressed it - blurred the usually clear lower vision but made decision on a higher levelDiscipleship2, 536:of occult truths; you can help much by clear thinking upon this theme and consequent clearDiscipleship2, 536:by clear thinking upon this theme and consequent clear exposition. Ideas become individualDiscipleship2, 539:regret may lie and thus, my brother, arrive at a clear comprehension of yourself as a directingDiscipleship2, 546:the soul, the keynote of renunciation is wisely clear but you need to see to it that evenDiscipleship2, 546:peak or pyramid and on its summit there shines a clear pure light of great intensity. With thatDiscipleship2, 548:teaching which I intend now to give will have a clear group import, even though adapted to theDiscipleship2, 554:I wonder if I am making some idea of value clear to you? Govern yourself always "as if" [555] yourDiscipleship2, 562:intention upon work in mental matter, under clear, inner impression. Such is now your opportunity.Discipleship2, 563:to handle. Thus you have presented to you a clear statement as to the goal ahead of you, and alsoDiscipleship2, 570:directly that which I - in love - seek to make clear to you. Nothing matters these days (when theDiscipleship2, 576:matters to make this point [576] adequately clear. I would call to your attention another point.Discipleship2, 577:triplicity is yours. Work on it so the mind is clear. Love more. Wisdom is yours, yet speed it outDiscipleship2, 578:to present more difficulties than a definitely clear-cut distinction. Relationships have to be moreDiscipleship2, 581:phrase) with simplicity. I hope to make this clear in a statement shortly to be written by me anentDiscipleship2, 589:reconstruction. Time and effort must be given to clear explanation and to the pointing out of theDiscipleship2, 600:or if it is not. Another life, the issue may be clear to you. It could be clear in this life if youDiscipleship2, 600:life, the issue may be clear to you. It could be clear in this life if you accepted my suggestion.Discipleship2, 601:to do what your soul has made quite adequately clear to you is possible. Here I cannot help you.Discipleship2, 601:of soul consciousness, intelligent direction, clear expression of her sense of truth and a wide andDiscipleship2, 605:Your feet have onward marched. The Path stands clear revealed. You know the step ahead. I would askDiscipleship2, 607:you have to play will slowly emerge and become clear to your mind and you, I know, will meetDiscipleship2, 614:of D.R.S., and therefore, my brother, you stand clear of all blame and responsibility on bothDiscipleship2, 615:Your handling of this dual problem should make clear to you your limitations. It is not my habit toDiscipleship2, 615:it has its roots in the past, and - unless you clear it up - will have to be dealt with again byDiscipleship2, 617:All that is past and over. Today you stand clear - a disciple who can pass back and forth into allDiscipleship2, 624:we are ceaselessly walking. Thought throws a clear light into the fog and mists of the astralDiscipleship2, 625:which memory guards, it is impossible for a clear line of demarcation to be drawn. But this isDiscipleship2, 626:For the evolved human being, the goal is a clear and conscious appropriation of that which has beenDiscipleship2, 629:you must, for the next twelve months, come to a clear understanding of my injunction to you, givenDiscipleship2, 630:with the detail. Formulate to yourself in clear concise sentences your conclusions, so that theDiscipleship2, 634:no longer any concern. The way stretches clear before you. The hope of free admittance into theDiscipleship2, 643:failed them; you have preserved your values clear whilst seeing the material values dissolve intoDiscipleship2, 656:which you already carry. You are, likewise, a clear-sighted disciple and there is small need for meDiscipleship2, 656:must consciously prepare by the development of clear-sighted vision. I should perhaps point out toDiscipleship2, 666:as it is not permitted, but once you are clear in your own mind for which initiation you are beingDiscipleship2, 673:a very deep love and understanding as well as a clear perception of your status as a disciple.Discipleship2, 680:forward as desired. My brother, your choice is clear and one of two paths is open to you. You canDiscipleship2, 682:a class idea and on class resentment and not on clear thinking through to the facts which shouldDiscipleship2, 683:to the quality [683] which motivated you - not clear thinking and then decision, but prejudice,Discipleship2, 684:but it seemed advisable once and for all to make clear that my failure (should I call it that, myDiscipleship2, 699:personality by your second ray soul. That is a clear statement of fact and indicates your immediateDiscipleship2, 701:issue and to emerge once and for all into the clear light of the soul. Nevertheless, it should notDiscipleship2, 705:through our own effort to attain; this means clear thinking, humility and constant adjustment. TheDiscipleship2, 707:the emerging principles of conduct may stand clear before you. Have you the inner grace of heart toDiscipleship2, 708:not been lasting. You have a gift of teaching, clear insight and executive ability and a lovingDiscipleship2, 720:Ten times a bell rings out. Its tone is deep and clear and musical. But the one who sits and writesDiscipleship2, 725:and to that which comes in between you and the clear, steady enlightened progress upon the PathDiscipleship2, 726:hers, and have had them both. That was the one clear bit of spiritual thinking you have done inDiscipleship2, 728:you have neither the mental equipment nor the clear vision to enable you to be a leader, anDiscipleship2, 737:and I am therefore seeking to make the issues clear to you. Personality decisions are not for you;Discipleship2, 743:to be more explicit. Your field of service is clear, could you but see it, but of no use to youDiscipleship2, 756:reach, where a supreme effort, based on clear perception and insight, is essential. To aid you inDiscipleship2, 761:for you; the implications of this statement are clear. Let your reflection be upon the purpose ofDiscipleship2, 763:on a lack of truthfulness, [763] keeps him from clear-eyed recognition of status - a recognitionEducation, vi:educational implications of this development are clear. As the Tibetan indicates, on subjectiveEducation, ix:offer this way out. Indeed, Einstein offers no clear solution. The simple truth is that the onlyEducation, 9:of his equipment; it should leave him standing clear-eyed before life, with open doors ahead of himEducation, 28:potent as time goes on, until it is a definite, clear, strong thread reaching from the outerEducation, 52:entire theme (from the racial angle) still more clear and definite: General racial developmentEducation, 56:showing signs of opening and this will make clear to you the possibility of certain hoped-forEducation, 91:possibilities, must rest back with confidence. Clear thinking, much love and a sense of trueEducation, 114:leaving them no time for consideration, or for clear thinking. Racial antipathies are spread, andEducation, 116:appear meaningless to you because you have no clear idea of the nature of early humanity. SomeEducation, 117:mystically, humanity perceives that need with a clear definiteness. The instinct to go forward toEducation, 120:acquiescence in sorrow and pain. The clear light of love must sweep away all this and joy will beEducation, 132:natural process in order to illustrate and make clear the needed instruction, and lay thatEducation, 136:the two which, as time elapses, will become more clear. There can be no new birth, no creation ofExternalisation, 15:I would like first of all to make one point clear. The great hindrance to the work of the majorityExternalisation, 57:through a right interplay of forces, and thus clear the way of those intellectual impediments whichExternalisation, 63:own way and fashion, to deal with the situation. Clear thinking, a clear appraisal of causes and aExternalisation, 63:to deal with the situation. Clear thinking, a clear appraisal of causes and a loving outgoing toExternalisation, 65:thinking no evil and fostering only good. I made clear to you this year that a drastic
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