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Alice Bailey & Djwhal Khul - Esoteric Philosophy - Master Index - CLEAR

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Externalisation, 78:group work together on mental levels, they must clear their minds of prejudice, hatreds and anyExternalisation, 78:to them, but very few of you have your minds clear from prejudice and free from hatred. Those fewExternalisation, 88:expressing what I have sought above to make clear to you. Externalisation, 90:and who can - through the strength of their clear thought at this stage of the proceedings -Externalisation, 103:lines; for visualization of the Vision of such a clear nature that it becomes a fact for theExternalisation, 110:the present terrible happenings have occurred. A clear expression and statement of causes is neededExternalisation, 117:minds with greater clarity. In my effort to make clear the picture, I shall have to overlook manyExternalisation, 121:between materialism and spirituality still more clear and definite. Externalisation, 122:the two schools of life and thought were so clear, that a crisis was precipitated in the thenExternalisation, 123:and obscure, but the issues at the time were clear. The Forces of Light triumphed because theExternalisation, 124:understand the terms) have become increasingly clear. Two things have tended to bring this about.Externalisation, 124:the issues and the required attitudes adequately clear. Owing to the relatively low stage of theExternalisation, 126:minority to whom the issues are illuminatingly clear and who have definitely ranged themselves onExternalisation, 127:of major importance is for you to arrive at a clear understanding of what is at stake and a justExternalisation, 128:Today, it is not possible to make such a clear distinction between the forces engaged, nor is itExternalisation, 135:powerful, focused on some goal or ambition, with clear vision and at the same time myopicExternalisation, 136:is the universality of these conditions and the clear-cut issues that have made this period one ofExternalisation, 137:will decide to go. The issues at stake are clear to all right-thinking people. Intolerance and anExternalisation, 141:kind and your minds and hearts will be kept clear of all undesirable reactions. This is theExternalisation, 178:for right human relations. We endeavored to make clear that differing forms of government andExternalisation, 178:values. Immediately, the issue was abundantly clear in the minds of those who were in touch withExternalisation, 180:the position of the New Group of World Servers clear as it fights for the rights of man, for theExternalisation, 183:This question must be answered by the clear thinking of the masses and by the calm and unafraidExternalisation, 199:this diversity of governmental methods certain clear outlines are emerging which indicate widerExternalisation, 206:goodwill are to be found, ready to respond to a clear call and intelligent organization in theExternalisation, 206:any future peace consists of the following three clear and practical truths: That the errors andExternalisation, 212:in every country. The emergence of certain clear lines of demarcation between the activities of theExternalisation, 212:of materialistic aggression. The place which clear thinking, wise speech and skill in action shouldExternalisation, 214:aggression and cruelty. The two positions are clear to the unprejudiced onlooker. To these twoExternalisation, 216:You will then be able - if you are sincere and clear-thinking - to work for that group within theExternalisation, 217:of propaganda and of world illusion into the clear light of your own soul, whose essential natureExternalisation, 217:problem which has somewhat disturbed the least clear-thinking among those whom I have for some timeExternalisation, 218:to stun possible opponents into helplessness? A clear and searching analysis of the spiritualExternalisation, 218:not need to answer them because your position is clear in your mind, the study of the questions mayExternalisation, 219:is against me." In closing these remarks upon clear thinking I would add two more. There is someExternalisation, 220:defined banners, their immediate action is clear - participation in the national emergency. ThisExternalisation, 220:with a subjective process of right and clear thinking, which must run parallel to the demandedExternalisation, 220:must be preceded, however, by an interlude of clear thinking plus right action as a citizen. TheExternalisation, 221:of conflict, and the issue depends upon the clear thinking, wise speech and selfless intent of theExternalisation, 228:of your task. I call you to a period of clear thinking. I seek not to mould your political approachExternalisation, 230:(speaking symbolically) and the emergence of a clear line of demarcation between that which is newExternalisation, 240:of trial and error, by the success of its own clear vision and its firm determination to find theExternalisation, 240:the emotional nature, but not involving clear thinking. Humanity has come of age; the child stageExternalisation, 243:so that final disarmament may be possible. A clear vision of the future world order (in broad andExternalisation, 245:the methods which you must employ will become clear to you; the humanitarian issues will becomeExternalisation, 247:teaching of the [247] Hierarchy, and having made clear the basic dualism which underlies thisExternalisation, 247:vision of the need and of the future will be clear, inspiring you and enabling you to be a sourceExternalisation, 251:the true efficacy of prayer are dependent upon clear thinking and not upon emotional desire or aExternalisation, 260:behind each phrase. The one thing I seek to make clear in these opening remarks is that naturalExternalisation, 276:by phrase, as their significance is sufficiently clear) we have plainly put before us the methodsExternalisation, 277:truly love their fellowmen can see the issues clear and can grasp the inevitability of the thingsExternalisation, 280:I speak in symbols but my meaning will be clear. One point you need to grasp more clearly, and itExternalisation, 291:are questions which normally arise and need clear answering. An Avatar is a Being Who - havingExternalisation, 294:conscious effort, no direct confrontation and no clear understanding of life purpose. So doesExternalisation, 295:to his [295] own place; the Path ahead lies clear; the disciple can move forward with assurance,Externalisation, 295:appears and light pours in, making the way clear. New hope awakens and fresh determinations areExternalisation, 296:Place until the demand is adequate, and the cry clear enough to warrant His descent and HisExternalisation, 301:people, focused on the mental plane, who have clear vision, potent resolve, directed will and openExternalisation, 309:This is an activity which is preceded by clear factual thinking and decision. Can the worldExternalisation, 310:apathy. I tried to arouse them to speed and clear thinking between the years 1932-1938 but thoughExternalisation, 311:by force itself if need be. They would aim at clear thinking, and thus clear the channel for theExternalisation, 311:be. They would aim at clear thinking, and thus clear the channel for the inflow of spiritual force.Externalisation, 311:faith. The way of the Coming One must be made clear, and the life force must be dedicated to theExternalisation, 312:individual activity, the sounding out of a clear note, based on clear mental perception, theExternalisation, 312:the sounding out of a clear note, based on clear mental perception, the recognition of those alliedExternalisation, 313:good out of the present evil by right action and clear thinking. Externalisation, 314:strengthen - through meditation, prayer and clear thinking - your faith, confidence and joy, andExternalisation, 322:of man to higher levels and in making clear the divine Plan for mankind. In them also the taskExternalisation, 330:smaller group assigned to its production. 8. A clear formulation of the objectives for which thisExternalisation, 332:materialization. Perhaps I can make my meaning clear if I point out that, just as long as theExternalisation, 332:plain, the line of activity to be followed is clear and the inspiration [333] is fresh and vital.Externalisation, 351:Moon exercises - both of May and June - with as clear an understanding of what is taking place asExternalisation, 351:of what is taking place as you can and a clear picture of the possibilities which can come as theExternalisation, 356:maya. This they are doing by the increased clear thinking of the general public of all the nations,Externalisation, 357:by the weight of their armed forces, plus their clear insight. The educating of humanity in theExternalisation, 357:glamor. The light is being emphasized and made clear by the world aspirants and disciples who byExternalisation, 364:mankind would take or whether there were enough clear-sighted people in the world who could andExternalisation, 364:united and steadfast whole? Today the issue is clear and the end inevitable. The free nations andExternalisation, 368:today in the attitude of Gandhi. He brings into clear perspective the uncompromising, fanaticalExternalisation, 369:uncertain as to method and process, though clear as to goals and principles. Externalisation, 376:the war has cleared the air. The issues are clear and at least we know what has been wrong. InExternalisation, 388:or where they may be found, is united with the "clear light" of the initiates and of those who canExternalisation, 388:the cold light of your personalities with the clear light of your soul, so as to work effectivelyExternalisation, 399:This they must do through their own clear thinking on current matters, by the cultivation of aExternalisation, 404:living, loving Expression of God, is not made clear to the seeker. Together, the two great Sons ofExternalisation, 432:where acceptance of deception is impossible and clear thinking is normal. The potency of glamorExternalisation, 433:in the idealism, the humanitarianism, and the clear presentation of the factual situation whichExternalisation, 434:lines of demarcation have been made abundantly clear in this world war. It had been the hope of theExternalisation, 437:stands in His place unmoved and unafraid, with clear perception of the truth and spiritual insightExternalisation, 439:directed by the disciples, the aspirants and the clear thinking people of the world, and this wasExternalisation, 445:has been placed clearly before you. The need for clear thinking is plain. The Hierarchy asks forExternalisation, 449:humanity as one whole. Having made the issues clear, as they see them, having evoked the enthusiasmExternalisation, 452:will be bewildered and will fail to see the clear outlines of the factual situation or distinguishExternalisation, 455:about the issues involved and thus (through this clear thinking) affect telepathically the minds ofExternalisation, 455:- so that their united purpose will be clear. This [456] They will do through the medium of TheirExternalisation, 459:giving place to a more practical attitude; their clear thinking and their fixed determination areExternalisation, 467:this time. I desire to keep the immediate issue clear. We will deal later with the Forces ofExternalisation, 470:its damning selfishness, and its moving into the clear light of the resurrection life. I am notExternalisation, 482:These, when let loose upon Earth, will produce a clear grasp of the Plan which the HierarchyExternalisation, 488:do so; you will thus create a seed thought or a clear-cut thought-form which will make the
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